File Title
1 The coronavirus will hit the tourism and travel sector hard
2 Increased traffic injuries are a surprising result of restricting older drivers
3 Nigeria and disease outbreaks. Better prepared, but still weak spots
4 Why language and music develop over generations
5 New way to study pituitary tumors holds potential for better diagnoses and treatments
6 Aerobic exercise training linked to enhanced brain function
7 Experimental HIV vaccine regimen ineffective in preventing HIV
8 Shift workers at risk for heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes
9 Teacher's photos document virus-hit Chinese city
10 Pregnancy, breastfeeding may guard against early menopause
11 Labs worldwide working on coronavirus vaccine, but rollout could take time
12 Do you know a child with a peanut allergy? The FDA just approved a treatment drug
13 Q and A: Resistant hypertension
14 Women's wellness: researchers look at post menopause as key factor in endometrial cancer
15 Simple solution to ensure raw egg safety
16 Researchers discover that a molecule of blood is effective against autoimmune kidney disease
17 HIV antibody therapy is associated with enhanced immune responses in infected individuals
18 Tailor-made vaccines could almost halve rates of serious bacterial disease
19 Zika vaccine induces potent Zika and dengue cross-neutralizing antibodies
20 Eating red meat and processed meat hikes heart disease, death risk: study
21 For Americans, flu remains a bigger threat than coronavirus
22 Heart valve invented in Minnesota allows new kind of heart treatment
23 Bringing the 'sticky' back to pancreatic cancer
24 Study demonstrates liquid biopsy as effective predictor of stage III melanoma relapse and treatment
25 Brain study identifies possible causes of ethnic pain disparities
26 For complex decisions, narrow them down to two
27 Early life experiences biologically and functionally mature the brain, research shows
28 Many with military-related PTSD do poorly in treatment with first-line psychotherapies
29 New study links autism to specific cell, paves way for potential approach to treatment
30 Natural herb kratom may have therapeutic effects and relatively low potential for abuse or harm
31 Homicide is a leading cause of pregnancy-associated death in Louisiana
32 Researchers identify link between decreased depressive symptoms, yoga and the neurotransmitter GABA
33 Hospital websites lack usability for non-English speakers
34 Flickering light mobilizes brain chemistry that may fight Alzheimer's
35 Army develops big data approach to neuroscience
36 Elevated fasting blood sugar in pregnancy linked to harmful outcomes for mothers, babies
37 Study: How to safely remove ovary in girls for best results in fertility preservation
38 Designing an emergency stop switch for immunotherapies
39 Birth timing may affect brain development
40 Cold plasma patch could make immunotherapy more effective for treating melanoma
41 'Chemical earmuffs' could prevent hearing loss
42 Parentese helps parents, babies make 'conversation' and boosts language develop
43 Math models add up to improved cancer immunotherapy
44 A roadblock for disease-causing parasites
45 'No clear rationale' for 45% of Medicaid patients' antibiotic prescriptions
46 Political TV ads referencing guns increased eightfold over four election cycles
47 Researchers develop new standards for quality of life measurement in cancer
48 National study confirms nurses at higher risk of suicide than general population
49 Shift in treatment modalities associated with improved outcomes in uveal melanoma patients with live
50 Value transformation framework model seeks to guide transition to value-based healthcare
51 Questions and answers about cannabis use during pregnancy
52 New research finds that ACOs are struggling to integrate social services with medical care
53 Two million Americans lost health coverage/access in Trump's first year: study
54 Helping patients with binge eating disorders: There's an app for that
55 HIT modernization crucial to improve healthcare for Native Americans and Alaska Natives
56 If cancer were easy, every cell would do it
57 FDA clears investigational new drug application for Calibr's 'switchable' CAR-T therapy
58 Link between chronic kidney disease and heart failure is identified in patients
59 First-ever experimental Sudan virus specific antibody treatment protects animals
60 Sub-standard mask donations hamper China virus response: Red Cross
61 1st US patient with new virus leaves hospital, is recovering
62 Some hospitals wary as new liver transplant rules begin
63 E-cigarette use high among recent quitters but rare among those who gave up longer ago
64 Smartphone texting linked to compromised pedestrian safety
65 New handheld bioprinter holds promise for treating serious burns
66 New single-cell prenatal blood test can identify genetic abnormalities
67 More than half of US opioid prescriptions for dental procedures exceeded 3-day supply recommendations
68 General anesthesia in cesarean deliveries increases odds of postpartum depression by 54 percent
69 Ad spending on toddler milks increased four-fold from 2006 to 2015
70 Japan quarantines 3,700 on cruise ship over new coronavirus
71 Hong Kong reports virus death as workers strike at hospitals
72 Traveller from Thailand confirmed as S. Korea's new virus case
73 Putting precision oncology into practice
74 China opens virus hospital built from scratch in under two weeks
75 Experts prepare but new China virus not a pandemic yet
76 Chinese city lockdown approaches Shanghai
77 Vulnerable Pacific islands take hard line on China virus
78 Brain links to embryonic immunity, guiding response of the 'troops' that battle infection
79 Analyzing the differences in antibiotic resistance between the gut and mouth microbiome
80 Altruistic babies? Study shows infants are willing to give up food, help others
81 Singapore announces first local coronavirus transmissions
82 For China virus insurance, check the small print
83 Sanofi says charged in birth defects case
84 HIV drugs touted as weapon in war on coronavirus
85 New ACIP adult immunization schedule recommends changes to several vaccines
86 China readies thousands of new hospital beds in virus outbreak epicentre
87 Malaysian citizen infected with novel coronavirus
88 Thais who drove Chinese tourists among new virus cases
89 China virus: What we know about the fatalities
90 Physical activity regulates appetite, study finds
91 Positive outcome for Hendra antibody trial
92 Light therapy holds promise for people with bipolar disorder
93 Saliva tests show high drug use among aggressive emergency patients
94 Mushrooms may alleviate features of pre-eclampsia
95 Receiving flu vaccine during pregnancy can protect infants as well as mothers
96 'Treating cancer is only part of the journey': the overlooked needs of cancer survivors
97 Keeping a stiff upper lip can hurt your health following death of a loved one
98 Got a cervix? Get it tested or test it yourself
99 Psychiatric disorders and suicide attempts substantially higher in diabetic teens, young adults
100 American Heart Association: We need evidence-based approaches to eliminate inequities
101 Differences in lung cancer tumors found between East Asians and Europeans
102 How we discovered a personality profile linked to war crimes
103 Carbon monoxide poisons thousands every year, and there are no good treatments
104 Insects, seaweed and lab-grown meat could be the foods of the future
105 US workplaces are nowhere near ready to contain a coronavirus outbreak
106 A clue to stopping coronavirus: Knowing how viruses adapt from animals to humans
107 Thinking about taking a break from alcohol? Here's how to cut back or quit
108 Vulnerability in healthcare of migrants living with HIV
109 Audit of supermarket booze ads finds the law is falling short
110 Cancer deaths decline in U.S., with advances in prevention, detection and treatment
111 Health sector needs guidelines for big data usage
112 Elders in Rwanda need leaders' support to face old age, study finds
113 Children's mental health is affected by sleep duration
114 Experimental antiviral drug to be tested against new coronavirus