File Title
1 Racial, ethnic, sex, insurance disparities ID'd in acne care
2 Natural compound in vegetables helps fight fatty liver disease
3 Seeing blue after the little blue pill: Visual disturbances in Viagra users
4 Bleeding may be a sign of bowel cancer not just a side-effect of blood-thinning drugs
5 China virus crisis deepens as whistleblower doctor dies
6 Taiwan says virus couple likely infected on Hong Kong flight to Italy
7 Coronavirus cases on Japan cruise ship treble to 61
8 Researchers recommend early walking in a brace for Achilles tendon rupture
9 Social media users 'copy' friends' eating habits
10 New commuter concern: Cancerous chemical in car seats
11 Researchers discover way to prime cancer tumors for immunotherapy
12 Research team delivers breakthrough for leading cause of blindness
13 Study in mice: Brain cells long thought of as passive play key role in memory
14 Virtual reality programs support the treatment of children with acquired brain injury
15 Study: To slow an epidemic, focus on handwashing
16 Why should my child take swimming lessons? And what do they need to know?
17 New biomarker could better predict diabetic kidney disease
18 Team tracks integrin's role in lung function
19 Fat droplets play surprise role in metabolism
20 New gene therapy method improves vision in mice with congenital blindness
21 New method for monitoring residual disease after treatment in children with neuroblastoma
22 How long coronaviruses persist on surfaces and how to inactivate them
23 From 'bench-to-bedside' and more: Medical buzzwords decoded
24 Combined drug treatment for lung cancer and secondary tumors
25 Induced pluripotent stem cells used to regulate immune reaction to transplanted tissues
26 Early exposure to infections doesn't protect against allergies, but getting into nature might
27 TrackSig: Unlocking the history of cancer through tumor evolution
28 Brain training does not improve early number skills, say researchers
29 Blood-based multiplexed diagnostic sensor helps to accurately detect Alzheimer's disease
30 Experts say U.S. flavored E-cigarette products ban will have little effect
31 Just being around your cellphone affects your thinking, study finds
32 Few consumers understand THC levels in cannabis edibles
33 Gut hormone can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease
34 Cancer vaccine could boost the effectiveness of immunotherapy
35 More people and fewer wild fish lead to an omega-3 supply gap
36 Artificial intelligence can analyze myoclonus severity from video footage
37 Sensory perception is not superficial brain work
38 What happens to medicines after their use-by dates
39 Coronavirus 2019-nCoV: The largest meta-analysis of the sequenced genomes of the virus
40 Dutch euthanasia clinic sees jump in death requests
41 Pangolin Suspect #1 as direct source of coronavirus outbreak
42 Foxconn to start making face masks alongside iPhones in China
43 Global shortage of anti-virus masks: WHO chief
44 Understanding gut microbiota, one cell at a time
45 Fly model offers new approach to unraveling 'difficult' pathogen
46 Understanding unexplained low blood sugar in children: More than normal variation
47 Coronavirus puts Shanghai into a coma
48 Scientists identify new biochemical 'warning sign' of early-stage depression
49 Neurobiological mechanisms involved in the loss of control in a study in mice revealed
50 She put off heart symptoms until it was almost too late
51 Mayo Clinic minute: What is heart disease?
52 Q&A: Pertussis most contagious during early stages of illness
53 Hexavalent vaccine included in vaccines for children program
54 Quinn on Nutrition: Questions about grass-fed beef
55 Children with ADHD more likely to receive medication if they live in poorer areas
56 Middle-aged adults worried about health insurance costs now, uncertain for future
57 Pneumococcal vaccines are effective--But new strategies needed to reduce meningitis
58 Family dynamics may influence suicidal thoughts in children
59 Cervical cancer screening saves lives
60 Infant sleep locations often do not align with recommendations
61 Women's wellness: Understand heart disease symptoms and risk factors unique to women
62 Microscopic eye movements vital for 20/20 vision
63 In vitro organ model research trends
64 Prenatal tobacco exposure may raise risk for pediatric psoriasis
65 Home remedies: Lifestyle changes can help your heart health
66 Mayo Clinic minute: How cholesterol affects your heart
67 Number of nurse practitioners more than doubled 2010 to 2017
68 Evidence lacking for use of bedside sitters to prevent falls
69 There's a virus spreading in U.S. that's killed 10,000: The flu
70 New method to detect early-stage cancer identified
71 New CAR-T target yields promising results for multiple myeloma
72 Discovery paves path forward in the fight against the deadliest form of malaria
73 Bright idea in dentist's office leads to innovative smoking cessation project
74 Inequitable medicare reimbursements threaten care of most vulnerable
75 New coronavirus infected 40 staff in single Wuhan hospital: study
76 No handshakes at meet and greet? Tech show adapts to virus
77 UCSC genome browser posts the coronavirus genome
78 What's in a name? WHO tiptoes around what to call virus
79 'We're definitely not prepared': Africa braces for new virus
80 Panic buying hits Singapore after virus alert raised
81 Latest coronavirus study implicates fecal transmission
82 China scrambles to keep cities in virus lockdown fed
83 Hong Kong starts quarantine for mainland China arrivals
84 China turns to AI, data in fight against virus
85 Coronavirus: latest developments worldwide
86 Mapping app location data shows how virus spread in China
87 Scientists race to develop vaccine for new coronavirus
88 Spain, UK report new virus cases as they hunt down carriers
89 Where did they go? Millions left city before quarantine
90 Nine members of Hong Kong family get virus after 'hotpot': officials
91 China offers $43 billion boost to firms fighting virus
92 Single HPV vaccine dose may be effective against cervical cancer: study
93 Power of older people could save villages
94 Research uncovers new path for melanoma detection and treatment
95 Five things to know about egg freezing
96 Diabetes more common in First Nations people, especially women, than in other people
97 Review of evidence finds excessive smartphone, social media use may be linked to youth mental health
98 Virus transforms daily life on Hong Kong's fearful streets
99 China stutters back to work as virus deaths rise
100 WHO warns overseas virus spread may be 'tip of the iceberg'
101 UK calls virus "serious" health threat; will detain people
102 Scientists link higher maternal blood pressure to placental gene changes
103 EU calls emergency talks on new coronavirus
104 New evidence that shows how the brain makes decisions
105 Patients stick with smartphone activity trackers longer than wearable devices
106 Fit to burst: How cancer-exploding viruses are changing the game
107 Why people post 'couple photos' as their social media profile pictures
108 New study sheds fresh light on the genetic mechanisms involved in sepsis
109 More outside-the-clinic support and investment needed for Indigenous eye care
110 Combating medical misinformation and disinformation amid coronavirus outbreak
111 The antidote to false information that fuels fear during disease outbreaks
112 The story of the pharma giant and the African yam
113 Drugs fail to slow decline in inherited Alzheimer's disease
114 What fuels a 'domino effect' in cancer drug resistance?
115 Ibuprofen might make your periods lighter, but it's not a long-term solution
116 Who will lead the global surveillance of antimicrobial resistance via sewage?
117 Autoinflammatory disease: The rare immune condition with waves of fever
118 International study opens up new ways to stop the metastasis of melanoma
119 Risk of heart disease later in life for premature babies