File Title
1 Breakthrough material makes pathway to hydrogen use for fuel cells under hot, dry conditions
2 How the brain remembers right place, right time
3 Smellicopter: an obstacle-avoiding drone that uses a live moth antenna to seek out smells
4 UTSA researchers study the effects of parental job loss on families during the pandemic
5 Scientists discover how COVID-19 virus causes multiple organ failure in mice
6 Deep rooted--mother's empathy linked to 'epigenetic' changes to the oxytocin gene
7 Research brief: Global trends in nature's contributions to people
8 Two related discoveries advance basic and applied additive manufacturing research
9 Study finds no change in preterm birth or stillbirth in Philadelphia during pandemic
10 Drug for rare disorder shows promise for treating herpes viruses
11 I see you: Honey bees use contagious and honest visual signal to deter attacking hornets
12 Career thoughts and parental relationships in adolescents with ADHD
13 Study identifies links between atopic dermatitis and autoimmune diseases
14 Novel anti-craving mechanism discovered to treat cocaine relapse
15 Paper-based electrochemical sensor can detect COVID-19 in less than five minutes
16 Study finds large-scale expansion of stem rust resistance gene in barley and oat lineages
17 'Big data' enables first census of desert shrub
18 uOttawa-led study shows that poor sleep can lead to depression in adolescents
19 White blood cells may cause tumor cell death--but that's not good news
20 Increase in head start funding 'a national priority'
21 Warning labels reduce sugary drink consumption in university setting, researchers found
22 New transistor design disguises key computer chip hardware from hackers
23 Hydrogel could open new path for glaucoma treatment without drugs or surgery
24 Pupils can learn more effectively through stories than activities
25 329 people injured by firearms in US each day, but for every death, 2 survive
26 Can gender inequality kill? Paper looks at impact among older Indian women
27 Two new studies investigate the early, potent response of IgA antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
28 Red propolis could be used to treat schistosomiasis
29 A recipe for protein footprinting
30 Researchers call for renewed focus on thermoelectric cooling
31 Dynamic plants
32 Hard and fast emission cuts slow warming in the next 20 years
33 Drones and AI detect soybean maturity with high accuracy
34 Research concluding noncompetes stifle workers forthcoming in multiple publications
35 COVID-19 transmission in nursing homes may be affected by nurses and direct care workers with multiple jobs
36 Remote Hawaiian island harbors last land snails of their kind
37 Risk of vine-to-vine spread of Xylella fastidiosa is greatest in July and August
38 New sunspot cycle could be one of the strongest on record, new research predicts
39 Image-based navigation could help spacecraft safely land on the moon
40 No refuge from the heat
41 How to use antibodies to control chemical reactions
42 New method uses artificial intelligence to study live cells
43 Synthetic llama antibodies rescue doomed proteins inside cells
44 Researchers use genomics to identify diabetic retinopathy factors
45 Research brief: Researchers develop unique process for producing light-matter mixture
46 Study details how aerobic exercise reverses degenerative process that leads to metabolic diseases
47 New study findings: militarizing local police does not reduce crime
48 Scientists get the lowdown on sun's super-hot atmosphere
49 What makes COVID misinformation so tough to stop on social media
50 Possible bittersweet effects of stevia uncovered by Ben-Gurion U. researchers
51 Stay-at-home orders tied to an increase in harmful alcohol consumption, study finds
52 Caregiver burden in dementia during the COVID19 crisis
53 RUDN University biologist: Fern leaves improve immunity and support growth in carps
54 The natural 'Himalayan aerosol factory' can affect climate
55 Urban heat and mortality: who are the most vulnerable?
56 Aluminium alloy research could benefit manned space missions
57 Seizing military weapons does not increase violent crime nor risk police safety
58 The Lancet Public Health: Travel restrictions must be used in a targeted way to be effective at controlling local COVID-19 transmission, modelling study suggests
59 Chemotherapy and blinatumomab improves survival for patients with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
60 New research questions myth of the elderly widower: of course grandpa cooks
61 Wind tunnel tests will help design future Army tiltrotor aircraft
62 Researchers say we're watching the world go blind
63 Molecular mechanism of plant immune receptors discovered
64 Simple, sensitive test helps monitor bats and protect biodiversity
65 New geological findings from eastern Fennoscandia add new dimensions to the history of European ice
66 Participation in competitive sport in adolescence brings midlife health benefits to women
67 Bend, don't break: new tool enables economic glass design
68 Quick and sensitive identification of multidrug-resistant germs
69 Hibiscus reduces the toxicity of ammonia for rainbow trout, say RUDN University biologists
70 Central Europe: dry Aprils pave the way for summer droughts
71 Hotspots of cheetah activity is a key to solving the cheetah-farmer conflict in Namibia
72 Split wave
73 Java's protective mangroves smothered by plastic waste
74 The ever-elusive riddle: What's the best way to cut Christmas cookies?
75 Useful 'fake' peptides
76 Grasping an object--model describes complete movement planning in the brain
77 Are people healthy enough to retire later?
78 A study predicts smooth interaction between humans and robots
79 Appearances can be deceiving: Display versus surface colors
80 Seventeen genetic abnormalities that cause brain aneurysms
81 Rise of the underdog: a neglected mechanism in antiferromagnets may be key to spintronics
82 Newly discovered Greenland plume drives thermal activities in the Arctic
83 Development of a new method for decoding viral genes
84 Military flights biggest cause of noise pollution on Olympic Peninsula
85 When playing favorites can hurt growth
86 A comprehensive review of biosynthesis of inorganic nanomaterials using microorganisms and bacteriophages
87 Newly discovered fossils prove 'Shangri-La'-like ecosystem in central Tibet
88 Genetic variants linked to heart health in African American childhood cancer survivors
89 Shining a light on the weird world of dihydrogen phosphate anions
90 New COVID-19 testing approach measures patients' immune response for better diagnosis
91 Key building block for organic molecules discovered in meteorites
92 This flexible and rechargeable battery is 10 times more powerful than state of the art
93 Research provides tools for achieving the 'how' of well-being in daily life
94 Undocumented immigrants far less likely to commit crimes in U.S. than citizens
95 Potential cancer therapy may boost immune response
96 Rap music increasingly mixes in mental health metaphors
97 Cervical cancer survival may improve by targeting senescent "zombie" cells
98 Stunning discovery reveals bonefish dive 450 feet 'deep' into the abyss to spawn
99 Arctic ground squirrels recycle nutrients to endure deep hibernation
100 Researchers create framework to help determine timing of cancer mutations
101 Wastewater testing for COVID-19
102 Health Affairs: Reprocessing single-use med devices boosts circular economy for hospitals
103 The world's first DNA 'tricorder' in your pocket
104 Harnessing quantum properties to create single-molecule devices
105 SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater solids could help monitor COVID-19 spread
106 Study shows why some people may become seriously ill from meningococcal bacteria
107 Astrocytes improve decision-making
108 New fundamental knowledge of the 'abdominal brain'
109 Peatland preservation vital to climate
110 Don't let them go quietly into the night