File Title
1 MIT Bionic 'Heart' Made of Heart Tissue and a Robotic Pumping System Beats like the Real Thing
2 Ancient Skulls Reveal Early North Americans More Diverse than Previously Believed
3 Voyager 2 Fault Protection Triggered--Engineers Working to Restore Normal Operations
4 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Climb to 7818 Globally--170 Deaths in China
5 Anti-Solar Cells: Thermoradiative Photovoltaic Cells Work at Night
6 Einstein's General Relativity Confirmed: Astronomers Witness the Dragging of Space-Time
7 Scientists Genetically Engineered Bacteria to Protect Bees from Colony Collapse
8 New Solar Telescope Produces Most Detailed Images of the Sun Ever [Video]
9 Experts Say Progesterone Could Prevent 8,450 Miscarriages a Year
10 It's Lights Out for One of NASA's Great Observatories--Heartbreaking Goodbye
11 Ultrafast Microscope Works like an HD Camera for the Quantum World
12 How a Kitchen Oven Helped Recover Pre-Eruption Seismograms for Mount St. Helens
13 Artificial Photosynthesis Uses Sunlight to Recycle CO2 into 'Green Methane'
14 Previously Thought to Serve No Purpose "Phantom Genes" Keep Diabetes at Bay
15 Got Slime? Regenerative Biology Used to Restore Mucus Production
16 New Parasitoid Wasp Species Discovered that Can Manipulate Spider's Behavior
17 Earth from Space: Lake George, Uganda--a Center for Biological Diversity [Video]
18 Resetting Our Internal Circadian Clocks May Help Control Diabetes
19 Science Proves Weightlifters Could Lift Less and Get Stronger
20 Scientific Estimates of Spread of Coronavirus Much Higher than Official Reports
21 First View of Hydrogen Atoms at the Metal-to-Metal Hydride Interface
22 Cancer Cells Can Become Invisible to the Immune System--Here's How
23 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Climb to 9826 Globally--213 Deaths in China
24 Whole Genome of the Wuhan Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV Sequenced
25 German Biologists Make Living Sperm Glow--Here's What They Learned
26 Exploring Strangeness in the Universe's First Ten Microseconds
27 Boom of Vegetation, Fueled by Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Absorbs Carbon and Cools Our Planet
28 The Vikings Feared a Climate Catastrophe--So They Erected a Runestone with 9 Riddles
29 Strains of Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Detected in France Isolated
30 The Really Twisted Reason Why People Sometimes Lie
31 Mining the Moon: Preparing a Lunar Drill and Sample Analysis Package
32 Scientists Warn: Current Health Issues in China Could Be Dwarfed by Looming Threats
33 'Zee Burst'--Ghost Particles Studied Through Ultra-High Energy Events
34 Complexity of Squid Brains Approach that of Dogs
35 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Climb to 11,953 Globally--259 Deaths in China
36 Revealing Genetic Secrets Using DNA Extracted from Extinct and Ancient Museum Specimens
37 Mars' Water Was Mineral-Rich and Salty--Likely Habitable for Microbial Life
38 Profound Evolution: Wasps Learn to Recognize Individual Faces
39 CryoSat Discovers Antarctica's Biggest Glacier's Ice Loss Pattern Is Evolving
40 Yale Researchers Find Keto Diet Can Be Healthful or Harmful, Depending on the Timing
41 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Climb to 14,557 Globally--First Death Outside of China
42 An Effortless Trick to Improve Learning During Sleep
43 Light Trapped in Nanoresonators for Record Time--Could Enable Night Vision Devices
44 Zinc Lozenges Did Not Shorten the Duration of Colds in Latest Study
45 Single Mutation Could Significantly Enhance Wuhan Coronavirus
46 Tertiary Mirror Allows World's Biggest Eye on the Sky to Image with Unprecedented Quality
47 Theoretical Physicists Find Deep Link Between Quantum Entanglement and Thermalization
48 Lower Protein Diet May Lessen Risk for Heart Disease
49 International Scientists on Red Alert as Arctic Grows Greener
50 Fluid Mechanics Discovery Inspired by Street Performers Making Gigantic Soap Bubbles
51 Promising New Drug for Alzheimer's Disease Inhibits Amyloid Production
52 Vast Amounts of Valuable Energy, Nutrients, Water Lost in World's Wastewater
53 More Powerful Batteries Possible with MIT's New Electrode Design
54 Ocean Gnawing Away at Glaciers Is Intensifying Melting of Greenland Ice Sheet
55 Lights Out? Fireflies Face Multiple Serious Extinction Threats
56 Unexpected Discovery by NASA's MAVEN on Mars Helps Explain Disruptive Phenomenon on Earth
57 Room Temperature Superconductor Breakthrough at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
58 Alarming Medicaid Evaluation Finds "No Clear Rationale" for 45% of Antibiotic Prescriptions
59 Handheld Bioprinter Treats Severe Burns by 'Printing' New Skins Cells Directly onto Wound
60 17,391 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Globally--362 Deaths Worldwide
61 Physics Researchers Discover Sand Dunes Can 'Communicate' with Each Other
62 New Single-Cell Prenatal DNA Blood Test Can Identify Genetic Abnormalities
63 Feeding Bluebirds in Your Backyard Helps Fend Off Parasites
64 A Quantum of Solid--New Macroscopic Quantum States
65 Australian Meteor Crater Is the Oldest Known According to NASA Analysis
66 Watch a Brain Drown in Its Own Fluid After a Stroke
67 How to Tell if You Have the Wuhan Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV
68 Very Existence of Dark Energy Cast in Doubt After New High Precision Data
69 Chemists Discovered the Structure of a Key Influenza Protein--Breakthrough Could Lead to Flu Treatment
70 New Quantum Switch Turns Metals into Insulators by Altering the Quantum Nature of the Material
71 Perfect Solar Energy Absorber Created by Laser Etching Metal with Nanoscale Structures
72 Friend or Foe? Specific Mechanism Discovered for Unlocking Aggression in Ants [Video]
73 Solar Orbiter Will Encounter Intense Heat and Radiation--Here's How It's Protected
74 Since 1941 It Was Thought to Be the Oldest Bamboo Fossil--But It Wasn't Bamboo at All
75 Dark Emulator: AI Predicts the Structure of the Universe to Help Solve Mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
76 Cardio Exercise May Enhance Brain Function and Stave Off Alzheimer's
77 Synergistic Cellular Pathways Identified that Extend Lifespan by 500%
78 A Stellar Fight with a Beautiful Outcome Caught by ALMA [Video]
79 Revitalizing the Aging Brain by Activating Immune Cells
80 Unusual Monster Galaxy that Existed 12 Billion Years Ago Discovered by Astronomers
81 New Droplet-Based Electricity Generator: A Drop of Water Can Light Up 100 LED Bulbs
82 Crystal-Stacking Process Opens Up "Nearly Limitless Possibilities" for New Materials that Drive Future Technologies
83 Global Confirmed Coronavirus Infections Reach 24,554 as Deaths Jump to 492
84 High-Speed Video Reveals Bumblebees Carry Heavy Loads in Energy-Efficient "Economy Mode"
85 NASA's New Space Telescope Will Seek Atmospheres Around Potentially Habitable Exoplanets
86 New "Peel and Stack" Process Enables Next-Generation Devices and Stretchy Electronics
87 Nature's Grand Design--Hubble Spots a Grand Design Spiral Galaxy
88 Conflict Between Ranchers and Wildlife in Chile Intensifies as Climate Change Worsens
89 Scientists Solve Structure Enabling Cyanobacteria to Convert Weak Sunlight into Usable Energy
90 9,900-Year-Old Skeleton Discovered in Submerged Mexican Cave Has a Distinctive Skull
91 Fingerprint Test Can Identify Traces of Cocaine & Tell if It Was Consumed or Simply Handled
92 Free Will Hijacked! Breathing May Change Your Mind About Free Will.
93 Obama Nungara--An Invasive Flatworm from Argentina--Invades France and Europe
94 Just by Listening to Echoes, A Drone Can Determine the Shape of a Room
95 Better Lithium-Ion Batteries Possible with Nanoscale Molecular View of Self-Assembling Structure
96 Toxic Protein Tau Exposed--Linked to Alzheimer's and Neurodegenerative Diseases
97 Unprecedented Mechanical Behavior of Diamond--Scientists Discover Diamond Can Be Bent at the Nanoscale
98 Transforming Carbon Dioxide into Fuel More Efficiently with a Water-Conducting Membrane
99 77-Year-Old Amateur Astronomer Discovers Rare Galaxy Double Nucleus
100 Portable Smartphone Lab Can Diagnose Illnesses like Coronavirus & HIV--Delivers Test Results in 'Spit' Second
101 Latest Breakthrough Brings World's Most Powerful Particle Accelerator One Big Step Closer
102 Seeing Blue--Persistent Visual Disturbances in High Dose Viagra Users
103 Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 565 as Outbreak Grows to 28,276 Confirmed Cases
104 Bumble Bees Are Going Extinct in Time of Climate Chaos--"We Have Now Entered the World's Sixth Mass Extinction Event"
105 Moon Rocks Analyzed Atom by Atom Using New Technique
106 New Hope for Treatment for Leading Cause of Blindness After Research Breakthrough
107 NASA Finds Arctic Ice Melt Is Changing Ocean Currents
108 Gravity Mysteries--We May Have Had Fundamental Nature of the Universe Wrong this Whole Time
109 Elephants' Unique and Sentient Interactions with Their Dead Studied
110 Startling 'Flammable Ice' Discovery Offers Up Clue to Life on Other Planets
111 Watch Atlas V Rocket Launch Solar Orbiter into Space Live