File Title
1 Imaging method reveals a 'symphony of cellular activities'
2 Study involving seven children's hospitals shows COVID-19 typically mild in children
3 Moths strike out in evolutionary arms race with sophisticated wing design
4 Children more willing to punish if the wrongdoer is 'taught a lesson'
5 350,000+ women likely missing out on key postnatal check-ups in the UK every year
6 Taking the Pill may cut risk of severe asthma bouts in women of reproductive age
7 New type of immunotherapy may pave the way for better cancer treatments
8 Green Mediterranean ('green Med') diet may be even better for health
9 Measuring risk-taking--by watching people move computer mouses
10 Using strain to control oxynitride properties
11 Loyal couples in the rainforest
12 How moving slower allows groups of bacteria to spread across surfaces
13 Social needs linked to low health-related quality of life among African American cancer survivors
14 Growing risks of STIs in over-45s
15 Nature is widely adapted to current climate--making it harder to adjust to a new one
16 Some parents prioritize Thanksgiving traditions over reducing COVID-19 risks
17 Financial payments from drug industry associated with physician prescribing [plus additional topic]
18 Researchers create 3D-printed nasal swab for COVID-19 testing
19 Psychosis symptoms linked to impaired information spread in the brain
20 Eye exam could lead to early Parkinson's disease diagnosis
21 Risk of death high among those with alcohol-related visits to ED: CMAJ study
22 US seafood industry flounders due to COVID-19
23 Study evaluates new World Health Organization Labor Care Guide for maternity care providers
24 NASA's Hubble sees unexplained brightness from colossal explosion
25 Immune strategy based on limited information in the network
26 Attosecond interferometry in time-energy domain
27 Progress in electronic structure and topology in nickelates superconductors
28 New physical picture leads to a precise finite-size scaling of (3+1)-dimensional O(n) critical system
29 Ideal type-II Weyl points are observed in classical circuits
30 Efficient and durable perovskite solar cell materials
31 A new species of rare phylum Loricifera discovered in the deep-sea surrounding Japan
32 New plant-based gel to fast-track 'mini-organs' growth, improve cancer treatment
33 For people with diabetes, medicaid expansion helps, but can't do it all: BU study
34 Research shows bariatric surgery may reduce severity of COVID-19 in patients with obesity
35 COVID's collateral damage: Germicidal lamps may damage corneas
36 Microbes help unlock phosphorus for plant growth
37 Simple new testing method aims to improve time-release drugs
38 Closing the racial disparity gap in survival after in-hospital cardiac arrest
39 'Crisis decision making at the speed of COVID-19'--Bay Area public health officials share their experience with shelter-in-place order
40 Pesticide deadly to bees now easily detected in honey
41 Can we harness a plant's ability to synthesize medicinal compounds?
42 To push or to pull? How many-limbed marine organisms swim
43 Sestrin makes fruit flies live longer
44 Tel Aviv University researchers go underwater to study how sponge species vanished
45 Novel chemical process a first step to making nuclear fuel with fire
46 Tackling metabolic complexity
47 Study examines remission of obesity-related complications in teens after bariatric surgery
48 Tracking COVID-19 trends in hard-hit states
49 Young people's anxiety levels doubled during first COVID-19 lockdown, says study
50 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
51 51% of Americans agree paying college athletes should be allowed
52 Study: Clean Air Act saved 1.5 billion birds
53 Commonly used antibiotic shows promise for combating Zika infections
54 From the woodworking shop to the operating room: New technique uses mortise and tenon joints to repair unstable shoulders
55 Eating dried fruit may be linked with better diet quality and health markers
56 Young Brazilians are increasingly keen on conservation--and biodiversity-related topics
57 Stronger memories can help us make sense of future changes
58 Team uses copper to image Alzheimer's aggregates in the brain
59 Exploring blended materials along compositional gradients
60 Animal-free method predicts nanoparticle toxicity for safer industrial materials
61 Narcissists love being pandemic 'essential workers'
62 Stable catalysts for new energy
63 Study shows protective role sex steroids play in COVID-19
64 Treatment shows reduction in heart failure after myocardial infarction
65 New paper proposes framework for eliminating defects in psychiatric care
66 Secrets of the 'lost crops' revealed where bison roam
67 Blast from the past
68 For African American men with prostate cancer, decision regret linked to medical mistrust
69 Researchers develop low-cost, portable brain imaging scanner
70 Hormone found to switch off hunger could help tackle obesity
71 Predi-COVID preliminary results
72 Study: gut hormones' regulation of fat production abnormal in obesity, fatty liver disease
73 Minorities value, perceive, and experience professionalism differently than their peers
74 Why experiences are better gifts for older children
75 Lung-on-chip provides new insight on body's response to early tuberculosis infection
76 Quantum magic squares
77 Channeling the immune system for head and neck cancer
78 New graph-based statistical method detects threats to vehicular communications networks
79 COVID-19: Air quality influences the pandemic
80 Extraction method affects the properties of a sustainable stabiliser, spruce gum
81 Barriers to police investigations into widespread financial crime unveiled
82 NSF's National Solar observatory predicts a large sunspot for Thanksgiving
83 New light on polar explorer's last hours
84 Defined blockade
85 Decoding gigantic insect genome could help tackle devastating locust crises
86 Act now to meet global heart disease targets
87 Stress in pregnancy may influence baby brain development
88 Ireland's only dinosaurs discovered in antrim
89 Shining a light on nanoscale dynamics
90 Trinity researchers discover how the brain 're-wires' after disease
91 First exhaustive review of fossils recovered from Iberian archaeological sites
92 Strengthening the climate change scenario framework
93 More skin-like, electronic skin that can feel
94 Scoring system improves screening for "dual" heart disease
95 Taking a shine to polymers: Fluorescent molecule betrays the breakdown of polymer materials
96 Head in the game
97 Researchers reveal switch used in plant defense against animal attack
98 Guiding the way to improved solar cell performance
99 Areas where the next pandemic could emerge are revealed
100 Scientists apply the METRIC model to estimate the land surface evapotranspiration in Nepal
101 1 in 3 who are aware of deepfakes say they have inadvertently shared them on social media
102 New material 'mines' copper from toxic wastewater
103 Sound waves power new advances in drug delivery and smart materials
104 World's first: Drug guides stem cells to desired location, improving their ability to heal
105 Brain waves guide us in spotlighting surprises
106 COVID-19 second wave in Myanmar causes dramatic increases in poverty
107 Potential treatment against antibiotic-resistant bacteria causing gonorrhea and meningitis
108 Artificial intelligence technology helps Parkinson's patients during COVID-19 pandemic
109 New therapy for flu may help in fight against COVID-19
110 Pitt scientists provide insights into the quality of life of bariatric surgery patients