File Title
1 Electromagnetic imaging reveals freshwater cache off Hawai'ian coast
2 Sniffing your way to the gym
3 Ice sheets on the move: how north and south poles connect
4 Water-to-land transition in early tetrapods
5 Central trafficking compartment in neurons malfunctions in majority of Alzheimer's patients
6 Aim to exceed weekly recommended physical activity level to offset health harms of prolonged sitting
7 An ionic forcefield for nanoparticles
8 Early birth linked to greater risk of hospital visits during childhood
9 Immune checkpoint inhibitor efficacy against glioblastoma may decrease with dexamethasone
10 Space worms experiment reveals gravity affects genes
11 Researchers have discovered new links between miscarriage and maternal genes
12 Research provides new insights on health effects of long-duration space flight
13 Landmark study generates first genomic atlas for global wheat improvement
14 Analysis: talc-based cosmetics test positive for asbestos
15 Offshore submarine freshwater discovery raises hopes for islands worldwide
16 Extraction of largely-unexplored bodily fluid could be a new source of biomarkers
17 Engineered "stealth bomber" virus could be new weapon against metastatic cancer
18 Patterning method could pave the way for new fiber-based devices, smart textiles
19 Stem cell-based screen identifies potential new treatments
20 In fire-prone West, plants need their pollinators--and vice versa
21 Bird with tall, sickle-shaped beak reveals hidden diversity during the age of dinosaurs
22 Exploring links between infant vocabulary size and vocal interactions with caregivers
23 Heart structure may play role in stroke risk disparities between Black and white people
24 Multiple sclerosis may not put you at risk for breast, colorectal cancers
25 Cooking with wood may cause lung damage
26 Defects in mitochondria may explain many health problems observed during space travel
27 Stanford scientists invent ultrafast way to manufacture perovskite solar modules
28 First large-scale proteogenomic analysis offers insights into pediatric brain tumors
29 Neuroscientists measure fans' reactions to the big game
30 A cold-health watch and warning system for cold waves in Quebec
31 UCLA study of threatened desert tortoises offers new conservation strategy
32 Archaeology: Neanderthal thumbs better adapted to holding tools with handles
33 Satellite images confirm uneven impact of climate change
34 Scientists develop new gene therapy for eye disease
35 A route for avoiding defects during additive manufacturing
36 ECDC and WHO call for improved HIV testing in Europe
37 Study revealing the secret behind a key cellular process refutes biology textbooks
38 German researchers compile world's largest inventory of known plant species
39 Tree rings capture an abrupt irreversible shift in east Asia's climate
40 A multidisciplinary policy design to protect consumers from AI collusion
41 In temperate trees, climate-driven increase in carbon capture causes autumn leaves to fall sooner
42 Big data powers design of 'smart' cell therapies for cancer
43 Keyhole wasps may threaten aviation safety
44 Irreversible hotter and drier climate over inner East Asia
45 Understanding traditional Chinese medicine can help protect species
46 Super-Recognizers Possess an Extraordinary Ability to Memorize and Recall Faces--Test Could Help Us Find the World's Best
47 Where the Wild Things Are: Scientists Map and Forecast Apex Predator Populations at Unprecedented Scale
48 Holographic Imaging Used to Detect Viruses and Antibodies--Could Aid COVID-19 Diagnostics
49 Gravitational Lenses--Using the Light Warping Predicted by Einstein--Measure Universe Expansion
50 Measuring the True Cost of Conservation for a Greener Future
51 Zoonosis Threat: Urgent Call for More Effective Wildlife Trade Legislation in Wake of COVID-19
52 Dark Matter Candidate Could Generate String-Like Entities in Exotic Materials
53 Rock Bottom--Former Piece of Pacific Ocean Floor Imaged Deep Beneath China
54 Smarter Artificial Intelligence Technology in a New Light-Powered Chip
55 CASH: Using Automation to Revolutionize Materials Research
56 Lurking in Genomic Shadows: How Giant Viruses Fuel the Genetic Evolution of Organisms
57 Novel Nuclear Reactor Designs: Commercializing Next-Generation Energy Technology
58 New Magnetic Spray Transforms Objects into Insect-Scale Robots for Biomedical Applications
59 Galaxies Have Gotten Hotter--a Warming Predicted by Dark Matter Theory
60 Perplexing 16-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery Solved, Revealing Stellar Missing Link
61 Vega VV17 Rocket Catastrophic Failure: Arianespace and ESA Appoint an Independent Inquiry Commission
62 Are Cats Spreading COVID-19? Study Finds Domestic Cats Can Be Asymptomatic Carriers of SARS-CoV-2
63 Potential Plumes on Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa Could Come from Water in the Crust
64 Blue Whales Return to South Georgia After Near Extinction from Whaling 50 Years Ago
65 Massive Explosions of Energy Far from Earth May Have Left Traces in Our Planet's Biology and Geology
66 Very Hungry, Very Angry Caterpillars Head-Butt to Get What They Want
67 Decades Old Mystery Solved: A "New Kind of Electrons"
68 Researchers Prove Water Has Multiple Liquid States with Noticeably Different Properties
69 New Analysis Shows Dinosaurs Might Have Continued to Dominate the Earth if Asteroid Hadn't Hit
70 Scientists Discover a Beautiful New Mineral--And It Looks Promising for Producing Batteries
71 Specialized Scanning Reveals Brain Damage in COVID-19 Patients
72 Arecibo Observatory's Massive 305-Meter Telescope Faces Demolition Due to Safety Concerns
73 Sentinel-6 Satellite Ready for Launch on SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket
74 First Fiber-Optic Nanotip Electron Gun Enables Easier Nanoscale Imaging and Sensing
75 SARS-CoV-2 Uses "Genetic Origami" to Infect and Replicate Inside Host Cells--Discovery Could Lead to New COVID-19 Treatments
76 Scientists Snap Molecular Building Blocks of Brain Computing--Critical Step Towards Resolving the Atomic Details of the Brain
77 How the Architecture of the Cell Nucleus Can Change Gene Activity in Plants
78 20 Years of Observing Earth from the Space Station--An Extraordinary View from Outer Space
79 New Proof that Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccine May Protect Against COVID-19
80 Researchers Create First Global Map of Bee Species
81 WHO Advises Against Use of Remdesivir for COVID-19--Here's Why
82 COVID-19: Vibrations of Coronavirus Proteins May Play Role in Infectivity and Lethality
83 Prehistoric Shark Hid Its Largest, Sharpest Teeth
84 NASA Model Reveals How Much Pollution Levels Changed Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns
85 Mount Everest: Microplastics in the Death Zone
86 Chemists Discover a Sulfur Molecule to Block the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus
87 Scientists Defy Nature: Making Diamonds in Minutes at Room Temperature
88 New Recycling Process Could Cut Down on Millions of Tons of Plastic Waste
89 Uncovering Novel Genomes from Earth's Microbiomes--Expands Known Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea by 44%
90 Black Hole or No Black Hole: Astrophysics of Neutron Star Collisions
91 Data from Over 80,000 Samples Shows Cannabis Strength Soared Over Past 50 Years
92 Astronomers Discover New "Fossil Galaxy" Buried Deep Within the Hidden Depths of Our Own Milky Way
93 Breathing Problems in Teens: COVID-19 or Vaping Lung Injury?
94 Popular Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Can Be Remotely Hacked to Act as Microphones
95 Uncovering Novel Genomes from Earth's Microbiomes--Expands Known Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea by 44%
96 Astronomers Discover Mysterious Blue Ring Nebula, See the Fate of Binary Stars
97 Plant Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine Evolves to Become Less Visible to Humans
98 COVID-19 Researchers Identify Features of a Virus Super-Spreader
99 Answers on When and How the First Animals Appeared from 500 Million-Year-Old Microfossils
100 The Role of the Sun in the Spread of Viral Respiratory Diseases like the Flu and COVID-19
101 Genetic Heritage: Rice Has Many Fathers but Only Two Mothers
102 Researchers Investigate Giant Holes in Greenland Ice Sheet
103 Moon Supply Unloading System Design Winners Announced by NASA
104 Chromosomes Actually Look Far Different than the Pictures from High School Textbooks
105 Analysis of Seroprevalence in Kenya Suggests COVID-19 Virus Exposure More Extensive than Reported
106 Astronomers Discover Powerful, Newborn, Radio-Emitting Jets in Distant Galaxies
107 Infectious Diseases Experts: Superbugs on Track to Kill More People than COVID-19
108 The Distances of the Stars: Resolving Long-standing Mysteries About the First Parallaxes in Astronomy
109 Science Made Simple: What Are Neutrinos
110 Cracking the Secrets of an Emerging Branch of Physics: Exotic Properties to Power Real-World Applications
111 The First Battle for Oil in Norway: The Long Arm of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil
112 Aerodynamics of Infectious Disease: Airflow Studies Reveal Strategies to Reduce Indoor Transmission of COVID-19
113 Unexpected Orbits of Ancient Stars Prompt Rethink on Milky Way Evolution
114 Breaking the Ice on Iceberg Melting and Lake Ice Formation
115 Artificial Intelligence Neural Network Learns When It Should Not Be Trusted
116 SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Satellite to Monitor the World's Oceans
117 Don't Miss It: Jupiter, Saturn Will Look like Double Planet for First Time Since Middle Ages
118 How to Make U.S. Health Care More Affordable: Look at How Other High-Income Countries Regulate Costs
119 NASA Uses Powerful Supercomputers and AI to Map Earth's Trees, Discovers Billions of Trees in West African Drylands
120 It's the End for Iconic 1,000-Foot-Wide Telescope at Arecibo Observatory After Second Cable Break
121 New Research Shows Frequent, Rapid Testing Could Cripple COVID-19 Within Weeks