File Title
1 SwRI-led team finds meteoric evidence for a previously unknown asteroid
2 Evolution of a killer: How African Salmonella made the leap from gut to bloodstream
3 Virtual kidney transplant evaluation allows patients to be evaluated from home
4 Water and genes flow between the two largest Baltic salmon rivers
5 Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance could be more challenging outside of the EU
6 New catalytic approach to accessing key intermediate carbocation
7 'Race norming' blamed for denying payouts to ex-NFL players with dementia
8 Exposure to metals can impact pregnancy
9 Novel combination therapy may help overcome mTOR drug resistance in AML
10 Brain tissue yields clues to causes of PTSD
11 Researchers invent method to 'sketch' quantum devices with focused electrons
12 Remote monitoring leads to 4x decline in returns to hospital after joint surgery
13 Archaeology: The aroma of distant worlds
14 Inflammatory compounds found in cooked meat linked to childhood wheeze
15 Smartphone fitness apps and wearable activity trackers boost physical activity levels
16 Antibiotics for C-sections effective after umbilical cord clamped
17 Muddying the waters: weathering might remove less atmospheric CO2 than thought
18 Current food production systems could mean far-reaching habitat loss
19 Difference in blood pressure between arms linked to greater death risk
20 New engine capability accelerates advanced vehicle research
21 Synergy between biotech and classical control tactics rid US of invasive pest
22 Biotech cotton key to eliminating devastating pest from US and Mexico
23 Ancient wolf pup mummy uncovered in Yukon permafrost
24 Study reveals low risk of COVID-19 infection among patients undergoing head and neck cancer surgery
25 Satellites can reveal risk of forced labor in the world's fishing fleet
26 Researchers track and analyze smallpox epidemics over three centuries
27 The upside of volatile space weather
28 Survey shows firearm safety rarely discussed between patients and clinicians [plus additional topic]
29 Climate warming linked to tree leaf unfolding and flowering growing apart
30 Targeted brain stimulation dulls social pain
31 Learning from three centuries of smallpox epidemics in London, UK
32 Screen time, emotional health among parents' top concerns for children during pandemic
33 Record-setting thermoelectric figure of merit achieved for metal oxides
34 Maternal Immune Activation Induces Sustained Changes in Fetal Microglia Motility
35 Researcher uses machine learning to demonstrate that DNA impacts cancer risk
36 E-cigarettes, as consumer products, do not help people quit smoking, study finds
37 New mammogram measures of breast cancer risk could revolutionise screening
38 How the American child welfare system lost its way
39 Secondary bloodstream infections associated with severe COVID-19
40 Enzyme discovery can help rein in blood vessels that fuel cancer
41 Perspective: Why opioids cannot fix chronic pain
42 Why an early start is key to developing musical skill later in life
43 Putting on the pressure improves glass for fiber optics
44 Light flips genetic switch in bacteria inside transparent worms
45 Diversity, severity of autism symptoms linked to mutation locations
46 What pandemic messaging around changing holiday rituals gets wrong
47 Scientists suggested a method to improve performance of methanol fuel cells
48 New drug inhibits the growth of cancer cells
49 Mayo Clinic Model of Care and Research leads to favorable outcomes for patients with COVID-19
50 COVID-19 isolation hurting women more than men
51 Global study on bird song frequency
52 Chemists describe a new form of ice
53 Bait and switch
54 Gates Foundation helps UC study sexual health of South African youth
55 Fluvial mapping of Mars
56 In shaky times, focus on past successes, if overly anxious, depressed
57 Scientists suggested a way to measure soil properties at any depth without digging
58 New imaging method views soil carbon at near-atomic scales
59 Chemists synthesize 'flat' silicon compounds
60 Mouse-controlled mouse helps researchers understand intentional control
61 Global disparities in vaccination persist and leave many children at risk
62 The brain's protein factories at work
63 Surgery may offer survival advantage in certain metastatic breast cancers
64 New electron microscopy technique offers first look at previously hidden processes
65 A powerful computational tool for efficient analysis of cell division 4D image data
66 Promising clinical data for fenofibrate's ability to prevent lung damage in COVID patients
67 Increased meat consumption associated with symptoms of childhood asthma
68 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas From Johns Hopkins Medicine
69 'Soft' nanoparticles give plasmons new potential
70 Bio-inspired endoscope provides 3D visible and near-infrared images simultaneously
71 How roundworms decide the time is right
72 Surgery may offer survival advantage in certain metastatic breast cancers
73 Study shows significant sex, age differences for nonfatal opioid overdoses in youth
74 Better learners in collared flycatchers are more likely to imitate competitors
75 New drug combination could improve glucose and weight control in diabetes
76 A blazar in the early universe
77 Results of NIH-sponsored ACTIV-3 trial published
78 Liquid bandage detects tissue oxygenation without the drawbacks of wired oximeters
79 The college student in a pandemic
80 Can we be manipulated into sharing private info online? Yes, says Ben-Gurion U. study
81 Scientists pinpoint molecular cause for severe disorder in children
82 Japanese art technique inspires new engineering technique
83 Brain gene expression patterns predict behavior of individual honey bees
84 It's electrifying! This is how Earth could be entirely powered by sustainable energy
85 Droughts, viruses and road networks: Trends that will impact our forests
86 NTU Singapore scientists invent glue activated by magnetic field
87 Voluntary or compulsory? New evidence on motivation for anti-COVID-19 policies
88 A new species of mammal may have been found in Africa's montane forests
89 How a large protein complex assembles in a cell
90 Pandemic and forthcoming stimulus funds could bring climate targets in sight--or not
91 Ancient DNA sheds light on the peopling of the Mariana Islands
92 Review on functional hydrogel coatings
93 Trade in wild animals is thriving online, despite risk of disease transmission
94 Nanoparticles could improve oil production
95 Newly discovered receptor helps to sneak a peek at evolution
96 Slow start of plate tectonics despite a hot early Earth
97 Wi-Fi technology with fiber optic-like performance for Industry 4.0
98 Astigmatism measures and corneal power obtained with different devices
99 Reliable anti-counterfeit checks under extreme conditions
100 BioAFMviewer software for simulated atomic force microscopy of biomolecules
101 COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need to share precious intensive care bed resources across Europe
102 Cannabis use blunts stress reactivity in female rats
103 Visible hydrogels for rapid hemorrhage control and monitoring
104 New report reveals human, economic toll of air pollution in India
105 NIH neuroscientists isolate promising mini antibodies against COVID-19 from a llama
106 Keeping up appearances: male fairy-wrens show looks can be deceiving
107 Even after long-term exposure, bionic touch does not remap the brain
108 Study finds cancer survivors run greater risk of developing, dying from second cancers
109 Controlling cardiac waves with light to better understand abnormally rapid heart rhythms
110 Masks not enough to stop COVID-19's spread without distancing