File Title
1 Research could help reduce disease incidence in organ donors
2 Clostridioides difficile infection flourishes with a high-protein, high-fat diet
3 Studies gauge effect of soft drink taxation, advertising and labeling laws
4 Research points to potential brain marker of stress and its effects on problem solving
5 Digital intervention reduces depressive symptoms in people living with HIV
6 Researchers discover key protein in endometrial cancer growth
7 Injectable drug for faster healing of bone fractures prepares for clinical trials
8 Spanish government passes 1st hurdle to legalize euthanasia
9 Tenet Healthcare to pay $1.4 million to settle cardiac lawsuit
10 WHO chief 'very encouraged' by dip in Congo Ebola cases
11 Sitting still linked to increased risk of depression in adolescents
12 MAiD is not driven by socioeconomic vulnerability or poor access to palliative care
13 Foot-and-mouth-disease virus could help target the deadliest cancer
14 Vapers show chemical changes in their genome linked to cancer
15 'Genetic rewiring' drives cancer's drug resistance
16 Casting light on the brain's inner workings
17 Telemedicine helps pregnant women tackle taboo issue
18 Frailty can affect how well older adults fare following emergency surgery
19 Postmenopause vitamin D deficiency associated with disc degeneration and lower back pain
20 Global experts study promising drugs, vaccines for new virus
21 Indonesia criticises US study concerns over no coronavirus cases
22 Surprise! One in five Americans hit with unexpected bills after surgery
23 'Exhausted': Doctors at China's virus epicentre overworked and unprotected
24 Mom-to-be's cosmetics chemicals could lead to heavier baby
25 Nutrition a key ingredient for psychological health in Canadian adults
26 Genetics enhance sex's role as a stroke, heart attack risk factor
27 Blacks, Hispanics of Caribbean descent have higher stroke risk than white neighbors
28 Damaged eye vessels may indicate higher stroke risk for adults with diabetes
29 Developing seizures after stroke may increase risk of death, disability
30 Golfing regularly could be a hole-in-one for older adults' health
31 Gum disease, inflammation, hardened arteries may be linked to stroke risk
32 More stroke awareness, better eating habits may help reduce stroke risk for young adult African-Americans
33 Moving later in life may not lower cognitive decline linked to Stroke Belt
34 New model may help predict stroke risk in adults with migraine and aura
35 Optimism reduces stroke severity, inflammation
36 Portable MRIs bring diagnostics to stroke patients' bedside
37 Sex hormone-related protein levels may impact stroke risk in women
38 Shingles vaccine may also reduce stroke risk
39 Smoking rates falling in adults, but stroke survivors' smoking rates remain steady
40 Bat for sale at Indonesia's wildlife market despite virus warning
41 Heart rate measurements of wearable monitors vary by activity, not skin color
42 Doctors and pharmacists need to develop trusting relationships, study finds
43 Looking for love on a dating app? You might be falling for a ghost
44 Gene associated with autism also controls growth of the embryonic brain
45 Expensive new wound treatment method no more effective than cheap standard dressings
46 Decreasing liver macrophages reduces inflammatory proteins in rats
47 Research reverses the reproductive clock in mice
48 Can low IVF success be reversed with new insights into egg cell aging?
49 Less than a quarter of at-risk adolescent boys ever get tested for HIV
50 The silent threat of the coronavirus: America's dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals
51 Making antidepressants safer for people with suicide risk
52 Why sequencing the human genome failed to produce big breakthroughs in disease
53 A 4-step maintenance plan to help keep your relationship going strong
54 Cleaner hands make healthcare healthier
55 Instant prescriptions: We need to manage the risks before we jump in
56 Patients with challenging cancers to benefit from genomic sequencing
57 Coronavirus 'infodemic': How to cut through the noise
58 Cigarette smokers often reject electronic cigarettes, study shows
59 Depression linked to low sports activity
60 Family members are swiping hospice patients' painkillers
61 Find social media frustrating? Try empathy
62 Getting curious about curiosity
63 Robot assisted microsurgery passes human clinical trial
64 Keeping health professionals in remote communities
65 Programming the electron biocomputer with Dopamine redox shuttles
66 EpiPens still costly despite generic alternatives, other reforms
67 Many teens are victims of digital dating abuse, boys get the brunt of it
68 Finnish doctors and nurses dissatisfied with usability of electronic health record systems
69 Chatting on a mobile phone changes the way people walk on stairs
70 Algorithms for identifying new 'cancer genes'
71 Africa is way behind the curve in managing heart disease: Here's a new approach
72 Time spent watching television does not replace physical activity for Finnish men--unlike for Finnish women
73 How nutrition education can make a difference to people with HIV in Nigeria
74 Scientists investigate a special form of RNA in the brain suspected of playing a key role in mental illness
75 Gay and bisexual men have higher rate of skin cancer
76 Researchers stimulate areas vital to consciousness in monkeys' brains--and it wakes them up
77 Cracking the code for hookworm infestation
78 Gene therapy prevents disorders with alcohol exposure in ALDH2 deficiency
79 How much stress are Germany's eSports players under?
80 Children's fingertip injuries could signal abuse
81 New drug leads could battle brain-eating amoebae
82 Researchers identify privacy law gaps in high school STI health services
83 Early treatment of schizophrenia may not slow disease progression
84 Rates of liver disease high among world trade center responders
85 In small study, no sign that coronavirus can be passed to baby during pregnancy
86 Stroke survivors might need better screening for depression
87 CRISPR 'minigene' approach stops genetic liver disease in mice
88 Designer probiotic treatment for cancer immunotherapy
89 Team discovers new drug combo to induce high rates of human beta cell regeneration
90 Sleep problems in children, teens with autism are focus of new AAN guideline
91 Component of human breast milk enhances cognitive development in babies
92 Researchers find test to ID children at higher risk for cystic fibrosis liver disease
93 ACC, Hearthero to advance out-of-hospital cardiac arrest treatment
94 Multi-center neuroimaging study offers new insights on schizophrenia
95 What would it take to make FMT mainstream? Two publications consider the opportunities
96 AJR: Smartphone, laptop prove reliable and accurate for acute ischemic stroke decision
97 Scientists find ally in fight against brain tumors: Ebola
98 US health authority shipped faulty coronavirus test kits across country
99 New data shows rising repeat ER visits for opioid-related emergencies
100 Preclinical study links human gene variant to THC reward in adolescent females
101 Modernize scope of practice for health-care professionals, researchers say
102 Fewer steroids, no plasma exchange: A change in treatment for vasculitis
103 WHO says 'way too early' to predict end of novel coronavirus
104 Can we trust AI not to further embed racial health inequalities?
105 Unacceptable disparities in appointability between white and ethnic minority doctors
106 Why are ethnic minority doctors less successful than white doctors?
107 UK medical schools failing to deal with racism, finds BMJ investigation
108 As China needs virus masks, phone and diaper makers fill void
109 Virus death toll soars as China changes counting methods
110 Fewer liquor stores may lead to less homicide
111 Reconnecting with nature key for the health of people and the planet
112 Immune cells consult with neighbors to make decisions
113 Fewer veterans dying or requiring amputations for critically blocked leg arteries
114 Researchers develop potential way to reprogram immune cells to fight cancer, other diseases
115 A new thermal insulation bag will save lives
116 Novel drug targets tumor growth in advanced kidney cancer
117 Childhood brain tumor discovery may unlock new treatments for many cancers
118 Poop matters: Making the mouse gut microbiome more human-like
119 Balancing flu risks and deaths while everyone's talking about coronavirus
120 Kisspeptin hormone injection can boost brain activity associated with attraction
121 Acid reflux drug is a surprising candidate to curb preterm birth