File Title
1 Characterising Indonesia's bird-owners guides behaviour change amid Asian Songbird Crisis
2 Remdesivir likely to be highly effective antiviral against SARS-CoV-2
3 New research points to effective ways to influence engagement and increase support for addressing economic inequality
4 Cooperation across boundaries and sectors could boost sustainable development
5 Sheets of carbon nanotubes come in a rainbow of colours
6 African families in UK are "parenting in fear"
7 The uncharted molecular language of the brain
8 Unexpected discovery leads to better understanding of migraine
9 Global warming is faster than evolution
10 Ancient DNA continues to rewrite corn's 9,000-year society-shaping history
11 How computer simulation will accelerate development of human-interactive "smart robots"
12 Study of 1.3 million people reveals the devastating impact and hidden danger of type 2 diabetes diagnosis in younger adults
13 Vastly differing opioid prescribing patterns in England even in similarly deprived areas
14 Type and abundance of mouth bacteria linked to lung cancer risk in non-smokers
15 New dinosaur showed descendants how to dress to impress
16 Data-driven discovery of biomarkers pave way for improved diagnosis of contact allergy
17 A smart ring shows it's possible to detect fever before you feel it
18 Wearable sensor may signal you're developing COVID-19--even if your symptoms are subtle
19 Mapping corals from the sky guides reef conservation
20 America's crop cousins are numerous, imperiled, and more needed than ever
21 Benefits of renewable energy vary from place to place
22 Grasping exponential growth
23 High blood pressure at any age, no matter how long you have it, may speed cognitive decline
24 A comprehensive review of early-onset colorectal SEER data is the first to specifically assess adenocarcinomas
25 Everything you want to know about sunscreen
26 How childhood brain function and memory skills shape each other
27 Higher variability in glomerular filtration rate is associated with higher mortality
28 One-year kidney allograft outcomes do not differ by hepatitis C status of donor
29 Ocean heatwave has triggered new toxic algal blooms on the US west coast
30 Reversible superoxide-peroxide conversion drives high-capacity potassium-metal batte
31 Scientists precisely predict intricate evolutions of multiple-period patterns in bilayers
32 Otago study identifies 'three pillars' of good mental health for young adults
33 Women face higher risk of death or heart failure following a heart attack: study
34 Dartmouth-led research featured in national journal focused on health system performance
35 Gene therapy for placental insufficiency moves toward the clinic
36 An avocado a day keeps your gut microbes happy
37 Male bats with high testosterone levels have large forearm crusts when females are fertile
38 Evapotranspiration in an arid environment
39 New permafrost thermal stability map better describes the permafrost on the Tibetan Plateau
40 Bermudagrass versus the armyworm
41 Scientists discover a new complex europium hydride
42 Immune cell that drives breast cancer could be effective target in novel immunotherapies
43 Urban land and aerosols amplify hazardous weather, steer storms toward cities
44 AI model shows promise to generate faster, more accurate weather forecasts
45 Error correction means California's future wetter winters may never come
46 How long do doctor visits last? Electronic health records provide new data on time with patients
47 OU-led study focuses on evolutionary determinism and convergence in marine fishes
48 Cancer researchers identify potential new class of drugs to treat blood and bone marrow cancers
49 Kernels of history
50 St. Edward's University study finds a manly beard may help drive sales
51 Accurate neural network computer vision without the 'black box'
52 Novel MRI contrast agent sidesteps toxic effects of current products
53 COVID-19 patients at higher risk of death, health problems than those with flu
54 Study suggests reporting of sexually transmitted infections may be impacted by COVID-19
55 Johns Hopkins Medicine expert weighs devastating impact of COVID-19 on health care workers
56 Attitudes about climate change are shifting, even in Texas
57 Telemedicine needed to diagnose and treat dysphagia in COVID-19 patients, doctors say
58 Supporting renewable electricity: EU member states should coordinate reform efforts
59 Oceanographers have an explanation for the Arctic's puzzling ocean turbulence
60 Physicians say non-contact infrared thermometers fall short as COVID-19 screeners
61 Discovering gaps in food safety practices of small Texas farms
62 'Peecycling' payoff: Urine diversion shows multiple environmental benefits when used at city scale
63 HSS bone study sheds light on complications after spinal surgery
64 Device mimics life's first steps in outer space
65 Engineers develop soft robotic gripper
66 UMBC researchers identify where giant jets from black holes discharge their energy
67 To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language
68 Weak force has strong impact on nanosheets
69 Primitive fish fossils reveal developmental origins of teeth
70 Type of sugar used to sweeten sheep milk kefir may improve consumer acceptance
71 RNA basic building block produced biocatalytically for the first time
72 Drug may boost vaccine responses in older adults
73 Tri-lab initiative leads innovation in novel hybrid energy systems
74 Engineers go microbial to store energy, sequester CO2
75 Empowering women could help address climate change
76 Plastics pose threat to human health
77 This is your brain on code: JHU deciphers neural mechanics of computer programming
78 Mystery solved: new study shows link between hot and dry weather and air quality in Korea
79 Losing money causes plastic changes in the brain
80 Quantifying effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on SARS-CoV-2 transmission with modeling
81 Remote learning here to stay despite challenges, survey finds
82 Doctoral thesis introduces a scale to measure human's trust in technology
83 Resistance training paired with peanut protein affects muscle health in older adults
84 COVID-19 does not damage auditory system, Tel Aviv University and Galilee Medical Center study finds
85 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Largest seroprevalence study in the region finds number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Iran may be higher than expected
86 Moffitt identifies genomic and immune indicators that predict lethal outcomes in prostate cancer
87 Drug for pulmonary hypertension may become an option against cancer
88 Scientists solve 100-year-old cerebral malaria mystery using neuroimaging techniques
89 How does pathogen sense environment? Scientists identify key proteins' structures
90 Undruggable diseases gain a new RNA drug-discovery tool
91 Researchers develop Si-based super-high frequency nanoelectromechanical resonator
92 Study IDs four things that make people feel good about using chatbots
93 Study shows the impact of genetic diversity on effective alligatorweed control
94 Genes play a role in common knee injury
95 Climate change caused the demise of Central Asia's river civilizations, not Genghis Khan
96 Survey shows dicamba may reduce the effectiveness of junglerice controls
97 Positive messages encourage safer driver behavior than fear tactics
98 Coronavirus pandemic: Entering the Christmas season with caution
99 New approach can improve COVID-19 predictions worldwide
100 Two tough fungi discovered in Denmark: Devour flies from within
101 Hopes of new treatment strategies for glaucoma
102 Augmented reality visor makes cake taste moister, more delicious
103 Scientists: Xenon improves properties of maxillofacial and orthopedic implants
104 The melting of the Greenland ice sheet could lead to a sea level rise of 18 cm in 2100!
105 Digital trackers for mental health not yet fit for purpose
106 New fullerene crystal production method 50 times faster than predecessor
107 Academies call for prompt action to protect biodiversity in the agricultural landscape
108 New, ultrastable tetrahedral "chiral zinc" added to synthetic chemistry toolbox
109 Flexible working time as an opportunity to save costs and increase productivity
110 Delayed Arctic ice advance tracked back to atmospheric conditions near Alaska months prior