File Title
1 Self-learning heating control system saves energy
2 How HIV develops resistance to key drugs discovered
3 Autonomous microtrap for pathogens
4 Research team finds possible new approach for sleeping sickness drugs
5 Researchers make critical advances in quantifying methane released from the Arctic Ocean
6 A quantum of solid
7 MRI tool can diagnose difficult cases of ovarian cancer
8 'Remainers' and 'Leavers' more united than divided, study finds
9 Bats inspire detectors to help prevent oil and gas pipe leaks
10 Your gums reveal your diet
11 Nanotechnology: Putting a nanomachine to work
12 Solving the riddle of strigolactone biosynthesis in plants
13 Autonomous vehicles could benefit health if cars are electric and shared
14 Trees might be 'aware' of their size
15 Mechanism for improvement of photoluminescence intensity in phosphor material
16 Sustainable 3D-printed super magnets
17 Fossil foraminifer in marine sediment reveals sea surface water temperature 800,000 years ago
18 New insights into how the human brain solves complex decision-making problems
19 Coral genes go with the flow further than expected
20 HKUST researchers find that regulating lipid metabolism in neurons helps axon regeneration
21 SUTD's novel approach allows 3D printing of finer, more complex microfluidic networks
22 The first roadmap for ovarian aging
23 Imaging study of key viral structure shows how HIV drugs work at atomic level
24 Cells' springy coils pump bursts of RNA
25 Cervical cancer could be eliminated within a century
26 Those who believe that the economic system is fair are less troubled by poverty, homelessness, and extreme wealth
27 Computer servers now able to retrieve data much faster
28 New clues into the genetic origins of schizophrenia
29 New clinical practice guideline for complex ADHD in children and adolescents
30 Movement study could be significant in helping understand brain rehabilitation
31 Double trouble: A drug for alcoholism can also treat cancer by targeting macrophages
32 Study identifies reasons for drinking in UK serving and ex-serving military personnel
33 KU Leuven researchers discover new piece of the puzzle for Parkinson's disease
34 Study: 90-second scan shows promise evaluating chest pain in emergency department observation unit
35 Patterns in the brain shed new light on how we function
36 Giving some pregnant women progesterone could prevent 8,450 miscarriages a year--experts
37 New target identified for repairing the heart after heart attack
38 People may lie to appear honest
39 Genetic screen offers new drug targets for Huntington's disease
40 ASU scientists boost gene-editing tools to new heights in human stem cells
41 Salk scientists link rapid brain growth in autism to DNA damage
42 Intravenous drugs can often rapidly restore normal heart rhythm without sedation, shocks
43 Researchers build a better lung model
44 Brain drowns in its own fluid after a stroke
45 Partisan polarization helps Congress pass bills
46 Ketamine use is underreported--likely due to unknown exposure--among EDM partygoers
47 Biological diversity as a factor of production
48 Penn researchers identify cancer cell defect driving resistance to CAR T cell therapy
49 The Atlantic Ocean fingerprint on the climate of the Middle East
50 Astronomers witness the dragging of space-time in stellar cosmic dance
51 In Cuba, cleaner rivers follow greener farming
52 Machine learning technique speeds up crystal structure determination
53 UNC Lineberger discovery would allow researchers to fine-tune CAR-T activity
54 Researchers combine X-rays and laser light to image sprays
55 Brain's 'GPS system' toggles between present and possible future paths in real time
56 New study identifies Neanderthal ancestry in African populations and describes its origin
57 Health: Daily smoking and drinking may be associated with advanced brain age
58 Schizophrenia genetics analyzed in South African Xhosa
59 Study examines quality of life in patients with kidney disease in India
60 Bacteria engineered to protect bees from pests and pathogens
61 Modern Africans and Europeans may have more Neanderthal ancestry than previously thought
62 Study links daylight saving time to 28 fatal car accidents per year in the US
63 Putrid compound may have a sweet side gig as atherosclerosis treatment
64 Chemists unveil the structure of an influenza B protein
65 Occupational gender bias prevalent in online images, Rutgers study finds
66 If cancer were easy, every cell would do it
67 New device identifies high-quality blood donors
68 Study: How to safely remove ovary in girls for best results in fertility preservation
69 How the development of skulls and beaks made Darwin's finches one of the most diverse species
70 Hospital websites lack usability for non-English speakers
71 Microplastic hotspots
72 Drexel study: Physical activity is good for your appetite, too
73 National study confirms nurses at higher risk of suicide than general population
74 The one ring--to track your finger's location
75 Questions and answers about cannabis use during pregnancy
76 Structural biology: Special delivery
77 A fundamental discovery about how gene activity is regulated
78 Elevated fasting blood sugar in pregnancy linked to harmful outcomes for mothers, babies
79 Building a safer CAR-T therapy
80 Symbiotic viruses help host insects override the plant's defenses
81 Homicide is a leading cause of pregnancy-associated death in Louisiana
82 Researchers identify link between decreased depressive symptoms, yoga and the neurotransmitter GABA
83 Flickering light mobilizes brain chemistry that may fight Alzheimer's
84 Army develops big data approach to neuroscience
85 New method for removing oil from water
86 Researchers turbocharge hydrogen fuel cells with novel ion-conducting copolymer
87 Viscosity measurements offer new insights into the earth's mantle
88 How nature tells us its formulas
89 New study links autism to specific cell, paves way for potential approach to treatment
90 Many with military-related PTSD do poorly in treatment with first-line psychotherapies
91 Natural herb kratom may have therapeutic effects and relatively low potential for abuse or harm, according to a user survey
92 Knowledge Engine is ready to accelerate genomic research
93 Scientists examined bacterial cannibalism
94 The sleeping Sigma-Factor
95 Early life experiences biologically and functionally mature the brain, new research shows
96 New argument presented to highlight the axion nature of dark matter
97 French mathematician and spider aficionado Cedric Villani honoured with a new orb-weaver
98 Scientists discover new non-sticky gels
99 Extinction is difficult to prove for Earth's ultra-rare species
100 Hepatitis B: New therapeutic approach may help to cure chronic hepatitis B infection
101 Early life experiences biologically and functionally mature the brain, new research shows
102 New argument presented to highlight the axion nature of dark matter
103 IDIBELL researchers discover that a molecule of blood is effective against autoimmune kidney disease
104 For complex decisions, narrow them down to two
105 Designing an emergency stop switch for immunotherapies
106 Climate change affects soil health
107 One single primitive turtle resisted mass extinction in the northern hemisphere
108 Bringing the 'sticky' back to pancreatic cancer
109 Seeing the invisible--a novel gas imaging system
110 Flushing nitrogen from seawater-based toilets