File Title
1 New Tool for Surgeons: 3D Bioprinted Heart
2 Quantifying Quantumness: A Mathematical Project of "Immense Beauty"
3 EBSELEN: A Mechanism to Stop COVID-19 Replication
4 Star-Shaped Brain Cells May Hold the Key to Why and How We Sleep
5 National Poll: Some Parents Prioritize Thanksgiving Traditions Over Reducing COVID-19 Risks
6 Astronomers Surprising Discovery: Anemic Star Cluster Breaks Metal-Poor Record
7 Mysterious Dark Rays Spotted in Nearby Galaxy
8 Simple Eye Exam with Powerful Artificial Intelligence Could Lead to Early Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis
9 Proven Model Shows COVID-19 Cases Could Nearly Double Before Biden Takes Office
10 In Response to the Critical Shortage, Researchers Create 3D-Printed Nasal Swab for COVID-19 Testing
11 A Chance Discovery Leads to a Simple Process that Can Control Perovskite Oxynitride Properties
12 Hear Subtle Sounds NASA's Perseverance Picked Up as It Travels Through Deep Space on the Way to Mars
13 Mechanical Metamaterials--Versatile Building Blocks Make Structures with Surprising Mechanical Properties
14 Building a Cell Membrane Defense Against COVID-19
15 Lituya Bay's Apocalyptic Wave--One of the Tallest Tsunami Waves Known to Science
16 Replication Cycle of SARS-CoV-2 in 3D--"We Can Expect the Coronavirus to Become Seasonal"
17 Oil & Gas Industry Commits to New Tracking and Disclosure System to Monitor, Report and Reduce Methane Emissions
18 US Seafood Industry Flounders Due to COVID-19--Many Fishmongers May Go Belly Up Without Aid
19 Combining Quantum Physics and the Theory of Relativity: Sound-Waves from a Quantum Vacuum at the Black Hole Laboratory
20 Real Time Spying on the Symphony of Cellular Signals that Drive Biology
21 Growing Interest in Limited Moon Resources Could Cause Tension
22 Science Reveals Long-Lost Secrets of a Mummy's Portrait
23 65 Million-Year-Old Evolutionary Arms Race: Moths' Extraordinarily Sophisticated Wing Design
24 Folding of SARS-CoV2 Genome Reveals COVID-19 Drug Targets--And Preparation for "SARS-CoV3"
25 Financial Payments from Drug Industry Associated with Increased Physician Prescribing
26 Disturbing New Research Shows Diabetes Set to Devastate India's Metropolitan Cities
27 Search for New Antibiotics to Combat "Two of the Most Wicked Healthcare Problems We Face"
28 New Insights into How the Flu Virus Spreads Within Cities
29 Peering Inside Deadly Pathogen's Burglary Kit to Find Ways to Block It
30 Ancient Martian Megaflood: Floods of Unimaginable Magnitude Once Washed Through Gale Crater on Mars' Equator
31 Can Drinking Cocoa Make You Smarter? Cocoa Flavanols Found to Boost Brain Oxygenation and Cognition
32 Arecibo Observatory: Massive, World-Class Radio Astronomy Telescope to Be Demolished--Here's Why
33 3D Printing a Miniature Magnetic Pump for $3.89
34 COVAS Score: New Tool Helps Predict Outcomes for COVID-19
35 Meteorites Show that Our Solar System Formed in Less than 200,000 Years
36 Physicists Successfully Modify a Semiconductor to Create a Superconductor
37 Cedars-Sinai Research: Century-Old Vaccine May Be Useful Against COVID-19 Coronavirus
38 AI Detects COVID-19 on Chest X-rays More Accurately and 10 Times Faster than Specialized Radiologists
39 COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be Stopped if at Least 70% of the Public Wore Face Masks Consistently
40 How an Infectious Tumor in Endangered Tasmanian Devils Evolved as It Spread
41 Why Do Colorful Cloud Bands Encircle Jupiter?
42 AI Machine Learning Innovation to Develop Chemical Library for Drug Discovery
43 Elusive Internal Structure of Mars Revealed by Ancient Zircon Minerals from the Red Planet
44 Growth Rings from Fossil Bones Reveals T. rex Had Huge Growth Spurts, but Other Dinosaurs Grew "Slow and Steady"
45 Some like It Hot: Global Warming Triggered the Evolution of Giant Dinosaurs
46 Symphony of Cellular Activities Revealed by Fluorescent Imaging Technique
47 Artemis I Stacks Up: NASA Begins Assembling Massive SLS Rocket for Moon Mission
48 Scientists Show How Statistical Physics Can Reveal Art Trends Across Time and Culture
49 Understanding the "Hydrogen Burning" Power of Our Sun--Success After More than 80 Years
50 Don't Miss It: The Next Full Moon Is the Cold Moon and Will Feature a Partial Eclipse
51 MOXIE--a Device Aboard NASA's Perseverance Rover--Could Help Future Rockets Launch off Mars
52 Neural Networks Tricked by Optical Illusions in the Same Way that Humans Are Deceived
53 Quantum Sensing Using Nanodiamonds to Help Detect Disease Earlier
54 Grabbing Viruses Out of Thin Air: Portable Sensors for Detecting COVID-19 and Other Viruses
55 Arecibo Observatory seeks $10.5 million for cable repairs after accident
56 Honey badger-like animal prowled South Africa 5 million years ago
57 Mobile food tracking app may offer farm-to-table transparency
58 Neanderthal children grew, weaned similarly to Homo sapien children
59 Warming of 2 degrees Celsius could release billions of tons of soil carbon
60 Study: The right song sends your brain into pleasure overload
61 DNA-based molecular tagging system could replace printed barcodes
62 See-through soil substitutes help scientists study soil ecology
63 Goby fins are as touch sensitive as human fingertips
64 Small rocket company Rocket Lab aims for orbital reusability
65 Mothers, daughters in ambrosia beetle colonies share reproduction work
66 ULA postpones U.S. spy satellite launch
67 Canadian astronomers detect intense radio burst inside the Milky Way
68 Satellites help to retrace travel routes of Bronze Age herders in China
69 Female hunters were common in early hunter-gatherer groups
70 Parasitoid that targets Asian fruit fly is actually two distinct species
71 SpaceX launches GPS satellite from Florida, lands booster on ship
72 Widest trees dominate carbon storage in Pacific Northwest forests
73 Extinct group of amphibians used a rapid-fire tongue to catch prey
74 New male leaders cause female gelada primates to more quickly mature
75 Researchers share design for affordable single-molecule microscope
76 ULA delays spy satellite launch to Wednesday from Florida
77 'Electronic skin' offers cheap, eco-friendly alternative to wearable devices
78 Scientists demonstrate new kind of superconductivity once thought impossible
79 Astronauts arrive in Florida for historic launch Saturday
80 Arecibo Observatory incurs more damage as another support cable snaps
81 Researchers figure out how, why trees in the Amazon perish
82 Astronomers spot cold brown dwarf with a radio telescope, a first
83 Astronauts prepare for most crowded space station in years
84 Genome editing experiments reveal gene for heat tolerance in corals
85 Animal groups weigh multiple factors before fighting
86 Review board says NASA, ESA ready to pursue Mars sample return mission
87 Videos show why masks with valves don't slow COVID-19 spread
88 Education key to developing lifelike intelligent robots, study argues
89 NASA certifies SpaceX to carry humans, OKs space station mission
90 Cassava yields could benefit from rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere
91 Newly sequenced bird genomes cover 92% of world's avian families
92 Wrinkle-faced male bats lower their face masks when they mate
93 Prenatal hormone exposure affects 'biological age' of birds
94 New fish-free aquaculture feed to raise fish farming standards
95 Models suggest subglacial river flows the length of Greenland's ice sheet
96 ESA moving forward with plans to explore exoplanets by end of 2020s
97 Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions may not stop global warming
98 Unusual quasiparticles discovered in graphene-based materials
99 NASA, SpaceX delay launch of four astronauts into space to Sunday
100 Virus live stream will allow scientists to study infections in real-time
101 ULA launches spy satellite from Florida after weather delays
102 Wolves alter wetlands by killing beavers, study shows
103 SpaceX, NASA make history with launch to space station
104 Scientists show former piece of Pacific Ocean floor sliding beneath China
105 SpaceX's Resilience capsule docks with space station
106 Ancient storms could help predict shifts in tropical cyclone hotspots
107 New technique helps scientists forecast movement of apex predators
108 Life's building blocks can form in interstellar clouds without stellar fusion
109 SpaceX Resilience capsule crew boards International Space Station
110 Peatland conservation may prevent new diseases from jumping to humans
111 Migrating species tend to 'live fast and die young'
112 Russian cosmonauts wrap up spacewalk
113 Real estate data can help policy makers anticipate urban water needs
114 DNA from giant viruses drives algae evolution
115 Lake ice destabilized by climate change linked to increase in youth drownings