File Title
1 Tunes for training: High-tempo music may make exercise easier and more beneficial
2 Mutation's role in blood cancers revealed by ideal team-up
3 Accelerating chemical reactions without direct contact with a catalyst
4 Yale researchers identify protein that could help neutralize deadly bite of the tsetse fly
5 Study finds first major discovery in hydroformylation in 50 years
6 Seeking better guidelines for inventorying greenhouse gas emissions
7 New research highlights how plants are slowing global warming
8 Ultra-high energy events key to study of ghost particles
9 Global science team on red alert as Arctic lands grow greener
10 New research looks at type 1 diabetes and changes in the environment
11 Religiousness linked to improved quality of life for people with HIV
12 Simplifying simple sequence repeats
13 Institut Pasteur isolates strains of coronavirus 2019-nCoV detected in France
14 How supercomputers are helping us link quantum entanglement to cold coffee
15 Low-dose metronomic cyclophosphamide complements the actions of an intratumoral C-class CpG TLR9 agonist to potentiate innate immunity and drive potent T cell-mediated anti-tumor responses
16 Toward a portable concussion detector that relies on an infrared laser
17 Institut Pasteur sequences the whole genome of the Wuhan coronavirus, 2019-nCoV
18 Do less and get stronger: Science proves you can lift less with better results
19 The Lancet: Modelling study estimates spread of 2019 novel coronavirus
20 Highly active HIV antibody restricts development of viral resistance
21 Study: Tasting no-calorie sweetener may affect insulin response on glucose tolerance test
22 Congenital heart disease more deadly in low-income countries
23 Migraine rats, medical facts
24 Pinpointing rare disease mutations
25 Fewer scars in the central nervous system
26 Anti-carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule antibody for fluorescence visualization
27 Characterization of unique PMEPA1 gene splice variants (isoforms d and e) from RNA Seq profiling pro
28 Novel coronavirus receptors show similarities to SARS-CoV, according to new analysis
29 Not-so-dirty birds? Not enough evidence to link wild birds to food-borne illness
30 Army research may improve stroke, TBI treatment
31 Exploring the school-age social, emotional, and behavioral health landscape
32 Hot pots helped ancient Siberian hunters survive the Ice Age
33 The most human algorithm
34 The first potentially invasive species to reach the Antarctica on drifting marine algae
35 Biophysics: Orientation of protein patterns
36 The scent of a rose improves learning during sleep
37 Exploring strangeness and the primordial Universe
38 Young people putting music to the crisis: the role of music as a political expression
39 Safe potassium-ion batteries
40 DNA extracted in museum samples can reveal genetic secrets
41 Efficient cryopreservation of genetically modified rat spermatozoa
42 Could resetting our internal clocks help control diabetes?
43 Researchers describe unique genetic identity of primordial lung progenitors
44 Get easily out of breath? It may be because you were small at birth, study finds
45 UC study shows dramatic increase in naloxone dispensing in Ohio
46 Virtual crossmatching improves quality of life for kidney transplant patients
47 Got slime? Using regenerative biology to restore mucus production
48 Researchers identify possible new combination treatment for advanced melanoma
49 Lung cancer screening decision aid delivered through tobacco quitlines improves informed decision-making
50 Zoo improvements should benefit all animals
51 Spike in colorectal cancer from age 49 to 50 suggests many undiagnosed before screenings
52 Phantom genes keep diabetes at bay
53 How the immune system becomes blind to cancer cells
54 First view of hydrogen at the metal-to-metal hydride interface
55 Discovery takes pressure off blood measurements
56 Jump in employment seen among Medicaid expansion enrollees, especially the most vulnerable
57 Cleveland clinic study clarifies genetic autism risk in PTEN patients
58 Horseback riding combined with cognitive exercises can help children with ADHD and autism spectrum
59 Drug class provides cardiovascular benefit for all patients with type 2 diabetes
60 IU study looks at the effect of Medicaid expansion on the SUD treatment workforce
61 Robotic submarine snaps first-ever images at foundation of notorious Antarctic glacier
62 Want to change your personality? It may not be easy to do alone
63 National survey: Students' feelings about high school are mostly negative
64 Can exercise improve video game performance?
65 Study provides first look at sperm microbiome using RNA sequencing
66 Lost in translation: Organic matter cuts plant-microbe links
67 Pre-eruption seismograms recovered for 1980 Mount St. Helens event
68 Advanced medical imaging combined with genomic analysis could help treat cancer patients
69 GW study identifies need for disaster preparedness training for dermatologists
70 Giving cryptocurrency users more bang for their buck
71 Experiencing police brutality increases mistrust in medical institutions, impacts health
72 US birth weights drop due to rise in cesarean births, inductions
73 Study finds vaping prevention program significantly reduces use in middle school students
74 If it takes a hike, riders won't go for bike sharing
75 Research zeroing in on electronic nose for monitoring air quality, diagnosing disease
76 To best treat a burn, first cool with running water, study shows
77 Research brief: Mothers on antiepileptic medication can safely breastfeed
78 Near caves and mines, corrugated pipes may interfere with bat echolocation
79 Poliovirus therapy shows potential as cancer vaccine in lab studies
80 A consensus statement establishes the protocols to assess and report stability of perovskite photovoltaic devices
81 Hemp 'goes hot' due to genetics, not growing conditions
82 Role-playing game increases empathy for immigrants, study shows
83 Gene hunting: The power of precision medicine
84 Likelihood of e-book purchases increase 31% by combining previews and reviews
85 Immune response in brain, spinal cord could offer clues to treating neurological diseases
86 Families give high marks to parenting supports 'for refugees, by refugees,' study finds
87 Smoke two of these and call me in the morning? Not quite, study finds
88 McGill researchers lay foundation for next generation aortic grafts
89 MSU researcher aids discovery of new cellular mechanism
90 Improvements in care could save the lives of more acute bowel obstruction patients
91 What makes fear decrease
92 HIV outcomes improved by state-purchased insurance plans, study finds
93 Less chemotherapy may have more benefit in rectal cancer
94 Letting your child pick their snack may help you eat better, study suggests
95 'Spring forward' to daylight saving time brings surge in fatal car crashes
96 The Lancet: Cervical cancer could be eliminated in countries worst affected by the disease, and 62 million women's lives could be saved by 2120
97 New research could aid cleaner energy technologies
98 Cooperation after eye contact: Gender matters
99 Vision may be the real cause of children's problems
100 Rapid weather swings increase flu risk
101 A multicentric study identifies a new biomarker for vascular dementias
102 New research establishes how first exposure to flu virus sets on our immunity for life
103 Physics of giant bubbles bursts secret of fluid mechanics
104 Immune systems not prepared for climate change
105 New research shows sustainability can be a selling point for new ingredients
106 Trees struggle when forests become too small
107 Maino and the emergence of hip-hop as a source of mental resilience
108 Can wood construction transform cities from carbon source to carbon vault?
109 High and low exercise intensity found to influence brain function differently
110 Wearable health tech gets efficiency upgrade