File Title
1 Can lithium halt progression of Alzheimer's disease?
2 China virus outbreak revives calls to stop wildlife trade
3 The global spread of the coronavirus: Where is it?
4 Australia confirms first coronavirus cases
5 Three coronavirus cases confirmed in France, first in Europe
6 China orders nationwide measures to detect virus on flights, trains, buses
8 China virus death toll jumps to 41, cases soar to nearly 1,300
9 Vast virus quarantine in China as cases emerge in Europe, S. Asia
10 In Utah, 'saving lives' with breast milk
11 French doctor: Virus from China seems less serious than SARS
12 From temples to Disneyland, China shuts down to halt virus
13 Judging the gravity of the coronavirus outbreak
14 Hong Kong declares Wuhan virus outbreak an 'emergency'
15 China stiffens defences against epidemic as death toll hits 56
16 China temporarily bans wildlife trade in wake of outbreak
17 Patients suffer invasive treatments for harmless cancers
18 California confirms third case of China virus in US
19 New China virus 'not as powerful as SARS': health official
20 Similar survival of African-American and white men with prostate cancer in an equal-access health care system
21 Burden of health care costs greatest among low-income Americans
22 Survival of preterm babies improves by 25% after quality-improvement program
23 Researchers identify opportunities to advance genomic medicine
24 Prescription drug improves symptoms of autism by targeting brain's chemical messengers
25 New drug that could aid MS diagnoses approved for human trials by FDA
26 China virus sends shockwaves through Asia tourist industry
27 China extends holiday to buy time as virus keeps spreading
28 WHO chief heads to China for virus talks
29 Mongolia closes China border to cars, shuts schools over virus fears
30 China death toll spikes to 80, over 2,700 cases confirmed
31 China virus toll spikes despite massive lockdown
32 Countries evaluate evacuation of citizens in virus epicenter
33 Many U.S. adults misinformed about the flu, vaccination
34 Genomics experts dispute nine genes linked to congenital heart condition
35 Researchers trace the molecular roots of potentially fatal heart condition
36 New treatment kills off infection that can be deadly to cystic fibrosis patients
37 Germany urges citizens to avoid 'unnecessary trips' to virus-hit China
38 'Draconian' travel curbs needed to halt spread of virus: scientists
39 Consequences of Zika virus infection on glial cells
40 Strict adherence to traditional masculinity associated with more severe PTSD in vets
41 Are you in danger of catching the coronavirus? 5 questions answered
42 Leukemia and head and neck cancer drugs not approved for NHS England
43 Targeting cancers' surroundings to prevent or limit metastasis
44 5 things everyone should know about coronavirus
45 The serious consequence of exercising too much, too fast
46 Emotions come from a 3-centimeter area of the brain
47 New research finds text messages can predict suicide attempts
48 Lead levels in preschool kids lower, but vigilance is needed
49 Canada confirms first virus case
50 China races against the clock to build virus hospitals
51 Study challenges assumptions about social interaction difficulties in autism
52 'Dabbing' teens more likely to keep using cannabis and increase its use
53 As we age, women are frailer but more resilient than men
54 Single parents more likely to allow cigarette smoking in the home than two-parent families
55 Developing sensors for tumors and dengue fever
56 Unrecognized genetic variation in research mouse models can affect immune cells
57 Does China's response to coronavirus outbreak reflect lessons learned from SARS?
58 China's coronavirus: rising death toll, growing alarm
59 Training on a low-carb diet boosts protein needs for endurance athletes
60 Using AI and natural language processing to predict disease outbreaks earlier
61 Malaysia imposes ban on Chinese tourists from Wuhan
62 What the latest coronavirus tells us about emerging new infections
63 Nearly half of U.S. smokers not advised by doctors to quit
64 Social isolation results in memory loss in later life
65 Why it's unclear whether private programs for 'troubled teens' are working
66 Study finds inconsistencies in a broadly used autism test
67 Study urges national review of support services for male survivors of sexual violence
68 Could depression be linked to cellular metabolism?
69 The first epidemiological estimation of mild cognitive impairment among migrants in Europe
70 Obesity, second to smoking as the most preventable cause of US deaths, needs new approaches
71 Poll: 71% of Americans say their overall health and wellness is good or excellent
72 Algae shown to improve gastrointestinal health
73 Research shows the sexes have equal spatial cognition skills
74 New aspects of globular glial tauopathy could help in the design of more effective drugs
75 Parkinson's disease may start before birth
76 Simple test identifies patients at high risk for future dialysis or transplant
77 Human Body-on-Chip platform enables in vitro prediction of drug behaviors in humans
78 Successfully predicting bone marrow failure caused by drugs, radiation, and disease
79 More youth suicide found in poor communities across US
80 Updated guidelines issued for ER, PgR testing in breast cancer
81 Asfotase alfa in hypophosphatasia in childhood/adolescence: Survival benefit for infants
82 Weight loss surgery may reduce the risk of heart failure and premature death
83 Rural kids carrying handguns is 'not uncommon' and starts as early as sixth grade
84 With high fiber diets, more protein may mean more bloating
85 Weight loss surgery may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer
86 Something far deadlier than the Wuhan virus lurks near you
87 Anti-cancer drug safe and effective for treating light chain (AL) amyloidosis
88 New study explores prevalence of drug promotions in primary care practices
89 Global alarm grows as China's capital reports first virus death
90 Confusion as WHO corrects China virus global risk level (Update)
91 AI to help monitor behavior
92 First human trial of monoclonal antibody to prevent malaria opens
93 Most young people do not vape, and even fewer vape regularly
94 Discovery could lead to new treatment for rare blood disease
95 SARS lessons crucial for mounting coronavirus test
96 How personality predicts seeing others as sex objects
97 Tdap or Td vaccine may be used for decennial Td booster doses
98 Doctors and immunologists implement a new approach for melanoma treatment
99 The virome of HPV-positive tonsil squamous cell carcinoma and neck metastasis
100 Micro-scaled method holds promise as improved cancer diagnostic platform
101 Enhancing drug testing with human body-on-chip systems
102 Protein AKAP8 suppresses breast cancer metastasis
103 The brain may need iron for healthy cognitive development
104 Study reveals young children prefer to learn from confident people
105 'Lethal' mutation made tuberculosis bacteria resistant to important antibiotic
106 Histamine: an unexpected defender against heart and kidney damage
107 First-of-its-kind technology lights up lung cancer cells, helps improve patient outcomes
108 An egg a day not tied to risk of heart disease: new study
109 Study finds association between therapy time, length of stay after hip fracture surgery
110 WVU project sets sights on preventing blindness in diabetic patients
111 Unanticipated response to estrogen at the single cell level
112 Blood pressure drug linked to lower risk of gout
113 Sri Lanka confirms first case of new virus, a Chinese tourist
114 A brain link to STI/HIV sexual risk
115 China's coronavirus has not mutated in the US, says CDC
116 Almost a third of UK doctors may be 'burnt out' and stressed, poll suggests
117 Air pollution impacts can be heart-stopping: study