File Title
1 New study identifies potential path forward for brachial plexus injury recovery
2 Judges deny abortion care to teens
3 New hospital-based data contradicts HUD estimates on homelessness
4 Death rates plunge in older people with diabetes, but not younger people
5 Action needed to improve poor health and disadvantage in the youth justice system
6 Real-time flu prediction may be possible using wearable heart rate and sleep tracking devices
7 Helping patients prep mind and body for surgery pays off, study suggests
8 Study finds disparity in critical care deaths between non-minority and minority hospitals
9 Mix of stress and air pollution may lead to cognitive difficulties in children
10 Older ethnic minority adults have fewer close friends
11 Long term risks cast further doubt on the use of Viagra for foetal therapy
12 Researchers uncover new vulnerability in kidney cancer
13 Second person dies from SARS-linked virus in China
14 China birth rate hits lowest level since 1949
15 Number of suicides in Japan hits record low
16 Thais find second case linked to China mystery virus
17 Psychology program for refugee children improves wellbeing
18 America's most widely consumed oil causes genetic changes in the brain
19 2003 to 2017 saw drop in infant mortality due to birth defects
20 Why we differ in our ability to fight off gut infections
21 Loss of function in key Y-chromosome genes increases cancer risk in men
22 Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes may be communicable
23 CDC: Many Americans are inactive, with Southerners faring worse
24 What's the link between prediction and pleasure? She's scanning brains to find out.
25 'Dialogic praxis' enhances psychotherapeutic success for youth
26 Opioids prescribed more often than recommended to patients with musculoskeletal pain
27 Scientists reveal ADHD medication's effect on the brain
28 Improving cardiovascular health of the most vulnerable
29 Artificial intelligence to improve resolution of brain magnetic resonance imaging
30 No shield from X-rays: How science is rethinking lead aprons
31 Research suggests expanding amblyopia treatment approaches
32 To improve firefighters' mental health, we can't wait for them to reach out--we need to 'reach in'
33 Study finds that disruptive behavior in operating rooms often goes unreported
34 Cell research offers diabetes treatment hope
35 Cheap roundworm drug found to enhance the effects of chemotherapy in prostate cancer
36 Why teen depression rates are rising faster for girls than boys
37 Cheap drug may alleviate treatment-resistance in leukemia
38 Research shows cervical hernias can cause brain damage
39 Identifying aquatic plants with drones could be the key to reducing a parasitic infection in people
40 As superbugs spread, WHO raises alarm over lack of new antibiotics
41 Let babies be in charge of how much they eat--it could help them stay a healthy weight
42 Black kids and suicide: Why are rates so high, and so ignored?
43 Study finds link between blood fats and artery size in people with MS
44 Students with intense smartphone use sleep worse
45 Research shows real risks associated with cannabis exposure during pregnancy
46 Violence and adversity in early life can alter the brain
47 Study quashes controversial vitamin C treatment for sepsis with global trial
48 China reports 2nd death from virus behind pneumonia outbreak
49 Psychedelic drugs could help treat PTSD
50 Acid reflux drugs may have negative side effects for breast cancer survivors
51 Professors create free research-backed games to train your brain
52 Neuron found in mice could have implications for effective diet drugs
53 Reward improves visual perceptual learning--but only after people sleep
54 2011 to 2017 saw increase in binge drinks per binge drinker
55 Acute flaccid myelitis features differ in peak, nonpeak years
56 CDC: Benzodiazepines prescribed at 27 office visits per 100 adults
57 Before grabbing a grapefruit, understand its power
58 Human fetal lungs harbor a microbiome signature
59 Coronavirus: new disease spreading in Asia revives SARS fears
60 Faking emotions at work does more harm than good
61 US begins airport screenings as SARS-linked virus kills 2 in China
62 Fewer than half of US clinical trials have complied with the law on reporting results, despite new regulations
63 New tumor-driving mutations discovered in the under-explored regions of the cancer genome
64 Scurvy is still a thing in Canada
65 Experts warn over scale of China virus as US airports start screening
66 US court slashes $8 billion Johnson & Johnson damages over drug side effect
67 China reports 17 new cases of mystery virus
68 Premature menopause increases the risk of multiple health problems in your 60s
69 Racial disparities in drug prescriptions for dementia
70 Becoming less active and gaining weight: Downsides of becoming an adult
71 China counts sharp rise in coronavirus cases, 2 in Beijing
72 S. Korea confirms first case of SARS-like virus from China
73 Researchers propose method to diagnose AL-amyloid cardiopathy, a deadly heart disease
74 Rapid gene signature test could diagnose serious conditions within two hours
75 Exercise boosts memory like caffeine
76 Air pollution's tiny particles may trigger nonfatal heart attacks
77 New clues in understanding how to prevent food allergies by breastfeeding
78 How diarrhea pathogens switch into attack mode at body temperature
79 Using robotics technology to fight breast cancer
80 Tooth decay in children: Is it time to put the needle and drill away?
81 Why many children with autism have oral health problems
82 Brush cells in the nose found to secrete proinflammatory lipids
83 Treatment of pain is a challenge in Alzheimer's disease
84 Walking to school is not enough to prevent obesity
85 No smoking four weeks before operation cuts risks: WHO
86 Study links weekend 'eating jet lag' to obesity
87 Chinese travellers unfazed as SARS-like virus spreads
88 Isolating the biochemical steps that culminate in pyroptosis during CAR-T treatment
89 Regional outreach boosts female medical residency recruitment
90 Stomach virus strikes 170 Yosemite visitors, staff
91 FDA warns of surgical gowns that may not be sterile
92 Americans lack knowledge about eye health
93 Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors may have an elevated risk of hospitalizations
94 An anti-Lyme disease vaccine for mice could help prevent human infections
95 Virus screenings to begin at three US airports amid outbreak in China
96 There's more than one way to age. How are you doing it?
97 China confirms human-to-human transmission as WHO emergency group meets (Update)
98 New technique predicts which melanoma patients are at risk for cancer recurrence, spread
99 Infants integrate firsthand and social experiences to decide when and how to try
100 Refining breast cancer classification by multiplexed imaging
101 Combined prenatal smoking and drinking greatly increases SIDS risk
102 A new role for neurogenesis
103 More than two million patients with heart disease report use of marijuana
104 Scientists shed light on surprising visual development patterns
105 Look what's inside: Full-body movies from EXPLORER scanner
106 New research could reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death
107 Magnetized molecules used to monitor breast cancer
108 Asia steps up checks as China virus kills six, infects more than 300
109 What we know so far about the new China virus
110 Life's constant struggle against ferroptosis
111 Discovery of new T-cell raises prospect of 'universal' cancer therapy
112 Diabetes prediction tool overestimates risk and creates unnecessary anxiety
113 'Ancient' system unlocks cancer secrets
114 Hormone therapy now available for newly diagnosed prostate cancer in Scotland
115 Select few cancer patients enroll in potentially life-extending clinical trials
116 Compassionate approach to interrogation more effective, study shows
117 New species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in infected wound