File Title
1 A math teacher's plea: Let's keep pi irrational
2 More attention to idioms helps second-language learners
3 Study finds ethics can be taught--in finance, at least
4 Mathematician discovers conditions for stabilization of higher-order differential inequalities
5 Wrong and ineffective: Companies target toilet breaks to improve productivity
6 Interactive map of mass uprisings around the world shows nonviolence works
7 How employees' rankings disrupt cooperation and how managers can restore it
8 Victims of mass atrocities often portrayed as disempowered in international law
9 Siberian Neanderthals were intrepid nomads
10 Effects of contact between minority and majority groups more complex than once believed
11 Political Islamophobia may look differently online than in person
12 New study debunks myth of Cahokia's Native American lost civilization
13 Nearly all middle school teachers are highly stressed, study finds
14 Study points to 'unintended consequences' of heavy data surveillance in rugby
15 New study shows why women have to be likeable, and men don't
16 From quarks to quails: Can the different sciences be unified?
17 Coworking demystified: Behind the working world revolution
18 How can we teach kids critical thinking skills?
19 Rebuilding from the ashes of disaster: What Australia can learn from India
20 More than skin deep, beauty salons are places of sharing and caring
21 Hate cancel culture? Blame algorithms
22 Is workplace rudeness on the rise?
23 New book offers a global and historic understanding of the term 'race'
24 Humanity's collective history revealed through religious rituals and practices
25 Researchers foresee the ongoing use of cash
26 How active shooter incidents off campus lead to guns on campus
27 Third Reich's legacy tied to present-day xenophobia and political intolerance
28 High school GPAs are stronger predictors of college graduation than ACT scores
29 Researchers develop method to assess geographic origins of ancient humans
30 Praise, rather than punish, to see up to 30% greater focus in the classroom
31 Does news coverage of crashes affect perceived blame?
32 Branding in a hyperconnected world
33 Global dissatisfaction with democracy at record high, new report reveals
34 Seniors struggle with technology, and often their kids won't help
35 Is Donald Trump anti-science? The data says yes
36 Student-designed 3-D-printed model of stadium helps police prepare for Super Bowl
37 Running a lean operation on employee job satisfaction
38 Mathematical study of waves helps predict the spread of viruses in tissue
39 Newspaper 'hierarchy' of injury glamorises war
40 The 'firewalkers' of Karoo: Dinosaurs and other animals left tracks in a 'land of fire'
41 Early North Americans may have been more diverse than previously suspected
42 Team creates game-based virtual archaeology field school
43 Study finds economic assistance in Afghanistan largely failed to reduce support for the Taliban
44 Report highlights perils of the digital gig economy
45 New predatory dinosaur added to Australia's prehistory
46 Partisan polarization helps Congress pass bills: study
47 The role of temporal fluctuations for the swing feel in jazz music
48 Extent of discrimination in discipline of students with disabilities unclear
49 Report: The role of faith-based organizations in responding to modern slavery
50 Employees want genuine corporate social responsibility, not greenwashing
51 Kids learn best when you add a problem-solving boost to 'back-to-basics' instruction
52 Mathematicians create a method for studying the properties of porous materials
53 New report shows income inequality within couples is increasing in Germany
54 Modern Africans and Europeans may have more Neanderthal ancestry than previously thought
55 New study reveals why people react differently to economic disparities
56 Teachers less likely to take phones away from white, privileged children
57 Matches on and off the field: Nigerian wives pick a side
58 'Remainers' and 'Leavers' more united than divided, study finds
59 Cooperation after eye contact: Gender matters
60 Role-playing game increases empathy for immigrants, study shows
61 Political scientist releases definitive research on the first century of women voters
62 Sarcophagus dedicated to sky god among latest ancient Egypt trove
63 Experiencing police brutality increases mistrust in medical institutions, impacts health
64 If it takes a hike, riders won't go for bike sharing
65 National survey: Students' feelings about high school are mostly negative
66 How individuals decide between self-interest and commitment to a group
67 How U.S. Christians imagine God contributes to discriminatory hiring practices
68 Want to make college more equitable? Start with the board
69 How hard is it to scramble Rubik's Cube?
70 Why is there an uptick of human trafficking during major events?
71 Compulsory super contributions: There's no 'one-size-fits-all' percentage
72 Humans are hardwired to dismiss facts that don't fit their worldview
73 DNA extracted in museum samples can reveal genetic secrets
74 Exploring the school-age social, emotional, and behavioral health landscape
75 Study: Brexit referendum did not lead to more radical Euroskepticism elsewhere
76 Young people putting music to the crisis: The role of music as a political expression
77 Black history month is not just a time to celebrate marches and martyrs
78 Wreckage of ship tied to Bermuda Triangle found off Florida
79 Hot pots helped ancient Siberian hunters survive the Ice Age
80 US wants to return codebreaker's seized items to UK school
81 Canterbury Tales is first major literary work developed as an app
82 Many US preschoolers remain racially segregated at school
83 Heroes and villains: Why we should challenge children's simplistic moral beliefs
84 Governments have largely ignored the voices of Indigenous peoples
85 Huge success in business is largely based on luck--new research
86 Does flexible work 'work' for Aussie parents?
87 One single primitive turtle resisted mass extinction in the northern hemisphere
88 Occupational gender bias prevalent in online images, study finds
89 UT scientists' fossil-finding board game is a success in classrooms
90 Government grants deliver highest returns for college financing, says study
91 Publicly sharing a goal could help you persist after hitting failure
92 'Oldest bamboo' fossil from Eocene Patagonia turns out to be a conifer
93 Shoes fit for the Gods go on display at Italy's Pitti Palace
94 Is human cooperativity an outcome of competition between cultural groups?
95 Some immigrants perceive legal status as a pathway to deportation
96 Coronavirus could hobble Chinese economy at a precarious moment
97 Creativity important to lift math education
98 When it comes to your mutual funds, managers' political beliefs matter
99 New thalattosaur species discovered in Southeast Alaska
100 Is hiring more black officers the key to reducing police violence?
101 Research: Hyper-realistic masks are extremely hard to spot
102 Mathematician develops method to explore the structure of molecules
103 Almost 10% of NC State students experienced homelessness
104 Pricing alone won't bridge the digital divide
105 Mosaic X-rays reveal Peruvian mummy mysteries
106 Balding a hairy issue for leaders
107 What 'swiping right' could be doing to you
108 Anxiety-suffering sons of the gentry suffered from emotional turmoil, letters show
109 Domestic violence: Girls who grow up in deprived areas at increased risk
110 Negative consequences of antiterrorism policy in Europe
111 Diversity on city councils increases noninfrastructure spending--for better or worse
112 Social media content matters for job candidates, researchers find
113 9,900-year-old Mexican female skeleton distinct from other early American settlers
114 Direct touch of food makes eating experience more enjoyable
115 Is it possible to reduce political polarization?
116 Universities cancel study-abroad programs amid virus fears
117 Coronavirus could cost Australian universities 'billions'
118 Studies on mass shootings assess trends, gauge effectiveness, and recommend policies