File Title
1 New device in New Mexico turns back clock on astronomy
2 India targets new moon mission in 2020
3 GMRT discovers a gigantic ring of hydrogen gas around a distant galaxy
4 UNC expert helps treat astronaut's blood clot during NASA mission
5 Astronomers say SpaceX's satellites are too bright in the sky. Friday's launch will try to fix that
6 First reported occurrence and treatment of spaceflight medical risk 200+ miles above earth
7 Study unveils the nature of young stars near the cometary globule CG 30
8 Scientists pin down timing of lunar dynamo's demise
9 Alien life is out there, but our theories are probably steering us away from it
10 Research sheds light on the moon's dark craters
11 Looking back at a New Horizons New Year's to remember
12 Planetary nebula WR 72 has hydrogen-poor knots, study finds
13 Scientists find evidence that Venus has active volcanoes
14 Astronomers find wandering massive black holes in dwarf galaxies
15 Simulated image demonstrates the power of NASA's Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope
16 Expert discusses clearest image known of a cluster of galaxies from 10 billion years ago
17 NASA's Great Observatories help astronomers build a 3-D visualization of exploded star
18 Astronomers detect first stars 'bubbling out' from the cosmic Dark Ages
19 NASA's Hubble surveys gigantic galaxy
20 New evidence shows that the key assumption made in the discovery of dark energy is in error
21 Flying observatory maps the Milky Way
22 The turbulent life of two supermassive black holes caught in a galaxy crash
23 Astronomers spot distant galaxy group driving ancient cosmic makeover
24 Glitch detected in the pulsar PSR J0908-4913
25 Image: Hubble sights galaxy's celestial sequins
26 Scientists develop new method to detect oxygen on exoplanets
27 NASA's SLS moon rocket readies for next pit stop on way to Kennedy Space Center
28 New research looks at neutron star blasts
29 In a nearby galaxy, a fast radio burst unravels more questions than answers
30 NASA contractor settles whistleblower complaint for $375,000
31 SpaceX launches third batch of Starlink satellites
32 TESS mission uncovers its first world with two stars
33 NASA planet hunter finds its first earth-size habitable-zone world
34 Famous black hole has jet pushing cosmic speed limit
35 Surprise! TESS shows Alpha Draconis undergoes eclipses
36 LIGO-Virgo gravitational wave network catches another neutron star collision
37 Binary star V Sagittae to explode as very bright nova by century's end
38 Space-baked cookies, 'mighty' mice back on Earth via SpaceX
39 New map of Milky Way reveals giant wave of stellar nurseries
40 The Milky Way's impending galactic collision is already birthing new stars
41 Planet WASP-12b is on a death spiral, say scientists
42 Black hole transient GRS 1716-249 investigated in hard and intermediate states
43 Virgin Galactic's next spaceship reaches build milestone
44 NEID exoplanet instrument sees first light
45 Researchers take exploration of key 'building block' particles into space
46 Moon river: Rocket part ferried on the mighty Mississippi
47 Cosmic magnifying glasses yield independent measure of universe's expansion
48 Goldilocks stars are best places to look for life
49 A new tool for 'weighing' unseen planets
50 NASA TV coverage set for three spacewalks in January
51 Hubble detects smallest known dark matter clumps
52 Stellar heavy metals can trace history of galaxies
53 WHOI underwater robot takes first-known automated sample from ocean
54 Water could disappear from Mars faster than expected
55 Lucy mission now has a new destination
56 Satellite constellations harvest energy for near-total global coverage
57 Simulation of dwarf galaxy reveals different routes for strontium enrichment
58 On the hunt for primordial black holes
59 Study probes the origin of the very high energy gamma-ray source VER J1907+062
60 NASA's Lucy mission confirms discovery of Eurybates satellite
61 Landsat 9: The pieces come together
62 First sighting of hot gas sloshing in galaxy cluster
63 Stellar black holes: When David poses as Goliath
64 NASA's latest astronaut graduates almost half women
65 SuperTIGER on its second prowl--130,000 feet above Antarctica
66 Eyeing Moon, NASA hosts first public astronaut graduation ceremony
67 'Space unites us': First Iranian-American astronaut reaches for stars
68 Wanted: Girlfriend to fly to the Moon with Japanese billionaire
69 Oxygen line opens new perspective on the far universe
70 Could invisible aliens really exist among us? An astrobiologist explains
71 The interiors of stars
72 Another state change of the variable gamma-ray pulsar PSR J2021+4026 observed by astronomers
73 Virtual Telescope Project confirms 2020 AV2--the first asteroid found to move entirely inside the orbit of Venus
74 Rippling ice and storms at Mars' north pole
75 Stars need a partner to spin universe's brightest explosions
76 How the solar system got its 'Great Divide,' and why it matters for life on Earth
77 TESS dates an ancient collision with our galaxy
78 NASA's Mars 2020 rover closer to getting its name
79 AstroSat observations unveil properties of black hole binary MAXI J1820+070
80 Data from antipodal places: First use of CMB polarization to detect gravitational lensing from galaxy clusters
81 X-rays and gravitational waves combine to illuminate massive black hole collision
82 Betelgeuse: Star's weird dimming sparks rumors that its death is imminent
83 'Cold Neptune' and two temperate super-Earths found orbiting nearby stars
84 Final images from Cassini spacecraft
85 Hot gas feeds spiral arms of the Milky Way
86 Astronomers reveal interstellar thread of one of life's building blocks
87 Huygens landing spin mystery solved
88 Active asteroid unveils fireball identity
89 X-60A program conducts integrated vehicle propulsion system verification test
90 Astronaut completes spacewalk without helmet camera, lights (Update)
91 V473 Lyr has a low-mass companion, study suggests
92 Plant-powered sensor sends signal to space
93 Putting the universe under the telescope
94 Astronomers discover class of strange objects near our galaxy's enormous black hole
95 Taking the temperature of dark matter
96 Possible discovery of a new super-Earth orbiting Proxima Centauri
97 Behind howls of solar wind, quiet chirps reveal its origins
98 ExoMars Rover completes environmental tests
99 Nearly barren Icelandic landscapes guide search for extraterrestrial life
100 First Spacebus Neo satellite launched
101 XMM-Newton discovers scorching gas in Milky Way's halo
102 Here and gone: Outbound comets are likely of extra-solar origin
103 Image: Hubble views galaxy from famous catalog
104 New astronomical instrument on the hunt for exoplanets
105 Scientists measure the evolving energy of a solar flare's explosive first minutes
106 Rough seas delay escape test for SpaceX crew capsule
107 Iran says it is preparing for satellite launch
108 SpaceX launches, destroys rocket in astronaut escape test
109 No astrovans for SpaceX, crews riding to rockets in Teslas
110 SpaceX in 'perfect' test of Crew Dragon emergency abort system
111 Heat wave signals the growth of a stellar embryo
112 ESA opens oxygen plant, making air out of moondust
113 First results from the Dark Energy Survey
114 A brain transplant for one of Australia's top telescopes
115 BSNIP project releases spectra of more than 200 Type Ia supernovae