File Title
1 A study identifies 17 key compounds in wine aromas
2 Personalized 3D printed models in optimizing cardiac computed tomography imaging protocols
3 New deep learning model can accurately identify sleep stages
4 Butterflies can acquire new scent preferences and pass these on to their offspring
5 Showing how the tiniest particles in our universe saved us from complete annihilation
6 Past climate safe havens now most vulnerable
7 N/A
8 Pioneering SFU research customizes vaccines to reduce bacterial disease
9 Kids diagnosed with ADHD often don't take medication regularly
10 Aerobic exercise training linked to enhanced brain function
11 How and when spines changed in mammalian evolution
12 Brain study identifies possible causes of ethnic pain disparities
13 New way to study pituitary tumors holds potential for better diagnoses and treatments
14 Assessing 'stickiness' of tumor cells could improve cancer prognosis
15 Research sheds light on the evolutionary puzzle of coupling
16 Agricultural area residents in danger of inhaling toxic aerosols
17 Army-developed Zika vaccine induces potent Zika and dengue cross-neutralizing antibodies
18 Shift workers at risk for heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes
19 Heart disease risk grows as women move through menopause
20 Study demonstrates liquid biopsy as effective predictor of stage III melanoma relapse and treatment
21 New electrode design may lead to more powerful batteries
22 Losing coastal plant communities to climate change will weaken sea defenses
23 Researchers validate transferable & accessible method to quantify flavanols & procyanidins
24 The secret life of microbes--a snapshot of molecules in a deep-sea symbiosis
25 Sound of music: How melodic alarms could reduce morning grogginess
26 Lower protein diet may lessen risk for cardiovascular disease
27 HIV antibody therapy is associated with enhanced immune responses in infected individuals
28 Meat isn't good for you
29 Fireflies face global threats
30 Novel compound is promising drug candidate for Alzheimer's disease
31 Tailor-made vaccines could almost halve rates of serious bacterial disease
32 Exposing a virus's hiding place reveals new potential vaccine
33 Lights out? Fireflies face extinction threats of habitat loss, light pollution, pesticides
34 Invest in social equity to improve health for low-income people
35 How the ocean is gnawing away at glaciers
36 Vast amounts of valuable energy, nutrients, water lost in world's fast-rising wastewater streams
37 New score measuring multiple chronic illnesses performs better than current method
38 Birth timing may affect brain development
39 Fear-Memory Formation Visualized in Living Mouse Brain for the First Time
40 High-Definition View of Diabetes-Related Proteins Obtained, Opening the Door to Future Treatments
41 Deforestation in Bolivia Spied from Space Satellite
42 First Comprehensive Analysis of Vaping Lung Injury (EVALI) Provides Important Insight
43 Remarkable New Species of Meat-Eating Jurassic Dinosaur Discovered in Utah
44 Eating Yogurt May Help Lessen the Risk of Breast Cancer--Here's Why
45 Life's Frankenstein Beginnings: Surprising Discoveries About First Building Blocks of Life on Earth
46 Nano-Thin Flexible Touchscreens Could Be Printed at Home--100x Thinner than Current Technology
47 Research Underway to Address Threat of Novel Coronavirus that Recently Emerged in China
48 Fundamental Property of Halide Perovskites May Open Up a Whole New World of Applications
49 Multi-Dimensional Quantum Communications with Twisted Light Across Optical Fiber Networks
50 Structural Brain Changes Found in Kids that Had High Air Pollution Exposure in Early Childhood
51 Laser Doppler Velocimetry Delivers New Insights into Mysterious Fluid Motions
52 On the Way to Quantum Networks: Record Setting 20km Entanglement Over Optical Fiber
53 Major Meltdown for Hottest Planet: Even Molecules Are Torn to Shreds
54 Astronaut Says Alien Lifeforms that Are Impossible to Spot May Be Living Among Us
55 Intriguing New Result from the Large Hadron Collider May Signal a Crack in the Standard Model
56 Three Cases of Novel Coronavirus Reported in France--Virus Recently Emerged in China
57 Osteoarthritis Treatment Breakthrough: Drug Combo Reverses Arthritis in Animal Study
58 Taal Volcano in the Philippines Erupted--See the Incredible Satellite View
59 Intriguing Details of Giant Straight-Tusked Elephants Chronicled in New Study
60 Low Dose Lithium May Stop Alzheimer's Disease in Its Tracks
61 Vampire Star System Undergoing Super-Outburst Witnessed by Kepler Spacecraft
62 Remarkable New Coating Helps Electronics Stay Cool by "Sweating"
63 Explode or Collapse? Nuclear Processes 10,000,000x Denser and 25x Hotter than the Center of Our Sun
64 Pac-Man-Like Protists Thrive on the Skin of the Earth
65 Self-Destruction of Dark Matter May Contribute to Cosmic Gamma-Ray Glow
66 The Great E-Scooter Hack: New Research Exposes Security Risk for E-Scooters and Riders
67 New Soft, Stretchable Battery Invented to Power Wearable Electronics
68 Bars and Baby Stars in this Pinwheeling Spiral Galaxy Spotted by Hubble
69 Cheaper Solar Cells Are Possible with Thinner Silicon Wafers
70 High-Level Nuclear Waste Storage Materials Will Likely Degrade Faster than Previously Thought
71 Detection of Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves Could Revolutionize Electronics
72 Researchers Discover Parkinson's Disease May Start Before Birth & Test Potential New Treatment
73 Antarctica's Biggest Glacier Is Thinning in Patterns Opposite to Previously Observed
74 Ecofriendly Conversion of Methane into Useful Gases Using Light Instead of Heat
75 Oceanographers Predict Phytoplankton Increase by 2100, Contrary to Common Belief in Environmental Science Community
76 New Look at Mysterious Large Holes in Cells Involved in Taste, Alzheimer's, Asthma
77 Change in Construction Materials Could Transform Buildings into a Global CO2 Sink
78 Reducing Man-Made Ozone: A 'Win-Win' for Both Human Health and the Planet
79 New Research Shows the Brain May Need Iron for Healthy Cognitive Development
80 A Sustainable Alternative to Crude Oil: Bio-Based High-Performance Polyamide
81 Solar Orbiter: New Mission Will Take First Peek at Sun's Poles [Video]
82 Climate Change Could Shrink Wine Regions Dramatically--85% Loss for 4íC of Warming
83 Using Albatrosses to Root Out Illegal Fishing
84 Air Pollution Impacts Can Be Heart-Stopping--Even from Short-Term Exposure
85 Humans Not Always to Blame for Genetic Diversity Loss in Wildlife, New Conservation Research Reveals
86 Women Have to Be Likable, and Men Don't--New Study Shows Why
87 Single Dose of Psychedelic Drug Produced Antianxiety and Antidepressant Effects that Last for Years
88 Nanostructures and Living Cells in Butterfly Wings Could Inspire Radiative-Cooling Materials & Advanced Flying Machines
89 You Need More Vitamin D in the Winter--Here's Why
90 Simply Eating Walnuts May Slow Cognitive Decline in at-Risk Elderly
91 How Ancient Poop Debunked Myth of Native American Lost Civilization
92 Perfect Storm Causing a Collapse in Global Biodiversity
93 Bumble Bees' Favorite Flowers Identified to Aid Bee Restoration
94 What in Known About EVALI: Diagnosis of the Acute Lung Injury Associated with Vaping
95 Eco-Friendly Fuel Cells Powered by Instant Hydrogen Production
96 Novel Insight into Down Syndrome and the Genetic Details of Chromosome 21
97 Potential Global Spread of New Coronavirus Mapped by New Study
98 Unlocking the Secrets of Organ and Limb Regeneration from a Tiny Salamander's Genetics
99 NASA Renamed New Ocean Studying Satellite for this Noted Scientist
100 Amateur Photographers Have Discovered a New Form of the Northern Lights
101 First All-Optical "Stealth" Encryption Technology Developed
102 Hundreds of in Vitro Brains Were Grown in a Lab in Italy--Here's Why
103 Surprisingly, Plants Are Better Pollinated in Cities than in the Countryside
104 Improved Treatment for Hyperthyroidism
105 Microplastic Pollution Found in Deep Sediments on the Ocean Floor
106 Smart Bandages Automatically Sense and Treat Bacterial Infections
107 New Pesticide Compounds Discovered in Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plant
108 For Most Americans, Dining Out Is a Recipe for Unhealthy Eating
109 New Technique to Efficiently Cryopreserve Human Cells for Long Periods of Time
110 WHO, China Leaders Discuss Battle Against Coronavirus Outbreak
111 Link Between Autism and Cognitive Impairment Identified--May Lead to New Treatments
112 Cosmic Fireball Lights Up the Entire Coast Near Seaside Town--Here's What Happened
113 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Climb to 6065 Globally--132 Deaths in China
114 Quantum Logic Spectroscopy Unlocks Potential of Highly Charged Ions
115 Tracking Dangerous Bat Coronaviruses with Next-Generation DNA Sequencing