File Title
1 Extreme losses in a few animal populations explain global vertebrate declines
2 Humans simultaneously evolved the ability to use tools, teach tool usage
3 Back from the brink of extinction, blue whales return to South Georgia
4 World's most powerful radar telescope at Arecibo will be scrapped
5 When milkweed leaves are scarce, hungry caterpillar get angry
6 Phytoplankton perform photosynthesis, bloom beneath Arctic sea ice
7 Rocket Lab launches satellites, recovers booster in 'Return to Sender' mission
8 Survey of microbes reveals some history of Da Vinci's drawings
9 Climate change thinning glaciers, increasing oxygen levels at Mount Everest
10 Sentinel-6 to help NASA track climate change's effects on oceans
11 Falcon 9 carries NASA's new ocean-imaging satellite into space
12 Teeth from eel-like conodonts offer new proof of parallel evolution
13 Oil, gas companies agree to track, report, reduce methane emissions
14 Fossils purported to be world's earliest animals revealed as algae
15 Dolphins slow their hearts down to avoid 'the bends'
16 Thin liquid films help COVID-19 survive on surfaces
17 Computer mouse movements may reveal appetite for risk-taking
18 T. rex had big growth spurts, but other theropods matured more steadily
19 SpaceX uses booster seventh time on Starlink launch
20 Hydrogen-producing algae may fuel alternative energy economy
21 Space worm tests show microgravity can alter genes
22 Neanderthals' thumbs were well-suited to 'squeeze,' study says
23 German Entomological Institute names Danish mayfly Insect of the Year
24 San Francisco tracing program reaches 80% of COVID-19 cases, close contacts
25 Your teachers may have been key to your adult mental health
26 Rise in nighttime blood pressure increases heart disease risk, study finds
27 CDC: Pregnant women with COVID-19 have higher risk for preterm birth
28 Study: Some types of 'hard work' actually increase dementia risk
29 Black Hispanics at especially high risk for severe COVID-19
30 Depression symptoms linked to increased stroke risk in study
31 Study: AI boosts accuracy of CT angiography in spotting brain aneurysms
32 Poverty affects brain development, cognitive performance in children
33 Damage to vocal cords may cause long-term COVID-19 symptoms
34 Active surveillance may be safe for Black men with prostate cancer, study finds
35 Positive mental attitude may protect memory as people age
36 Pandemic lockdowns made it harder to lose weight, study says
37 Heart inflammation from COVID-19 less common than thought
38 AI boosts accuracy of mammogram screening for breast cancer
39 Face masks don't lower oxygen levels, another study shows
40 Study: Rising firearm suicides in Missouri linked to more liberal gun laws
41 Extreme heat increases risk for preterm delivery, stillbirth, study finds
42 20% of NYC residents had COVID-19 by early March, study says
43 Long-term air pollution exposure increases COVID-19 death risk, study says
44 Working women less prone to memory decline with age, study shows
45 Diagnostic tests, elective procedures dropped early in COVID-19 pandemic
46 Obamacare cut death rate for 3 major cancers, study shows
47 Young adults in U.S. among world leaders in unhealthy weight, researchers say
48 Telecommuting shields some workers from COVID-19, CDC says
49 Smoking bans don't work when not enforced, study finds
50 Reduced contraception costs under ACA led to decline in birth rates
51 Study: 1 in 6 COVID-19 patients have only gastrointestinal symptoms
52 Mindfulness-based program boosts preschoolers' interest in fruit, veggies
53 Your corneas may be safe from COVID-19, study finds
54 Mask mandates, stay-at-home orders cut COVID-19 cases, deaths in Delaware
55 COVID-19 could make ringing in the ears worse, study says
56 Trauma cases fall, gunshot wounds rise during pandemic in Philadelphia
57 'Green prescriptions' could cancel mental health benefits for some
58 Study: Nearly half of 'essential workers' in U.S. at risk for severe COVID-19
59 Study: Hydroxychloroquine no better than placebo for COVID-19 patients
60 Chili peppers might extend your life
61 COVID-19 vaccines may need to evolve to keep up with changing virus
62 Teens' mental health benefits with less screen time, more sports, art
63 Study: Almost 1 in 5 parents are 'vaccine hesitant'
64 Election results may trigger depression for some, study finds
65 Face masks safe to wear during workouts, study says
66 E-cigarette, counseling combo may help long-time smokers quit
67 Most young adults with heart disease avoid flu vaccine
68 Study: Little benefit for vitamin D, omega-3, exercise in seniors
69 Statins reduce heart disease risk even in older adults, studies find
70 Benefits of multivitamins may not be real, study says
71 'Diseases of despair' were already skyrocketing in U.S. before COVID-19
72 Prescription opioid use linked to higher risk for depression, anxiety
73 Study: Young adults are the loneliest people in the U.S.
74 One-third of e-cigarette users report signs of lung damage
75 Finasteride for hair loss may increase risk for depression, suicidal thoughts
76 Study: 311 calls may predict opioid overdose hotspots
77 Study suggests insomnia is persistent more often than situational
78 Pre-pregnancy high blood pressure rates rising in U.S., study shows
79 Birth control does not raise risk for depression, study says
80 E-cigarette users have 30% higher risk for chronic lung diseases, study finds
81 CDC: Symptom-based screening at U.S. airports found just 9 cases of COVID-19
82 Antidepressant might help prevent severe COVID-19
83 40% in U.S. planning large gatherings for holidays despite COVID-19 warnings
84 Healthy diet, exercise good for heart regardless of medication use
85 Bacteria in lungs may play role in cancer development, study says
86 Study: More than 4 million potential years of life lost to cancer in the U.S.
87 Study: Kids with food allergies, and their parents, become targets for bullies
88 'Polypill' reduces risk for heart attack, stroke by up to 40%, study finds
89 Study: Healthy diet lowers erectile dysfunction risk by 20%
90 Study: Black patients get worse care after cardiac arrest
91 Pandemic has taken a toll on childrens' mental health
92 Experimental herpes vaccine shows promise in lab trials
93 New procedure shows promise for pain relief in shoulder, hip arthritis
94 Study: Less screen time, more sleep may help ease, prevent depression
95 Antibiotic use in infancy increases risk for celiac, asthma, learning disabilities
96 Fauci: U.S. 'hit the hardest' by COVID-19
97 60% of seniors with depression won't seek treatment, survey finds
98 Allergies won't increase odds for severe COVID-19, study shows
99 Restful sleep may help reduce risk for heart failure
100 Childhood lead exposure linked to reduced brain development in midlife
101 COVID-19 immunity may last at least 6 months after recovery
102 Study: Racquet sports make arthritic knees worse for overweight people
103 Chinese COVID-19 vaccine said to show promise in early clinical trials
104 Buying gun during pandemic may increase suicide risk, study says
105 People in U.S. exercising more, but less intensely, during pandemic
106 FDA authorizes first at-home COVID-19 test
107 Americans experience 'pandemic fatigue' as restrictions continue
108 Study: Vitamin D reduces risk for metastatic cancer, death by 17%
109 Exoskeleton helps paralyzed people walk again
110 Switching to e-cigarettes from smoking reduces toxic chemical exposure
111 Overt bias, systemic racism may explain elevated COVID-19 risk in parts of U.S.
112 'Oxford' COVID-19 vaccine found to be safe in clinical trials
113 Report: U.S. leads wealthy nations in pregnancy-related deaths
114 Physical, mental ills of COVID-19 can linger months after recovery
115 Delirium is first symptom for many elderly COVID-19 patients