File Title
1 Catalytic activity of individual cobalt oxide nanoparticles determined
2 How water helps the substrate into the enzyme
3 Sights set on curbing gun crime
4 Creating a ground plan for stonefly evolution
5 Genome sequencing paves the way for more sustainable herring fishery
6 Biologists clarify how three species of cephalopods coexist in the Arctic
7 Wireless, ultra-thin and battery-free strain sensors that are 10 times more sensitive
8 Earable computing: A new research area in the making
9 The phantom chorus: birdsong boosts human well-being in protected areas
10 Water may be an effective treatment for metabolic syndrome
11 Proteins enable crop-infecting fungi to 'smell' food
12 My what sharp teeth you have!
13 Researchers use origami to solve space travel challenge
14 My, what sharp teeth
15 Purdue researchers uncover blind spots at the intersection of AI and neuroscience
16 Analysis finds gaps in care in treating opioid use disorders during pandemic shutdowns
17 Costs, COVID-19 risk and delays top older adults' concerns about seeking emergency care
18 Microbes in dental plaque look more like relatives in soil than those on the tongue
19 Researchers turn DNA detectives to aid rhino poaching prosecutions with forensic evidence
20 Much of the world may not have access to a COVID-19 vaccine until 2022
21 Mummified baboons shine new light on the lost land of Punt
22 Structural racism severely impacts the health of foreign-born Blacks and Latinx
23 COVID-19 preprint data rapidly influenced critical care practice
24 Too many donor kidneys are discarded in U.S. before transplantation
25 Poverty linked to higher risk of COVID-19 death, study suggests
26 New research highlights impacts of weedkiller on wildlife
27 Fighting hypertension through electrical impulses
28 Study: Surge of teen vaping levels off, but remains high as of early 2020
29 Nearly half of young drivers are resuming driving just weeks after sustaining a concussion
30 Do tumors stiff-arm the immune system?
31 Stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles ease brain bleeding in newborn rats
32 Balancing climate and development goals
33 Surgical and drug treatment options lead to similar outcomes for diabetic eye disease
34 Extreme political advertising can hurt campaign efforts
35 The mask matters: How masks affect airflow, protection effectiveness
36 'Chaotic' way to create insectlike gaits for robots
37 Scientists show what loneliness looks like in the brain
38 Kidney biopsy analyses cause potentially transplantable organs to be discarded
39 Fast walking in narrow corridors can increase COVID-19 transmission risk
40 Better heart health scores in midlife linked to lower risk of late-life dementia
41 Beyond the illness: how COVID-19 is negatively impacting those who are not infected
42 3D printers may be toxic for humans
43 Who's to blame? How the media has shaped public understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic
44 A first-in-human clinical trial shows microbubbles augments radiation in liver cancer patients
45 Scientists warn of likely massive oil spill endangering the Red Sea, region's health
46 Can mammogram screening be more effective?
47 Neuroregenerative gene therapy
48 Method finds hidden warning signals in measurements collected over time
49 New therapeutic target pinpointed for stomach cancer
50 SU2C research leads to FDA approval of new first-line treatment for colorectal cancer
51 New recipe for antibiotic could prevent deafness
52 Physicists quantum simulate a system in which fermions with multiple flavors behave like bosons
53 SUTD and MIT scientists first to simulate a large-scale virus, M13
54 Exercise for low back pain beneficial but no one agrees on why
55 Polariton interactions: Light matters
56 University of Oregon researchers solve a Colorado River mystery
57 New diagnostic isotope to enhance targeted alpha therapy for cancer
58 Cells resistant to treatment already present before diagnosis of adult leukaemia
59 Researchers identify neurons that control nausea-like responses in mice
60 Dark storm on Neptune reverses direction, possibly shedding a fragment
61 How the spread of the internet is changing migration
62 Harvard Data Science Review explores reproducibility and replicability in science
63 Pandemic has severely disrupted sleep, increasing stress and medication use
64 Experimental vaccine can counter dangerous effects of synthetic cannabinoids
65 Potential treatment approach kills lymphoma while sparing healthy cells
66 A no-meat diet everywhere will not solve the climate crisis
67 Oral hormone therapy shown to significantly alter metabolome of menopausal women
68 Successful pilot integrates PrEP and syringe exchange services
69 COVID-19 spread increases when UV levels decrease
70 Unique prediction of 'modified gravity' challenges dark matter
71 CAN risk in diabetes reduced with intensive control of blood glucose and blood pressure
72 Carbon capture's next top model
73 Crowdfunding can affect consumer product choices--especially when the products do good
74 Vaping could nearly triple the chance of smoking in teens
75 TGen identifies gene that could explain disparity in COVID-19 effects
76 Teaching artificial intelligence to adapt
77 The 16 facial expressions most common to emotional situations worldwide
78 Individuals with high ADHD-traits are more vulnerable to insomnia
79 SwRI models point to a potentially diverse metabolic menu at Enceladus
80 Pandemic fears driving firearm purchases
81 New use for an old drug: How does ketamine combat depression?
82 How much greenhouse gas emission comes from tropical deforestation and peatland loss?
83 UC Study: Suicide watch more important now than ever
84 New guideline supports behavioral, psychological treatments for insomnia
85 Seismic Hazard Assessment: Campotosto, Italy
86 Atmospheric pollution and COVID-19 spread in Italy
87 New approach reveals structure and function of individual synapses
88 Maternal diet during lactation shapes functional abilities of milk bacteria
89 An atlas of S. pneumoniae and host gene expression during colonization and disease
90 Aging journal fills knowledge gaps on race, mental health
91 New screening platform leads to discovery of next-generation prodrugs for type 1 diabetes
92 The bull's eye: New modified stem cells can deliver drugs specifically to tumor cells
93 Some neurons target tiny cerebral blood vessel dilation
94 Connections determine everything
95 BAME babies at highest risk of Vitamin D deficiency
96 Ignoring CDC guidelines leads to fear, anger among employees
97 COVID patterns
98 LOOP technique for I&D of abscesses in adults is safe, effective alternative to I&D with packing
99 Information transport in antiferromagnets via pseudospin-magnons
100 Cancer: Tumor driver promoting EMT, metastasis and resistance to therapy
101 Blocking DNA repair enzyme could help treat certain cancers
102 A well-rooted study
103 Whole genomes map pathways of chimpanzee and bonobo divergence
104 Neutralizing antibodies protect against severe COVID-19
105 Astronomers detect possible radio emission from exoplanet
106 Colorful, magnetic Janus balls could help foil counterfeiters (video)
107 Clemson researcher identifies gene teams working in subregions of brain
108 A non-destructive method for analyzing Ancient Egyptian embalming materials
109 New theranostic approach reduces tumor volume and increases survival in NET study
110 A pair of lonely planet-like objects born like stars