File Title
1 Disease experts skeptical on safety of indoor dining at restaurants
2 CDC urges against travel for holidays to limit COVID-19 spread
3 CDC: HIV-related deaths dropped 48% over past decade
4 Study: IVF doesn't raise risk for ovarian cancer
5 Statin side effects may be 'all in your head,' study suggests
6 COVID-19 during pregnancy won't affect obstetric outcomes
7 Survey: Young adults in U.S. more lonely, depressed during pandemic
8 COVID-19 reinfection unlikely for at least six months after recovery, study finds
9 Marijuana is stronger now than in decades past, study finds
10 Statin use in U.S. up 20% in last 10 years, study finds
11 Hormone therapy for prostate cancer may raise heart risks
12 MMR vaccine may protect against severe illness from COVID-19, study finds
13 Study: More childbearing women having suicidal thoughts
14 Toolkit may help hospitals reduce falls, fall-related injuries, study says
15 Parental concern about teen screen time overblown, study says
16 Study: 'Hidden' cancer on prostate biopsy usually means better outcome
17 Model: U.S. COVID-19 cases could reach 20M before Biden takes office
18 Law change allowed greater access to opioid addiction treatment, study finds
19 Medicaid expansion likely improved colon cancer care, study finds
20 Vegan, other meatless diets linked to higher bone fracture risk
21 Popular movies reflect unhealthy U.S. diet, Stanford study finds
22 Study: Age of parents key to whether kids get vaccinated against COVID-19
23 COVID-19 mild in most children, study finds
24 Anxiety may speed Alzheimer's disease progression, study says
25 Study: Mediterranean diet cuts odds for diabetes in women
26 Poll: 1 in 5, ages 50-80, would get COVID-19 vaccination ASAP
27 Birth control pill may reduce asthma attacks
28 Flavanol-rich cocoa drinks can improve brain function, study finds
29 Study: Heart failure risk in older women increases with more sedentary time
30 Hormone that switches off hunger may help treat obesity, study says
31 Gut immune cells may play key role in MS
32 Strong sleeping pills linked with falls, fractures in dementia patients
33 Fauci: 'People should feel confident' COVID-19 vaccines safe, effective
34 Later school start may reduce migraines for high school students, study says
35 Researchers link specific gut bacteria to irritable bowel syndrome
36 MS has mixed impact on risk for cancer, study says
37 Study: Simple move may improve spinal fusion outcomes
38 Quick bursts of exercise can help diabetics' hearts
39 Opioid deaths in young Americans often involve other drugs
40 Study: Forearm fracture should raise red flag for domestic violence
41 Massive Cluster's Gravity Magnifies Light from Extremely Distant Star-Forming Galaxy
42 Early Hunter-Gatherer Females Hunted Big-Game Animals
43 Australia's Greater Glider is Actually Three Different Species
44 LOFAR Radio Telescope Directly Detects New Brown Dwarf
45 Weather Forecast for Lava Planet K2-141b: Rock Rains and Supersonic Winds
46 Europa's Icy Surface Glows in the Dark, New Study Suggests
47 2-Million-Year-Old Skull of Paranthropus robustus Suggests Climate Change Drove Rapid Changes
48 Water Present on All Rocky Planets, Martian Meteorite Study Suggests
49 Universe is Getting Hotter, Says New Study
50 Walnut-Rich Diet May Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
51 Europa's Plumes May Originate from Near-Surface Brine Reservoirs, Not Global Ocean
52 New Pterosaur Species Found Hiding in Plain Sight in Museum
53 Physicists Produce World's First Beam of Neutron-Rich, Radioactive Tantalum Ions
54 Giant Ancient Lake Bed Discovered Deep under Greenland Ice Sheet
55 Internal Heating from Radioactive Elements May Be Crucial to Planet Habitability, Study Says
56 3-Million-Year-Old Fossil from New Zealand Rewrites Evolutionary History of True Seals
57 New Species of Primate Discovered in Myanmar
58 Researchers Sequence Genomes of 363 Bird Species
59 Giant Galaxy Cluster Acts as Cosmic Furnace
60 Hubble Detects Unexplained Near-Infrared Emission from Neutron-Star Merger
61 Scientists Sequence Genomes of 131 Placental Mammal Species
62 Global and Regional Dust Storms Cause Mars to Lose Water
63 Chandra Finds Hot Bubble in Planetary Nebula IC 4593
64 Hubble Space Telescope Looks at Faint Spiral: UGC 12588
65 Researchers Unravel Enigma of Barbegal Watermills, World's First Industrial Complex
66 Three Planets Orbit Nearby Red Dwarf LHS 1140
67 CERN Physicists Find First Evidence for Production of Top Quarks in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
68 Amino Acids Can Form Long Before Stars and Planets: Study
69 Sea Sponge from Great Barrier Reef Unravels 700-Million-Year-Old Mystery of Evolution
70 Long Subglacial River May Flow below Greenland Ice Sheet
71 Earth Has New, Temporary Mini-Moon: Rocket Booster from 1960s-Era
72 'Tractor' Laser Beam Has Potential to Control Path, Direction of Lightning
73 Israeli Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Seal Depicting Apollo
74 Regular Chili-Pepper Consumption Could Help You Live Longer, New Review Says
75 Fast Radio Burst from Galactic Magnetar SGR 1935+2154 is Repeating
76 Researchers Discover Now Extinct Species of Polynesian Sandpiper
77 Non-Avian Dinosaurs Were Not in Decline Prior to Their Extinction
78 Human Brain's Neuronal Network Has Similarities to Cosmic Web, Study Claims
79 Stellar Merger Produced Blue Ring Nebula Several Thousand Years Ago
80 Gold Coins from Fatimid Period Unearthed in Israel
81 Researchers Create Two Types of Diamond at Room Temperature
82 End-Triassic Mass Extinction Occurred Slightly Later than Previously Thought
83 Scientists Map Distribution of Bee Species Worldwide
84 Researchers Capture High-Resolution 3D Images of Human Chromosomes
85 Devonian-Period Shark Had Large Eyes and Unique Jaws
86 Astronomers Catch Radio Jets from Distant Quasars
87 Supercooled Water Can Exist in Two Liquid States, Study Confirms
88 Hubble Spots Shadow of Supermassive Black Hole's Torus in IC 5063
89 New Carnivorous Dinosaur Unearthed in Patagonia
90 MUSE Observes Hidden Depths of Messier 83
91 Physicists Propose New Method for Observing Hypothetical Unruh Effect
92 Curiosity Finds Deposits from Megafloods in Martian Crater
93 Temple Restoration Reveals Previously Unknown Names of Ancient Egyptian Constellations
94 Researchers Create Smallest Memory Device Yet
95 Lightning 'Superbolts' Are Real, Two New Studies Confirm
96 Young American Alligators Can Regrow Their Tails, Study Shows
97 Paleontologists Find First Dinosaur Remains in Ireland
98 Study: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments May Reverse Aging
99 Earth's Second Known Minimoon is Natural Object, Astronomers Say
100 Archaeologists Discover Remnants of 3,000-Year-Old Fort in Israel
101 Scientists Create Hydrogen-Producing Algal Droplets
102 Spaceflight-Induced Microgravity Affects Genes, Study Shows
103 Ancestral Puebloans Used 11,550 Turkey Feathers to Make this 800-Year-Old Blanket
104 Spaceflight Impairs Mitochondrial Function, New Research Shows
105 Leaf-Cutter Ants Have Biomineral Armor
106 Physicists Detect Solar CNO Neutrinos for First Time
107 Neanderthal Thumbs were Better Adapted to Holding Tools with Handles: Study
108 Tidal Stripping Explains Lack of Dark Matter in Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy NGC 1052-DF4
109 Cretaceous-Period Bird from Madagascar Had Sickle-Shaped Beak
110 Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole is Closer than Astronomers Thought
111 Solid Phosphorus and Fluorine Detected in Coma of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
112 Hubble Space Telescope Sees Beautiful Result of Galaxy Merger
113 Study: Cocoa Flavanols Can Improve Cognition and Brain Oxygenation
114 Newly-Discovered Long-Necked Dinosaur Survived Early Jurassic Global Warming