File Title
1 Automated system can rewrite outdated sentences in Wikipedia articles
2 New Argonne etching technique could advance the way semiconductor devices are made
3 Answers to microbiome mysteries in the gills of rainbow trout
4 Herd immunity: Disease transmission from wildlife to livestock
5 NIST researchers link quartz microbalance measurements to international measurement system
6 Autonomous vehicle technology may improve safety for US Army convoys, report says
7 Component of human breast milk enhances cognitive development in babies
8 AJR: Smartphone, laptop prove reliable and accurate for acute ischemic stroke decision
9 Army researchers develop new method for analyzing metal
10 Algae team rosters could help ID 'super corals'
11 What is the best way to encourage innovation? Competitive pay may be the answer
12 Love matters: How parents' love shapes children's lives
13 Study: One-third of plant and animal species could be gone in 50 years
14 ORNL researchers develop 'multitasking' AI tool to extract cancer data in record time
15 Researchers find test to ID children at higher risk for cystic fibrosis liver disease
16 New air-pressure sensor could improve everyday devices
17 Faith-centered tattoos are analyzed in study of university students
18 Machine learning implemented for quantum optics by Skoltech scientists
19 Scientists find ally in fight against brain tumors: Ebola
20 How bird flocks with multiple species behave like K-pop groups
21 Study: Diet makes a difference in fight against hospital-acquired infection
22 Increasing number of grocery stores in some areas could reduce food waste up to 9%
23 Cracks in perovskite films for solar cells easily healed, study finds
24 Study shows increased hand hygiene at top 10 airports can reduce spread of coronavirus by 37 percent
25 Having fewer children reduced the education gap in China
26 Bubble-capturing surface helps get rid of foam
27 Bacteriophages may play a role in childhood stunting...and be able to help treat it
28 Predators to spare
29 Mind the trust gap: it's wider than you think
30 EPA fails to follow landmark law to protect children from pesticides in food
31 Gut feelings: Gut bacteria are linked to our personality
32 Lane change in the cytoskeleton
33 New technique reduces pathogen identification time from two weeks to less than one hour
34 Fighting climate change at the sink: A guide to greener dishwashing
35 Silica increases water availability for plants
36 Early treatment of schizophrenia may not slow disease progression
37 Physics of Life--Lane change in the cytoskeleton
38 Bu researchers identify privacy law gaps in high school STI health services
39 New drug leads could battle brain-eating amoebae
40 Physics of Life--Lane change in the cytoskeleton
41 Bu researchers identify privacy law gaps in high school STI health services
42 New drug leads could battle brain-eating amoebae
43 Children's fingertip injuries could signal abuse
44 Gene therapy prevents disorders with alcohol exposure in ALDH2 deficiency
45 Pollinating opossums confirm decades-long theory
46 First electrically-driven 'topological' laser developed by Singapore and UK scientists
47 Cancer cells alter protein production machinery to hasten metastasis
48 Human language most likely evolved gradually
49 Heart rate measurements of wearable monitors vary by activity, not skin color
50 Discovery brings nanoscale thermal switches needed for next-gen computing
51 Thyroid cancer, genetic variations, cell phones linked in YSPH study
52 Modified clay can remove herbicide from water
53 Pea instead of soy in animal feed
54 Prolonged use of hormone therapy may minimize muscle loss associated with aging
55 Researchers develop smaller, lighter radiation shielding
56 Small altitude changes could cut climate impact of aircraft by up to 59%
57 Climate warming disrupts tree seed production
58 Mosquitoes are drawn to flowers as much as people--and now scientists know why
59 X-ray microscopy at BESSY II: Nanoparticles can change cells
60 Taming age survival of Asian elephants three times higher than in the 1970s
61 Overweight from cosmetics
62 Right beneath the skin we all have the same bacteria
63 How roots find their way to water
64 Time spent watching television does not replace physical activity for Finnish men
65 Invasive species that threaten biodiversity on the Antarctic Peninsula are identified
66 Identified a brain circuit that could indicate the risk of developing Alzheimer's
67 Polar bears in Baffin Bay skinnier, having fewer cubs due to less sea ice
68 How kirigami can help us study the muscular activity of athletes
69 Something from nothing: Using waste heat to power electronics
70 Biodiversity offsetting is contentious--here's an alternative
71 Second wind: New technology to help diagnose and manage respiratory diseases
72 Gene associated with autism also controls growth of the embryonic brain
73 Climate change to create farmland in the north, but at environmental costs, study reveals
74 Many teens are victims of digital dating abuse; boys get the brunt of it
75 The use of jargon kills people's interest in science, politics
76 UTSA examines reporters' portrayal of US border under Trump
77 Absent p53, oral cancers recruit and reprogram nerves to fuel tumor growth
78 Huge bacteria-eating viruses close gap between life and non-life
79 New mouse model for celiac disease to speed research on treatments
80 Extinct giant turtle had horned shell of up to three meters
81 Are robots designed to include the LGBTQ+ community?
82 Postmenopause vitamin D deficiency associated with disc degeneration and lower back pain
83 Gay and bisexual men have higher rate of skin cancer
84 Cracking the code for hookworm infestation
85 Gay and bisexual men have higher rate of skin cancer
86 Cracking the code for hookworm infestation
87 Research reverses the reproductive clock in mice
88 Vapers show chemical changes in their genome linked to cancer
89 Designer probiotic treatment for cancer immunotherapy
90 New study shows Deepwater Horizon oil spill larger than previously thought
91 Researchers describe new condition involving numerous GI polyps in cancer survivors
92 MAiD is not driven by socioeconomic vulnerability or poor access to palliative care
93 Half of US deaths related to air pollution are linked to out-of-state emissions
94 Antibiotics discovered that kill bacteria in a new way: McMaster
95 Nutrition a key ingredient for psychological health in Canadian adults
96 CRISPR 'minigene' approach stops genetic liver disease in mice
97 How plants in the cabbage family look inward when sulfur is scarce
98 Empty SV40 capsids increase survival of septic rats by eliciting numerous host signaling networks
99 Sleep problems in children, teens with autism are focus of new AAN guideline
100 SwRI models hint at longer timescale for Mars formation
101 Mount Sinai discovers new drug combo to induce high rates of human beta cell regeneration
102 Small altitude changes could cut the climate impact of aircraft
103 Gene therapy/gene editing combo could offer hope for some genetic disorders
104 Researchers stimulate areas vital to consciousness in monkeys' brains--and it wakes them up
105 Climate-driven farming 'frontiers' pose major environmental risks
106 Consumers may be wasting more than twice as much food as commonly believed
107 Circular reasoning
108 Small marsupials in Australia may struggle to adjust to a warming climate
109 Developing seizures after stroke may increase risk of death, disability
110 Genetics enhance sex's role as a stroke, heart attack risk factor
111 Blacks, Hispanics of Caribbean descent have higher stroke risk than white neighbors
112 Moving later in life may not lower cognitive decline linked to Stroke Belt
113 Moving later in life may not lower cognitive decline linked to Stroke Belt
114 Sex hormone-related protein levels may impact stroke risk in women
115 Smoking rates falling in adults, but stroke survivors' smoking rates remain steady
116 Golfing regularly could be a hole-in-one for older adults' health
117 Stimulation of nerve cluster during stroke may have beneficial effects
118 Gum disease, inflammation, hardened arteries may be linked to stroke risk
119 New model may help predict stroke risk in adults with migraine and aura
120 Portable MRIs bring diagnostics to stroke patients' bedside
121 Damaged eye vessels may indicate higher stroke risk for adults with diabetes
122 Shingles vaccine may also reduce stroke risk
123 Optimism reduces stroke severity, inflammation
124 More stroke awareness, better eating habits may help reduce stroke risk for young adult African-Americans