File Title
1 San Diego scientists to test drug meant to slow Alzheimer's before symptoms appear
2 Common medication may lower risk of 'broken heart' during bereavement
3 To increase disposal of leftover opioids, give parents a bag of coffee grounds?
4 Connecting patients: Talking about congenital heart disease
5 Radiologist workforce becoming increasingly subspecialized
6 Summary report on small cell lung cancer research points to progress and challenges
7 Tackling the opioid crisis with a warmer touch
8 Post-Brexit farming should support more produce to reduce cardiovascular disease deaths
9 Women shouldn't get a bill for an IUD, but sometimes they do
10 Can stress cause hair loss?
11 Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy connected to elevated risk of ADHD
12 Researchers launch study to assess safety of PrEP and dapivirine ring in pregnant women
13 Novel melatonin receptor molecules make possible therapies to adjust biological clock
14 Patient-partnered research finds clues about a rare cancer's genetic roots
15 Scientists closer to finding the cell of origin for ovarian cancer
16 Brain-wave pattern can identify people likely to respond to antidepressant, study finds
17 Long-term learning requires new nerve insulation
18 Testosterone levels affect risk of metabolic disease and cancers
19 Pharmacological migraine prophylaxis shows almost no effect in children
20 Statins may lower mortality in high-risk prostate cancer patients
21 Most men do not regret their choices for prostate cancer surgery
22 Study finds innate protein that restricts HIV replication by targeting lipid rafts
23 Statins: Researchers uncover how cholesterol-lowering drugs cause muscle pain
24 The brain of migraine sufferers is hyper-excitable, new study suggests
25 New treatment discovered for rare eye disease may prevent blindness
26 Youth with HIV less likely than adults to achieve viral suppression
27 Rifles and shotguns used more often in youth and rural suicides
28 How sequencing virus DNA could open the door to next generation of cancer vaccines
29 Alcoholism in the family affects how your brain switches between active and resting states
30 Gastro outbreak forces Caribbean cruise ship to return to US
31 More teens coming out as LGBQ, but suicide attempts still high
32 Increases in minimum wage may not have anticipated positive health effects, study shows
33 Finding a cure for Fido's brain cancer may help us find a cure for ourselves
34 Outpatient palliative care improves Parkinson outcomes
35 For kids with heart defects, the hospital near mom may matter
36 Initial protective role of nervous system's 'star-shaped cells' in sporadic motor neuron disease uncovered
37 Biologics tied to greater reduction in pediatric psoriasis
38 What makes a 'good Samaritan' good? That opinion depends on the beneficiary
39 Pennsylvania sues Juul over marketing e-cigarettes to teens
40 New study examines ways to improve cancer literacy in young students
41 Cervical cancer elimination possible within two decades in the US
42 Skin cancer diagnosis apps are unreliable and poorly regulated, study shows
43 Daily exposure to ozone pollution linked to increased risk of death
44 Alarmingly low rates of HIV testing among at-risk teenage boys
45 Triplex vaccine reduces rate of CMV complications in transplant recipients
46 Free radicals from immune cells are direct cause of salt-sensitive hypertension
47 Novel drug therapy shows promise for quality, quantity of kidneys available for transplant
48 A happy partner leads to a healthier future
49 STDs on the rise: The evidence of claims data
50 Taiwan hits out at China virus travel bans
51 China tightens movement restrictions in locked-down Wuhan
52 Eight days in Wuhan, cut off from the world
53 Hong Kong housing block evacuated after virus cluster find
54 Adding maraviroc to standard c-ART does not seem to improve clinical outcomes for patients with advanced HIV infection
55 UK team tests China virus vaccine on mice
56 Study: High-tech Impella circulatory pump may increase risk of death and bleeding
57 10,000 steps: Not quite magical when it comes to weight
58 Getting at underlying factors of eating disorders
59 New measure of biological age can predict health risks
60 Caring for your heart is critical during the winter months
61 General practitioner care for life-limiting conditions reduces need for emergency healthcare
62 Study: General practitioner role important in supporting people who self-harm
63 Tracking tumor cells and unraveling hidden information
64 Improving well-being in nursing homes
65 Eye-tracking data improves prosthetic hands
66 Resting-state EEG can predict sertraline treatment outcomes
67 Puberty starts a year earlier for girls now than in the 1970s
68 AI may help guide patients to most effective antidepressant
69 What's the best way to administer the opioid OD antidote?
70 FDA report continues to see no link between cellphones and cancer
71 Mayo Clinic Minute: Three things women should know about heart disease
72 'Women my age tend to drink--it's normal'
73 Shape-shifting stem cells are key to cancer metastasis and immune evasion
74 The nose knows: Study establishes airborne exposure to harmful algal blooms' toxins
75 Exercise your way to a better relationship
76 Cannabis use consistently leads to increase in susceptibility to false memories
77 Aussies getting less radiation from CT scans than 5 years ago
78 Eight-molecule snake toxin packs biting force for aiding neurological conditions
79 The global spread of the coronavirus: Where is it?
80 Research: Genes are transcribed differently in childhood, have health impacts in adulthood
81 How the brain's immune system could be harnessed to improve memory
82 Mitochondria study could help boost understanding of diabetes and aging
83 Scientists develop non-invasive method to predict onset of dementia
84 Replacing animal testing with synthetic cell scaffolds
85 Deep reservoirs of 'sleeper' viruses are roadblocks to HIV cure
86 Social control among immune cells improves defense against infections
87 Advisory calls for bridging inequities in rural health
88 New method predicts individual response to Ebola infection
89 Prebiotics help mice fight melanoma by activating anti-tumor immunity
90 One in five operations may lead to surprise bills, even when surgeon and hospital are in-network
91 Mice 'detectives' hint at how humans read between the lines
92 Build-up of brain proteins affects genes in Alzheimer's disease
93 DNA misfolding in white blood cells increases risk for type 1 diabetes
94 Children detect a speaker's politeness both through intonation and facial expression
95 Study suggests taller young men may have lower dementia risk
96 WHO names deadly virus from China as 'COVID-19'
97 Facebook postings by breast cancer patients initially surge, then decline over time
98 Long-distance skiers may have 'motor reserve' that can delay onset of Parkinson's disease
99 Contraceptive pill: Interrupted supply is a bigger problem than it might appear
100 Revenge is more enjoyable than forgiveness--at least in stories
101 'Virtual hospital' cuts EMS calls, ER visits and hospital admissions for high-use patients
102 Connecting the dots between climate change and healthcare
103 New ways to clean homes may help in Ghana's fight against bacterial disease
104 Medical waste offers insights into South Africa's use of pharmaceuticals
105 Depression memes may be a coping mechanism for people with mental illness
106 CBT can effectively reduce symptoms of chronic stress
107 One in five patients suffer from anxiety after stroke, study suggests
108 Epilepsy treatment side effect: New insights about the brain
109 Baby born with 'one-of-a-kind' heart receives transplant
110 Being an African American 'superwoman' might come with a price
111 U.S. heroin use nearly doubled over two decades
112 Lupus patients who take their medications lower their diabetes risk
113 Teens with a history of ADHD need stronger monitoring of health risks
114 New technique allows scientists to study parasitic infections one cell at a time
115 Telehealth interventions associated with improved obstetric outcomes
116 Can T'ai Chi alleviate chronic low back pain in older adults?
117 Understanding how laws affect public health: An update on legal epidemiology
118 Recent advances in addressing tuberculosis give hope for future
119 Pedal to the metal: Speeding up treatments for ALS
120 Stroke: Macrophages migrate from the blood
121 Young men unaware of risks of HPV infection and need for HPV vaccination