File Title
1 Smoking ban in cars carrying kids linked to 72% fall in teens' tobacco smoke exposure in England
2 New study highlights prevalence of PTSD among obstetricians and gynaecologists
3 Weighing more than your twin at birth may predict better achievement at school
4 Synthesis considers how being smart helps you at school and school helps you become smarter
5 Mayo medical student jump-starts curriculum to identify human trafficking
6 An old plant virus inspires the design of a modern vaccine to fight against malaria
7 Shortness of breath and cough increase as first symptom of lung cancer
8 Better primary care needed to help young stroke survivors return to work
9 Research leads to life changing improvement for some people living with depression
10 A way to look younger is right under your nose, study finds
11 Hundreds of UCLA students publish encyclopedia of 1,000 genes linked to organ development
12 Discriminatory redlining practices in the 1930s associated with present-day rates of ED visits due to asthma
13 AI can jump-start radiation therapy for cancer patients
14 AI-analyzed blood test can predict the progression of neurodegenerative disease
15 China virus death toll tops 100 as contagion spreads abroad
16 Millions quarantined as China scrambles to halt virus
17 US attorney announces $145 million settlement in opioid case
18 Experts say China virus outbreak will last months at least
19 The Daily Mile programme can be part of schools' work on childhood obesity prevention
20 Walnuts may slow cognitive decline in at-risk elderly
21 China counts 106 virus deaths as US, others move to evacuate
22 Nanotherapy reduces plaque buildup in mouse arteries
23 Nurse home visits after hospitalization for heart failure improve patient outcomes at a reasonable cost
24 New gene correction therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
25 Germany confirms first human transmission of China virus
26 Asian nations try to shield against deadly outbreak
27 Japan confirms virus in man who had not been to China
28 WHO says China virus evacuations not needed: report
29 Fig leaf or first defence? Deploying flimsy masks against virus
30 Initiative helps increase breast cancer screening
31 Strokes on a plane? On-board facial paralysis wasn't what it seemed
32 Coronavirus outbreak: WHO's decision to not declare a global emergency explained
33 Treating depression important after stroke, but caution may be needed
34 More studies needed on use of acetaminophen prior to pregnancy, researchers say
35 Making cancer risks clear boosts public support for higher alcohol prices
36 Community-based diabetes screening feasible in barbershops
37 Call for FDA to withdraw preterm birth drug divides doctors and insurers
38 Decoding sickle cell disease
39 Artificial nerve cells could cure chronic diseases
40 Technology used in space experiments could reveal key information about human health
41 Gut feelings: Gut bacteria are linked to our personalities
42 One minute of weekly exercise enough to provide health benefits to elderly
43 Researchers develop ultasensitive blood test to predict recurrence of gastric cancers
44 Gene responsible for controlling activity of T follicular cells identified
45 Weight loss surgery improves breathing issues in obese patients
46 These doctors want to write 'farmacy' prescriptions
47 Abnormal imaging findings key to EVALI diagnosis in vapers
48 Presence of blood clot associated with rapid aortic aneurysm growth
49 Prehospital epinephrine aids out-of-hospital pediatric cardiac arrests
50 Messages about male circumcision aren't clear, and that's dangerous
51 Study reveals 'identical' survival for kidney dialysis patients using different treatments
52 Study analyses potential global spread of new coronavirus
53 Researchers bid to slow down heart failure
54 When will there be a coronavirus vaccine? 5 questions answered
55 Non-invasive electrostimulation leads to improved memory in mice
56 What we know suggests the economic impact of Wuhan coronavirus will be limited
57 As coronavirus outbreak evolves, key questions remain
58 Emerging aerospace technologies applied to prosthetic sensors
59 Unmet need for physician care not improving with more insured
60 Clinical features ID'd for first 2019 novel coronavirus patients
61 Can I get coronavirus from a package delivered from China?
62 Stopping sperm in its tracks: Latest progress in the hunt for a male contraceptive
63 China health threats likely to increase due to heatwaves
64 NICU babies have greater risk of mental health issues
65 Study examines genetic testing in diverse young breast cancer patients over a decade
66 Eating disorders linked to exercise addiction
67 US developing vaccine against deadly China virus: officials
68 TAVR increasingly being used in young adults despite uncertainty
69 More than a knee injury: ACL tears cause harmful changes in our brain structure
70 Coronavirus outbreak could peak in ten days: Chinese expert
71 Towards better anti-cancer drugs: New insights into CDK8, an important human oncogene
72 Novel molecules display potent and selective action against ovarian tumor cells
73 Biomarkers of brain function may lead to clinical tests for hidden hearing loss
74 Research offers promise for treating schizophrenia
75 Disparities seen in outcomes for young adults with CRC
76 Artificial intelligence predicts treatment outcome for diabetes-related vision loss
77 Virtual assistants provide disappointing advice when asked for first aid, emergency info
78 Fact Check: Novel coronavirus breeds global false claims
79 China's coronavirus: rising death toll, global impact
80 High school basketball player saved by CPR helps win championship
81 Best urban design for reducing road injuries
82 Pneumonia recovery reprograms immune cells of the lung
83 US, others prepare evacuations as virus spreads from China
84 US beefs up screening of travelers for new virus from China
85 Judging the gravity of the coronavirus outbreak
86 The future of human healing lies in the brain of a starfish
87 Critically injured soldiers have high rates of mental health disorders
88 Bad to the bone: Specific gut bacterium impairs normal skeletal growth and maturation
89 Six patients with rare blood disease are doing well after gene therapy clinical trial
90 Team examines the link between cognition and hearing or vision loss
91 100 years after the advent of TB vaccines, formulations vary widely
92 Number of German coronavirus patients jumps to four
93 Kidney paired donation is an excellent option for transplant candidates
94 New insight into how cannabidiol takes effect in the brains of people with psychosis
95 New study discovers inflammatory molecules controlling capillary loss
96 Using virtual reality to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder
97 Most innovative cancer drugs facing delays in reaching patients
98 UAE confirms 4 cases of new Chinese virus, first in Mideast
99 Foreigners airlifted from China virus epicentre, death toll hits 132
100 China shuts down: The measures taken to curb a virus
101 Living longer is important, but those years need to be healthy ones
102 More airlines halt China flights as virus toll hits 132
103 Lassa fever deaths in Nigeria rise to 41
104 Drinking alcohol during pregnancy: #DRYMESTER the only safe approach
105 Researchers use brain organoids to study pediatric brain tumors
106 Siri, help me quit: What does your smart device say when you ask for help with addiction?
107 Abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy the only safe approach
108 Intervention shows promise for building social communication in children with multiple disabilities
109 Estimates of preventable hospital deaths are too high, new study shows
110 Toddlers' screentime linked to activity levels as five-year-olds
111 Have constipation? Here are 4 treatments
112 Hope for enhanced UTI treatments to minimize bladder pain
113 How to head off a caffeinated energy drink habit
114 Connection between alcohol use and depression could aid treatment
115 Fear gives the Wuhan coronavirus economic impact
116 Source of p53-reactive T cells: Peripheral blood from patients with metastatic solid tumors
117 Disappearing trick: New strategies to treat chronic pain
118 Study shows huge fluctuations in the cost of orthobiologics
119 Gender gap persists in starting salary for physicians