File Title
1 Safety tips to keep you out of the emergency department this winter
2 Retinoid X receptor boosts brain recovery after stroke in preclinical trial
3 Paternal involvement might improve health of mom, infant
4 Autism screening rate soars with use of CHICA system
5 As VA tests keto diet to help diabetic patients, skeptics raise red flags
6 Higher opioid doses fail to lessen pain
7 A close-up look at mutated DNA in cancer cells
8 Signs of cancer that occur years before diagnosis could lead to earlier cancer detection
9 Researcher's technology differentiates between Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy
10 Molecular 'first responder' that triggers plaques uncovered
11 Viruses and cancer: DNA sequencing reveals viral components in malignant tumor samples
12 Traces of immortality in tumor DNA
13 Unprecedented exploration generates most comprehensive map of cancer genomes to date
14 Cancer-causing culprits will be caught by their DNA fingerprints
15 Gut bacteria help control healthy muscle contraction in the colon
16 First comprehensive survey of virus DNA found within cancer cells
17 Infectious diseases A-Z: Norovirus cases rise in winter months
18 Majority of veterans with GWI report moderate/severe fatigue, sleep, and pain symptoms
19 Wilderness Medical Society issues important new clinical practice guidelines
20 New therapy option identified for early-stage breast cancer
21 Charting immune system development in sub-Saharan African children
22 Gene ID'd as potential therapeutic target for dementia in Parkinson's
23 Platelet microparticles give antibody drug 'piggyback ride' to repair damaged heart
24 Normal resting heart rate appears to vary widely from person to person
25 fMRI scans on conscious autism-model mice illuminate reduced brain connectivity
26 7 dead in Congo fever outbreak in Mali
27 People with cluster headaches may miss twice as much work as those without
28 CD19 CAR NK-cell therapy achieves 73% response rate in patients with leukemia and lymphoma
29 New study adds to evidence of diabetes drug link to heart problems
30 Study catalogues cancer 'fingerprints' in decade-long global effort to map cancer genomes
31 Religious, moral beliefs may exacerbate concerns about porn addiction
32 VA's 'Healthy Teaching Kitchens' benefit from holistic approach
33 Team develops model to predict hernia surgery recovery outcomes
34 Study reveals global breast size dissatisfaction
35 Team finds that their cancer-fighting compound fights obesity and diabetes, too
36 Pregnant women with very high blood pressure face greater heart disease risk
37 China scrambles to find beds for virus patients as deaths hit 563
38 Chinese scientists ask for patent on US drug to fight virus
39 Europe dodges US fentanyl crisis but for how long?
40 False virus cure claims infect the internet
41 Massive genome study unlocks secrets of how cancers form
42 'Big problems' in China response to virus: HRW
43 Characterizing RNA alterations in cancer
44 'Chromosome shattering': Understanding chromothripsis in human cancer
45 New ingredient in cocaine vaccine shows promise in mouse study
46 Study finds blood test accurately tracks HPV-linked head and neck cancer
47 Do some children really hear 30 million more words than others?
48 Study sheds light on why people self-injure
49 Researchers find that ubiquitous protein plays lead role in cell survival
50 Using 'the language of cells' to find new treatments for asthma, allergies
51 Melanoma risk in young Australians goes beyond the burn
52 Hybrid microscope could bring digital biopsy to the clinic
53 Unveiling how lymph nodes regulate immune response
54 A new approach to calm that angry nose
55 Menopause timing hard to determine in every third woman
56 Missing medication doses can bring serious consequences
57 'Watch-and-wait' strategy could safely replace surgery in more than 20% of rectal cancers
58 How long can China's mass quarantine stave off a coronavirus pandemic?
59 Better prescribing for bad backs
60 Nearly half of all childhood asthma cases in Barcelona are attributable to air pollution
61 Breathing may change your mind about free will
62 Want a more elastic brain? Try mixing up your workout
63 Growing new blood vessels could provide new treatment for recovering movement
64 5 things we learned about changing behaviors for antibiotic stewardship
65 Engineered living-cell blood vessel provides new insights to progeria
66 Toxic protein, linked to Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative diseases, exposed in new detail
67 How hereditary genetic testing results impact breast cancer treatment
68 Molecular 'switch' reverses chronic inflammation and aging
69 Antioxidant reverses BPD-induced fertility damage in worms
70 Brain tumor surgery that pushes boundaries boosts patients survival
71 For aging patients, one missed doctor's visit can lead to vision loss
72 Discovery of genes involved in infertility mechanism
73 High volumes of mental health-related tweets associated with crisis referrals
74 Prenatal vitamin D does not reduce asthma, wheeze at age 6
75 End-of-life-care needs will nearly double over the next 30 years, highlighting urgent need for funding
76 Simple tool assesses physical and social frailty, predicts outcomes for vulnerable patients
77 New robot will provide surgical assistance in uterine operations
78 Novel coronavirus: Infectious virus detected in the nose and throat of patients with mild symptoms
79 Earlier detection of women's vascular health issues can affect heart disease risk
80 Study takes a stand against prolonged sitting
81 Animal abuse as a pretext for interpersonal violence
82 Do young adults really 'age out' of heavy drinking?
83 Steroids could do more harm than good in treating coronavirus
84 Oh my aching back: Do yoga, tai chi or qigong help?
85 Why weight training may be the best exercise for everyone
86 Abnormal bone formation after trauma explained and reversed in mice
87 What the discovery of a new HIV strain means for the pandemic
88 Researchers recreating live-animal markets in the lab can see how pathogens jump species
89 Computer simulation for understanding brain cancer growth
90 Fighting coronavirus fear with empathy: Lessons learned from how Africans got blamed for Ebola
91 When kids face discrimination, their mothers' health may suffer
92 Recognise and control new variants of the deadly Ebola virus more quickly
93 Study provides new understanding of mitochondria genome, potential for new avenues of treatment for cancers
94 How and where receptors touch at the surface of a cell may influence the strength of neuronal connections
95 Bridging the gap between AI and the clinic
96 All women should be educated after childbirth about high blood pressure
97 Botanical drug is shown to help patients with head and neck cancers
98 Researchers find synchronization of memory cells critical for learning and forming memories
99 FDA crackdown on vaping flavors has blind spot: disposables
100 What interventional radiologists need to know about frostbite and amputation
101 Experts scramble, but new virus vaccine may not come in time
102 Repeated measures of 9/11-related PTSD tied to mortality
103 Expert heart advice for rare genetic muscle disorder
104 CRISPR-edited immune cells can survive and thrive after infusion into cancer patients
105 Two enzymes control liver damage in NASH, study shows
106 Scientists discover how rogue communications between cells lead to leukemia
107 Stopping onchocerciasis on two sides of a border
108 How runaway healthcare costs are a threat to older adults and what to do about it
109 Half of lupus rashes harbor high levels of bacteria responsible for infections
110 Chemical found in drinking water linked to tooth decay in children
111 What is your risk from smoking? Your network knows!
112 Chinese doctor who sounded the alarm about the virus dies