File Title
1 Genetic meta-analysis quantifies similarities, differences in depression and bipolar disorder
2 Johns Hopkins physicians propose quality measures to improve medical billing
3 Neurological disorders are linked to elevated suicide rates
4 New discovery provides hope for improved multiple sclerosis therapies
5 Heart muscle cells change their energy source during heart regeneration
6 First childhood flu helps explain why virus hits some people harder than others
7 Fragile: Handle with care
8 Study paints picture of marijuana use in pregnant women
9 Study links high stillbirth rates worldwide to gender inequality
10 How an immune system regulator shifts the balance of immune cells
11 More pieces of the autism puzzle uncovered
12 Kidney stem cells can be isolated from urine
13 How many rare diseases are there?
14 Scientists find RNA affecting skin cancer progression
15 Costs of ART regimens increasing, outpacing inflation
16 More than one in 10 deployed soldiers thinks about suicide
17 This addiction treatment medicine is often sold on the streets and may be preventing overdoses
18 Fat grams: How to track fat in your diet
19 Mayo Clinic Minute: Capsaicin connection to heart
20 Dietary interventions may slow onset of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders
21 Medicaid expansion slashed uninsured rates in Diabetes Belt, study finds
22 Q and A: Getting adequate amount of fiber has several health benefits
23 Expanded medication assistance program increases access to cancer medications
24 Studies suggest new path for reversing type-2 diabetes and liver fibrosis
25 Scientists find new ways to prevent skin scarring
26 Two in three Americans unaware that heart disease is leading killer of women
27 Persistent asthma linked to increased risk for heart rhythm disorder
28 Building a better breast
29 Researchers say early spread of coronavirus extends far beyond China's quarantine zone
30 Overall survival in patients with lung adenocarcinoma harboring 'niche' mutations
31 Medicare could save billions if allowed to negotiate insulin prices
32 US working with drug firm on new coronavirus treatment
33 Europe could consider US-style coronavirus travel ban: ministers
34 Changing counts reveal inexact science of calorie labels
35 Why researchers say term 'bad cholesterol' might be misleading
36 World has 'window of opportunity' to halt virus spread: WHO chief
37 Researchers identify unique neuron that computes like a compass
38 Gun owners aren't happier, don't sleep better at night
39 Self-care linked to greater confidence in parents of children with FASD
40 In virus outbreak, fretting over a name that might go viral
41 Public opinion of drugs effectiveness may be too biased
42 Genetic variants reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease
43 Industry-linked studies more favorable to indoor tanning, researchers say
44 The benefits of physical activity for older adults
45 New research into how peace of mind can influence parents' attitude to vaccines
46 Certain meditation strategies may help perfectionists
47 Extreme difficulty breathing and swallowing linked to teen's vaping?
48 Gene variants provide insight into brain, body incongruence in transgender
49 Radiologists describe coronavirus imaging features
50 New hope for COPD patients possible with in-home device
51 Study reveals seasonal variations in hypertensive disorders during pregnancy
52 The economic burden of kidney transplant failure in the United States
53 Do elevated mercury levels in the blood increase skin cancer risk?
54 Self-perception of aging may affect the prognosis of older patients with cancer
55 Does abdominal fat affect the cognitive function of older adults with diabetes?
56 Dementia may reduce likelihood of a 'good death' for patients with cancer
57 Not all hormone therapy protects equally against heart disease in postmenopausal women
58 Study links three key variables to higher rural mortality rates in US
59 Vietnam setting up field hospitals for possible virus influx
60 Coronavirus infects at least 10 on Japan cruise ship
61 More Chinese cities shut down as virus death toll rises
62 Major US airlines add Hong Kong to China flight suspensions
63 Measles vaccine group targets 45 million children
64 China virus deaths rise as WHO says 'opportunity' to halt spread
65 Unknowns of the new virus make global quarantines a struggle
66 Healthy habits still vital after starting blood pressure, cholesterol medications
67 Incarceration of a family member during childhood associated with diabetes in men
68 Italy, Turkey screen all arriving passengers for coronavirus
69 Baby tests positive for China virus just 30 hours after birth
70 In Alibaba's hometown, a grim message: 'don't go out'
71 Hong Kong announces quarantines for mainland China arrivals
72 Malaria: Vaccine clinical trial for pregnant women yields promising results
73 Mathematicians develop a model of the movement of immune cells
74 Co-treatments help beat peanut allergies
75 New substance prevents vascular calcification
76 Can 'supermind design' help tackle depression in Japan?
77 Activating immune cells could revitalize the aging brain, study suggests
78 What the brain really thinks about forever chemicals
79 Smoking cessation medication not linked to higher risk of pregnancy complications
80 Targeted lung cancer treatment gets initial 'no' for NHS in England
81 AI-based marker for colon cancer can help improve quality of treatment
82 Parkinson's genes regulate a signaling pathway of the innate immune system
83 Are waistbands the new 'vital sign' along with BMI to check your health?
84 Genetic changes implicated in altered Alzheimer's risk
85 Suspect eliminated as a therapeutic target in B cell lymphoma
86 Young migrants from Africa at increased risk of developing psychosis
87 Individuals are more optimistic about their own political parties or sports teams than others
88 Safely aging: Growing old in a smart home requires technology to monitor health and behavior
89 Coronavirus: How health and politics have always been inextricably linked in China
90 Less advertising for high-calorie snacks on children's TV
91 Coronavirus fears: Should we take a deep breath?
92 Excessive exercise and eating disorders: Psychological mechanisms decoded
93 Gluten-free and dairy-free diets: No effect on behavior of children with autism spectrum disorders
94 Animals suffer for meat production--and meatworkers do, too
95 Chronic stress can cause heart trouble
96 Irrefutable evidence that lung cancer screening works
97 What is Charles Bonnet syndrome, the eye condition that causes hallucinations?
98 Fiber crossings ahead: Key enzymes affecting nervous system pathway identified
99 Gaps remain in rural opioid crisis research
100 Drop in visits to primary care providers seen for insured adults
101 Is vaping a scourge on your skin?
102 New study provides criteria for good infant sleep for the first time
103 Programmed vascular endothelium remodeling using a remote-controlled 'smart' platform
104 Plasma reactor that zaps airborne viruses could slow spread of infectious diseases
105 Coronavirus surveillance: Team creating unique codes for disease tracking
106 Short, intensive training improves children's health
107 Targeting the cancer microenvironment
108 Researchers design proteins that can be utilized to combat Alzheimer's disease
109 Focus on context diminishes memory of negative events, researchers report
110 Choosing common pain relievers: It's complicated
111 Solitary confinement significantly increases post-prison death risk
112 Novelty speeds up learning thanks to dopamine activation
113 Protein could offer therapeutic target for breast cancer metastasis
114 Novel intervention in senior housing communities increases resilience and wisdom
115 Medical students become less empathic toward patients throughout medical school
116 WHO issues appeal for $675 million to fight novel coronavirus
117 H. pylori eradication cuts gastric cancer risk in those with family history
118 'Severe' hospital bed shortage at China virus epicentre: officials
119 Gates Foundation announces $100 million for coronavirus response