File Title
1 Waste to treasure: Crayfish shells to store energy
2 Experiments first verify distributed quantum phase estimation
3 New flower from 100 million years ago brings fresh holiday beauty to 2020
4 Frequent, fast, accessible testing should be public health tool during COVID-19 pandemic
5 Anti-diarrhoea drug drives cancer cells to cell death
6 Three flavors are better than one--in ice cream and supernova research
7 Study: Bumble bees lacking high-quality habitat have higher pathogen loads
8 Preventing nurse suicides as new study finds shift in method
9 Light signal emitted during photosynthesis used to quickly screen crops
10 Hormone metabolites found in poop give researchers new insight into whale stress
11 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
12 Deep, slow-slip action may direct largest earthquakes and their tsunamis
13 Researchers explore why some MS patients experience seizures
14 Breathing rate predicts therapeutic benefits for heart patients
15 The far-reaching effects of mutagens on human health
16 Modeling study suggests mitigation efforts can prevent most college campus COVID cases
17 ACP, Annals of Internal Medicine host virtual COVID-19 Vaccine Forum II for physicians
18 Child care facilities can be safe and are essential: new Case Western Reserve study
19 Reston ebolavirus spreads efficiently in pigs
20 Study identifies amenities parents want in public parks
21 Loss of anti-tumor protein may cause resistance to certain cancer therapies
22 Female athletes in WNBA don't return to elite performance for at least 2 years after ACL surgery
23 Potential preventative treatment demonstrated for Crohn's disease
24 Scientists uncover mechanisms that wire the brain's cerebral cortex
25 Study published on the well-being of small business workers during COVID-19
26 Invasive in the U.S., lifesaver Down Under
27 How to be happier in 2021
28 High-five or thumbs-up? New device detects which hand gesture you want to make
29 New research shows masks change the way we process faces
30 What if clean air benefits during COVID-19 shutdown continued post-pandemic?
31 Using wearable activity trackers to distinguish COVID-19 from flu
32 Volcanic eruptions directly triggered ocean acidification during Early Cretaceous
33 Community-based COVID-19 testing site highlight importance of understanding the virus'
34 Chemical composition of wild potato relative contributes to its resistance to pathogen
35 Enhanced scorpion venom molecules can be used to treat Chagas disease
36 Climate change: threshold for dangerous warming will likely be crossed between 2027-2042
37 Pneumolysis: High altitude specialists explain lung destruction caused by COVID-19
38 Consumers challenged by high status peers make a 'status pivot,' new study finds
39 Scientists discover a new type of brain cell that could help detect distance
40 New 3D maps reveal inner workings of immune cell gene expression
41 Beyond changing DNA itself, mutagens also cause errors in gene transcription
42 New method for imaging exhaled breath could provide insights into COVID-19 transmission
43 Melody of an Alpine summit falling apart
44 Digging deep for differences in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
45 Scientists and philosopher team up, propose a new way to categorize minerals
46 Nanoplastics alter intestinal microbiome and threaten human health
47 New population of blue whales discovered in the western Indian ocean
48 Gene pathway linked to schizophrenia identified through stem cell engineering
49 Arthritis drug may treat immunotherapy-related heart complication
50 New phase for synthetic aperture microscopy
51 Recommendations for the overdose epidemic in the COVID-19 pandemic
52 Citizens versus the internet: Confronting digital challenges with cognitive tools
53 Under Antarctica's ice, Weddell seals produce ultrasonic vocalizations
54 CRISPR helps researchers uncover how corals adjust to warming oceans
55 New study: available drugs can prevent rejection and tissue injury after transplantation
56 Sixfold increase in risk
57 Stanford University study: 12 Tel Aviv University researchers among top 50 in the world
58 Diseased cell fragments burst from pockets in immune cells to activate response
59 Sex-specific Alzheimer's treatment could benefit males over females
60 Ecosystem dynamics: Topological phases in biological systems
61 California lockdown suppressed excess pandemic deaths
62 Scientists complete yearlong pulsar timing study after reviving dormant radio telescopes
63 New optical fiber brings significant improvements to light-based gyroscopes
64 Prostate cancer regulator plays role in COVID-19, providing a promising treatment lead
65 Device refines analysis of materials for fuel cells and batteries
66 How nearby galaxies form their stars
67 Young people regarded COVID-19 as a threat to the older generation but not to themselves
68 Variety: Spice of life for bumble bees
69 Pacify the protein and win over a disease
70 Traditional model for disease spread may not work in COVID-19
71 Moffitt researchers discover potential new drug target to treat cutaneous T cell lymphoma
72 Study examines attitudes toward non-native birds
73 Discovery: How Colorado potato beetles beat pesticides
74 Brazilian researcher experiments with electron-plasma interactions
75 The Achilles' heel of cancer stem cells
76 Researchers illuminate neurotransmitter transport using X-ray crystallography and molecular simulations
77 Researchers identify a rare genetic bone disorder through massive sequencing methods
78 Concerns over infecting others matter more for vaccination in sparsely populated areas
79 A full blood count of COVID-19 patients can predict disease severity
80 Doctors should change the way that they ask patients about self-harm and suicide
81 Discovery of 66 new Roman Army sites shows more clues about one of the empire
82 Corona: How the virus interacts with cells
83 The mechanics of the immune system
84 Big step with small whirls
85 Brain stem cells divide over months
86 Research uses a video game to identify attention deficit symptoms
87 Research analyzes academic abstracts written by students
88 Hardly any sports--but more physical activity during lockdown
89 How one pain suppresses the other
90 New energy conversion layer for biosolar cells
91 CNIO and IRB Barcelona assemble the gamma-tubulin ring complex in vitro for the first time
92 Antigen tests--are self-collected nasal swabs a reliable option?
93 Blood alcohol levels much lower than the legal limit impair hand-eye coordination
94 Development of plaques in Alzheimer's disease resolved
95 Speeding toward improved hydrogen fuel production
96 Regulating off-centering distortion maximizes photoluminescence in halide perovskites
97 Scientists develop an efficient way to produce low-cost heatsinks
98 Cellular exclusion of mitochondria protects cells from damage
99 Optoelectronic devices that emit warm and cool white light
100 Looking for dark matter near neutron stars with radio telescopes
101 Fungal RNA viruses: Unexpected complexity affecting more than your breakfast omelet
102 Despite same treatment, obese women face more risks for postpartum hemorrhage complications
103 New model reveals previously unrecognized complexity of oceanic earthquake zones
104 Silkworm's brain determines diapause by thermal information
105 Coastal ecosystems 'bright spots'
106 Crikey! Massive prehistoric croc emerges from South East Queensland
107 Drinking milk while breastfeeding may reduce the child's food allergy risk
108 Pregnant women whose exercise routines disrupted by COVID-19 show higher depression scores
109 Do I know you? Researchers evaluate how masks disrupt facial perception
110 Targeting the deadly coils of Ebola