File Title
1 Cascading events led to 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption, providing clues for forecasting
2 Research shows the intrinsically nonlinear nature of receptive fields in vision
3 Mother's touch lingers in her child's genes
4 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
5 AI helps scientists understand brain activity behind thoughts
6 To evade humans, this medicinal plant has evolved to hide in plain sight
7 Researchers identify genetics behind deadly oat blight
8 Home health care improves COVID-19 outcomes
9 Big cats and small dogs: solving the mystery of canine distemper in wild tigers
10 Understanding dangerous droplet dynamics
11 Antimicrobial soap additive worsens fatty liver disease in mice
12 Enriching research in ecology and evolution through nine 'flavors' of history
13 Tracking and fighting fires on earth and beyond
14 Tracing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid
15 Ancient people relied on coastal environments to survive the Last Glacial Maximum
16 The science of windy cities
17 Supersized wind turbines generate clean energy--and surprising physics
18 Making sense of a universe of corn genetics
19 Direct visualization of quantum dots reveals shape of quantum wave function
20 Snorkeling gear, animal noses inspire better personal protective equipment
21 JAX, UMaine-lead team discover new connection between Alzheimer's dementia and Dlgap2
22 World's smallest atom-memory unit created
23 Optimizing complex modeling processes through machine learning technologies
24 Nature's toolkit for killing viruses and bacteria
25 Lab closed? Head to the kitchen
26 Largest aggregation of fishes in abyssal deep sea recorded by UH researchers
27 How to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19
28 BICRA gene provides answers to patients, doctors and scientists
29 Flow physics could help forecasters predict extreme events
30 Study: Early, late stages of degenerative diseases are distinct
31 Global warming likely to increase disease risk for animals worldwide
32 Unique Schwann cells: the eyes have it
33 Carbon nanocomposites are now one step closer to practical industrial
34 New study provides deep insights into transmission and mutation properties of SARS-CoV-2
35 Differences in well-being amongst Somali, Latino and Hmong adolescents
36 Galaxy encounter violently disturbed Milky Way, study finds
37 Shocks to seafood
38 Study: COVID-19 infection combined with blood clots worsen patient outcomes
39 Misinformation or artifact: a new way to think about machine learning
40 Proving viability of injection-free microneedle for single-administration of vaccines
41 In the Cerrado, topography explains the genetic diversity of amphibians more than land cover
42 Scientists identify brain cells that help drive bodily reaction to fear, anxiety
43 UCF researcher zeroes in on critical point for improving superconductors
44 A rich source of nutrients under the Earth's ice sheets
45 PEDSnet report details how COVID-19 pandemic has affected children
46 Study: Opioid overdose deaths involving other substances more common in youth
47 Rensselaer-developed algorithm accurately predicts COVID-19 patient outcomes
48 A hunger for social contact
49 Therapeutic PD-1 cancer vaccine shown to be safe and effective in animal study
50 Tarantula toxin attacks with molecular stinger
51 Shift in atmospheric rivers could affect Antarctic sea ice, glaciers
52 New insight into the effect of hydroxychloroquine undermines its use in COVID-19
53 New clues shed light on importance of Earth's ice sheets
54 OHIO professor publishes first article that looks at concussion risk in stunt performers
55 Scientists organize to tackle crisis of coral bleaching
56 Milky Way family tree
57 The drug aprotinin inhibits entry of SARS-CoV2 in host cells
58 CCNY researchers overcome barriers for bio-inspired solar energy harvesting materials
59 Minimizing the impact of restaurant shutdowns, restrictions in china amid COVID-19 crisis
60 Did early life need long, complex molecules to make cell-like compartments?
61 Better survival among women after lung cancer surgery
62 COVID19 A research of Politecnico di Milano discovering the secrets of viral sequences
63 Identifying compound classes through machine learning
64 The danger of Z-drugs for dementia patients
65 Controlling fully integrated nanodiamonds
66 Breakthrough in studying the enzyme that ultimately produces fish odour syndrome
67 Growing interest in Moon resources could cause tension, scientists find
68 High blood sugar could increase COVID-19 death risk for non-diabetics, says study
69 Perfect imperfection: Electrode defects boost resistive memory efficiency
70 Laser technology: New trick for infrared laser pulses
71 Climate change presents new challenges for the drinking water supply
72 Stirling research evaluates effectiveness of conservation efforts
73 A new beat in quantum matter
74 Vibrational encounters--phonon polaritons meet molecules
75 Scientists make sound-waves from a quantum vacuum at the Black Hole laboratory
76 Newfound ability to change baby brain activity could lead to rehabilitation for injured brains
77 What do slight arm movements reveal about our breathing and health?
78 Helicates meet Rotaxanes to create promise for future disease treatment
79 Early weight gain in children linked to ability to produce the hormone leptin
80 Diabetic eye disease associated with five-fold risk of severe COVID-19
81 Replication cycle of SARS-CoV-2 in 3D
82 Six years in 120 pages: Researchers shed light on Ricci flows
83 Researchers find conformational disorder tuning charge carrier mobility in 2D perovskites
84 Researchers minimize quantum backaction in thermodynamic systems via entangled measurement
85 Not just lizards--alligators can regrow their tails too
86 Non-invasive electrolyte levels' measuring method can prevent sudden cardiac death
87 Strain engineering of 2D semiconductor and graphene
88 A chemist from RUDN University synthesized analogs of natural toxins
89 Siberian primrose has not had time to adapt to climate change
90 Study reveals true origin of oldest evidence of animals
91 Understanding frustration could lead to better drugs
92 Researchers use cutting edge technology to bioprint mini-kidneys
93 Nurse practitioners play key role in opioid addiction treatment in very rural areas
94 Magnetic brain waves to detect injury and disease
95 Changes in fire activity are threatening more than 4,400 species globally
96 Contact lenses for diagnostic and therapeutic use
97 New targeted therapy blocks metabolism in brain cancer cells with genetic vulnerability
98 Targeting calcium overload could improve stroke outcomes, research suggests
99 Scientists regenerate skin with stem cells to see how DNA defects in kids cause cancer
100 Boosting stem cell activity can enhance immunotherapy benefits
101 Medicaid expansion may result in earlier diagnosis of colon cancer
102 Social bacteria build shelters using the physics of fingerprints
103 COVID-19 cases could nearly double before Biden takes office
104 Hot spots identified for colorectal cancer mortality rates among young women
105 Understanding ion channel inhibition to open doors in drug discovery
106 Recording the symphony of cellular signals that drive biology
107 Identical evolution of isolated organisms
108 Severe infections wreak havoc on mouse blood cell production
109 Diabetes set to devastate India's metropolitan cities, with more than half of
110 Oil & gas industry commits to new framework to monitor, report and reduce methane emissions