File Title
1 Study Resurrects Woolly Mammoth DNA to Explore the Cause of Their Extinction
2 Harnessing Sunlight to Efficiently Make Fresh Drinkable Water from Seawater
3 Optical Backflow of Light Demonstrated for First Time--Theorized More than 50 Years Ago by Quantum Physicists
4 Flevoland, Netherlands from Space: One of the Largest Land Reclamation Projects in the World
5 For Thousands of Years, Quarantines Have Tried to Keep Out Disease
6 Record Superconductor Sustained by Atomic Quantum Fluctuations
7 Microscopic Robots, Remotely Driven by Magnetic Fields, Coax Particles into Position Using Capillary Forces
8 Artificial Intelligence 'Sees' Quantum Advantages--Help Toward New Efficient Quantum Computers
9 Potency Confusion as Few Consumers Understand THC Levels in Cannabis Edibles
10 Army-Developed Experimental Zika Vaccine Induces Potent Cross-Neutralizing Antibodies
11 Beyond Record-Breaking Spacewalker Returns from Orbit
12 How AI Could Deceive Us in the Search for Extraterrestrials
13 Here's How We Can Feed the World Without Wrecking the Planet--Comprehensive Solution
14 Aching Back? Here's the Scientific Research on Whether Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong Help.
15 Researchers Found a Surprisingly Simple Solution to Significantly Slow a Viral Epidemic
16 The 'Firewalkers' of Karoo: Dinosaurs Left Tracks in a 'Land of Fire' 183 Million Years Ago
17 Contradiction of a Fundamental Law? Physicists Find Evidence of an Inverse Transition in Ferroelectrics
18 How Would Galaxies Form in a Universe Without Dark Matter? Researchers Find Out
19 New Species of Marine Reptile Discovered in Southeast Alaska
20 To Understand High-Temperature Superconductivity, Scientists Make It Disappear
21 Why NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Has a SuperCam Laser Powerful Enough to Vaporize Rock
22 Sex Pheromone Alters Brain Circuitry to Drive Both Innate and Learned Sexual Behaviors
23 NASA Astronaut Returns to Earth After Record-Setting Spaceflight
24 Stephen Hawking's Quantum Black Hole Hypothesis Supported by Gravitational Wave Echoes
25 Alarming Discovery in Antarctica Serves as Warning Signal for Sea-Level Rise
26 Pluto's Icy Heart Heart Beats Daily, Pumping Nitrogen Winds Around the Dwarf Planet
27 Noise Reduction Algorithm Speeds Graphene Mapping 50 Times Faster
28 Ancient Meteorites Show Early Earth's Atmosphere May Have Had 1,000x More Carbon Dioxide than Now
29 Cuttlefish Have Complex Cognitive Abilities--Can Make Decisions Based on Future Expectations
30 New Platform for Composing Genetic Programs Could Enable New Therapies for Difficult-to-Treat Diseases
31 New Quasi-Particle Discovered by Physicists Looking for Something Completely Different
32 Solar Orbiter Blasts Off, Taking Solar Science to New Heights
33 Massive Genetic Map of Cancer Mutations Cataloged--Available to Doctors and Researchers Worldwide
34 Researchers Create 'Intelligent' Interaction Between Light and Material--New Form of Computing
35 Brain-Wave Pattern Can Help Identify Best Treatment Options for Depression
36 Details Revealed of Asteroid So Heavily Cratered It's Been Dubbed the "Golf Ball Asteroid"
37 The Cosmic Confusion of the Microwave Background in the Search for B-Mode Polarization
38 Throughout Earth's History, Solar System Processes Controlled the Carbon Cycle
39 Previously Unknown Relationship Between Curvature and Toughness in Layered Materials Has Implications for Bio-Inspired Composites
40 Leveraging Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, Astrophysicists Calculate How Many Stars Will Eventually Collide as Black Holes
41 Experts Warn: Skin Cancer Diagnosis Apps Are Unreliable and Poorly Regulated
42 Cervical Cancer Could Be Eliminated in the US Within Two Decades
43 Supercharged Light Pulverizes Asteroids--Cascade of Destruction
44 Fascinating Experiment Shows Orb-Weaver Spiders' Distinct Yellow/Black Pattern Essential for Luring Prey
45 Artificial Atoms in Silicon "Quantum Dot" Create Stable Qubits for Quantum Computing
46 Geothermal Energy: Seismic Activity from Drilling a 3,000 Meter Deep Well
47 Safe and Environmentally-Friendly Hydrogen Gas On-Demand Could Be on the Horizon
48 How Come Some People Are Annoyingly Good at Reading Between the Lines? A Puzzle Worthy of a Mouse Detective.
49 Researchers Can Accurately Estimate Your Age Based on the Microbes Living on Your Body
50 Breakthrough in Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Could Lead to Data Rates 1,000x Fast Ethernet
51 Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Energy Quantization in Superconducting Nanowires
52 Giant Exoplanets Form Differently than 'Failed Stars'--Mass-ive Distinction
53 Additional Light Activity, Such as Chores, Linked to Reduced Risk of Depression in Adolescents
54 In Fight Against the Deadliest Cancer, Scientists Have a Strange Ally--The Foot-and-Mouth-Disease Virus
55 Warming Climate May Threaten Small Marsupials in Australia
56 NASA's New Deep Space Network Dish Will Communicate with Robotic Spacecraft Using Radio Waves and Lasers
57 Golf Is Good--Golfing Regularly Could Be a Hole-in-One for Older Adults' Health
58 ESA Planetary Defense Catches Final Glimpse of Solar Orbiter
59 Innovative "Reverse Fuel Cell" Converts Waste CO2 into Valuable Chemicals 10x Faster
60 Cracking the Code for Hookworm Infestation--Providing New Hope for a Vaccine
61 New Antibiotics Discovered with Unique Way to Kill Bacteria
62 Absolutely Massive Extinct Turtle Weighed 2,500 Pounds and Had Giant Horned Shell
63 Toxic Oil Spread from Deepwater Horizon Was Actually Larger than Previously Thought
64 Want a Lower Homicide Rate? Try Reducing the Number of Liquor Stores.
65 Evidence that Early Magnetic Field Around Earth Was Even Stronger than Scientists Previously Believed
66 Massive Iceberg 5 Times Larger than Manhattan Shatters into Pieces--Satellite Video
67 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Ghostly Spiral with Open Arms
68 It Turns Out Airplane Contrails Are Bad--Even Without Chemtrail Conspiracies
69 New Technology Reduces the Cost of High-Efficiency Solar Cells
70 Preserving Lumber with Atomic-Scale Metal Oxide Coating Offers Advantages Over Pressure Treating
71 Setting Fires to Avoid Fires: Stanford Finds Approaches to Enable More Prescribed Burns
72 Why Are Bat Viruses So Deadly? Answers to the Question Raised by Coronavirus Outbreak
73 Stinging Water Mystery Solved--"Mucus Grenades"
74 Attosecond Control of an Atomic Electron Cloud Using Synchrotron Radiation
75 Ancient Antarctic Ice Melt Increased Sea Levels by Over 3 Meters--and We're Headed There Again
76 Researchers Explain the Strange Electron Flow in Future Materials
77 Researchers Develop Smaller, Lighter Radiation Shielding with a Curious "Secret Ingredient"
78 Scientists Create Synthetic Nanopores Made from DNA
79 New Study Exposes a 'Global Killer in Plain Sight'
80 18 Reasons Why Megaprojects Fail and 54 Preventative Solutions
81 Genetic Secrets of How a Strange Marine Animal Produces Unlimited Eggs and Sperm Over Its Lifetime
82 New Layered Magnetic Material Has Properties Useful for Twistronic Devices and Spintronics
83 Bizarre Cosmic Pairing Discovered by Citizen Scientists Puzzles Astronomers
84 Researchers Unearth a 'Ticking Time Bomb'--Synthetic Chemicals in Soils
85 What Is More Enjoyable, Revenge or Forgiveness? What's More Meaningful?
86 Earth from Space: Bolivian Highland Heart [Video]
87 How Millipedes Actually "Do It"--Scientists Finally Figure Out Mystery of Millipede Mating
88 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Completes Osprey Flyover--But There Was a Problem
89 Toxin from Rattlesnake Venom Formulated to Treat Chronic Pain
90 Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Breakthrough Listen Releases 2 Petabytes of Data from SETI Survey
91 'Pale Blue Dot' Revisited--Iconic View of Earth from 3.7 Billion Miles Away Updated
92 Blasting Toxic 'Forever' Chemicals Out of Drinking Water with Cold Plasma
93 Scientists Were Wrong About Human Pattern of Brain Asymmetry Being Unique
94 Activating Relativistic Effects of Intense Laser Light in Plasma for Nuclear Fusion
95 Devastating Landslides Are Common in High Mountain Asia--Climate Change Could Trigger More
96 Shocking Results When WWI Helmets Were Compared to Modern Military Designs
97 Very Large Telescope Captures Unprecedented Dimming of Betelgeuse
98 Deconstructing Schrodinger's Cat--Solving the Paradox
99 Laser-Induced Graphene Shrunk Under Microscope's Eye for Flexible Electronics
100 Nilosyrtis Mensae, Mars: Dramatically Different Regions of the Red Planet Come Together as One
101 Study of Recent Extinctions Estimates that 1/3 of Plant & Animal Species Could Be Gone in 50 Years
102 Low-Cost RFID "Smart" Diaper Can Let You Know When It's Wet
103 Vapers Show Chemical Changes in Their DNA that Are Linked to Cancer
104 Never Trust a Person's Face? New Research on Analyzing Facial Expressions
105 Discovery of a New Electronic State of Matter May Advance Second Quantum Revolution
106 Biologists Baffled by Neuron-Like Activity Detected in an Unforeseen Place
107 Solar Wind Samples Suggest New Physics of Mysterious Coronal Mass Ejections
108 Four Possible NASA Missions to Explore the Secrets of the Solar System
109 Looking for Aliens Who Might Be Looking for Us--Advanced Civilizations May Exist in Our Galaxy
110 To Save the Amazon Rainforest, It Helps to Learn About Fish
111 Astronomers Discover Eleven Dangerous Asteroids that Could Impact the Earth
112 Extreme Weather Could Bring Next Recession--Risk Unaccounted for in Financial Markets