File Title
1 New Pandemic Virtual Event Ideas To Do With Your Friends
2 As Restrictions Increase, the US Hit 11 Million COVID-19 Cases
3 Christmas Is "Probably Not Gonna Be Possible" This Year, Says Jake Tapper
4 Pets and People: Here are the Health Benefits of Owning a Pet
5 Doctor Falsely Claims that HIV can be Transmitted By Sharing Toothbrushes
6 Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Produces Strong Immune Response in Older Adults
7 Famous Arecibo Space Telescope in Puerto Rico Jungle, Shutdown by US Due to Damage
8 8 Health and Fitness Apps to Help Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle
9 Gym Trainer Exposes 50 Athletes To COVID-19 but No Athlete Got Sick Due To a Ventilation Redesign
10 Melatonin May Help Alleviate and Serve as a COVID-19 Treatment, According To a New Study
11 Treating Headaches: Diagnosis and Symptoms that You Should Know
12 CDC Pleads Americans Not to Travel for Thanksgiving Due to Continuous Increase in COVID-19 Cases
13 COVID-19 Vaccine: As People Doubt, Scientists Determine its Efficacy
14 Fauci Says 'Help is On the Way' in the Form of Vaccine, Herd Immunity Possible
15 Co-Founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Loses Battle with Disease
16 Xi Jinping Pushes for Global COVID-19 QR Code to Ease International Travel and Business Tracking
17 Rescuers Successfully Pull Up Elephant Who Fell Inside a Well in India After 12 Hours
18 US Could Start COVID-19 Vaccinations as Early as December, Says Warp Speed Chief
19 COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: A Crisis Faced by the American Tribal Leaders
20 Cuomo Announces Staten Island Emergency Hospital Reopening in Preparation for Sudden COVID-19 Surge
21 Charles Darwin's Notebooks Worth Millions of Pounds Are 'Likely' Stolen
22 Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Up to 90% Effective, Only Half-Dose Needed
23 CPR: The Essential Steps to Save a Life That Everyone Needs to Know
24 The Dispersion of COVID-19 Vaccines to Encounter Massive Logistical Difficulties
25 NANO Hearing Aids Appears On The Top 10 Health Gadget List for 2020
26 New Normal: How Long Will We Need to Wear Face Masks?
27 Denver Mayor Travels for Thanksgiving Despite His COVID-19 Policies, Apologizes
28 Health Workers Running on Empty Amid the Resurgence of COVID-19
29 Disney to Layoff 32,000 Employees in 2021 Due to COVID-19 Crisis
30 Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charges Over Its Involvement in the US Opioid Crisis
31 COVID-19 Vaccine Astrazeneca Admits Errors After Announcing It's "Highly Effective"
32 Most Americans Prefer To Attend Gatherings on Thanksgiving, According To Poll
33 Cyberattacks on a Hospital in Vermont Has Affected Cancer Patients
34 COVID-19 Potential New Side Effect Causes Teeth to Fall Out
35 Fauci Worries COVID-19 Cases Will Continue to Surge With the December Holidays Coming Up
36 United Airlines Flies Pfizers COVID-19 Vaccine Across the United States
37 WHO: 'Highly Speculative' to Say COVID-19 Did Not Emerge in China
38 Cancer Patients Find Love in Each Other After Meeting in the Hospital
39 Vaccine Information Uploaded on Tiktok Debunks Misleading Information
40 Tips and Reduction Strategies To Help Manage COVID-19 Anxiety
41 Dr. Fauci: It Could Take Months Before Children Can Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
42 Scott Atlas Files Resignation as COVID-19 Advisor Due to Controversies
43 Healthy Sleep Tips Beneficial to Physical and Mental Health for Everyone
44 COVID-19 Vaccine Information on a Digital Passport Now Ongoing for Future Travels
45 Fauci Asks Americans To Prepare for Vaccination, Be 'Part of the Solution'
46 Toothache 101: Reasons Why Toothaches Happen and Every Other Reasons for It
47 Tucson City Implements Mandatory Nightly Curfew To Mitigate COVID-19 Prevalence
48 Third Grade Teacher Donates Kidney To Minnesota School Custodian
49 Benefits of Meditation on Mental Health, Free Yourself of Stress and Worry
50 Scientist Moncef Slaoui Wants a Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccine To Immunize 100 Million Americans in 2021
51 Japanese Residents to Be Administered Free COVID-19 Vaccine
52 Possible Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Need to Know
53 Australia Targets to Complete Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Review by January 2021
54 New York: Who Will Be Administered the COVID-19 Vaccine First?
55 COVID-19 Vaccines Administration in the US Could Start as Early Friday
56 Study Says Divorce Process Can Impact Mental Health of Couple's Negatively
57 Pastor Draws Online Flak Following Advise to Contract COVID-19
58 Miami Gives out $250 Gift Cards to Those Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic
59 Moscow Disseminates Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine to Most Vulnerable Groups
60 CDC Advises Universal Mask Usage Indoors When Not at Home
61 North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran Attempt to Steal COVID-19 Vaccine IP, Ex-Cyber Security Chief Says
62 TikTok Probes Into Pro-Anorexia and Eating Disorder Videos
63 Trump's Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive For COVID-19, According to Trump
64 The Best Spotify Workout Songs to Bolster Your Energy and Inspire You to Workout
65 90-Year-Old Woman in the UK First to Receive Pfizer Vaccine Shot Worldwide
66 President Trump Supports Coronavirus Relief Bill Amidst Hawley Thrust
67 When to Get the COVID-19 Vaccines and Everything You Need to Know
68 Highest Priority for COVID-19 Vaccines Are Nursing Homes, Distribution Is a Challenge
69 Tallest Mountain Has Just Gotten Higher, What Caused the Highest Peak to Get Taller?
70 1 Dead, Hundreds Ill as Mysterious Disease Plagues India, Lead and Nickel Found in Victims' Blood
71 UK Regulator Says People with History of 'Significant' Allergy Should Not Get Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine
72 William Shakespeare Becomes One of the Firsts to Receive Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine
73 Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Obtains FDA Panel Approval
74 UK Investigates Potential Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
75 Alex Azar, HHS Secretary, Discusses How Operation Warp Speed Helped in Easy Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine
76 Super Spreader: Boston Biotech Conference Caused More Than 300,000 COVID-19 Cases in US and Europe
77 FDA Authorization of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use a 'Medical Miracle,' According to Trump
78 Health Canada Cautions Allergic People Against Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
79 Dr. Anthony Fauci Shares His Biggest Fear on COVID-19 Vaccine
80 Hundreds of Shooting Stars to Light Up the Sky Tonight as Saturn, Jupiter Merge to Create 'Christmas Star'
81 COVID-19 Vaccines on Their Way to Americans, Trump Denies Schedule for Early Vaccination
82 First Americans To Be Administered COVID-19 Vaccine Are Health Workers
83 New York: ICU Nurse Among Firsts in the US to Receive Vaccine
84 How to Manage Anger and Not to Give in to Explosive Temper
85 First Over-The-Counter COVID-19 At-Home Diagnostic Test Gets FDA Approval
86 Dr. Fauci: This Is When You Can Throw Your Mask Away
87 South Korea warns of stricter COVID-19 Restrictions, Avoiding First Potential Lockdown
88 How To Find A Medical Software Development Company
89 Supply Issues Result in Pfizer's Vaccine Production Set Back
90 Dr. Fauci to Skip Christmas with Family in 30 Years, Cautious of COVID-19 Surge During the Holidays
91 COVID-19 Isolation Is Harmful to Children, Being Left Behind Causes Them to Lose Basic Skills
92 Some COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Experience Bell's Palsy, FDA Recommends To Watch Out for It
93 France President Emmanuel Macron Tests Positive For COVID-19
94 US FDA Panel Gives Support to Moderna, Endorses 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine
95 Millions of COVID-19 Vaccine Unclaimed Amid Struggles in Future Productions
96 COVID-19 Vaccine Makers Not Liable For Side Effects: You Can't Sue Them If You Experience Side Effects
97 US Vice President Mike Pence Gets COVID-19 Vaccine Shot on Live TV
98 Ellen DeGeneres Experiences 'Excruciating' Back Pain Due to COVID-19 Diagnosis
99 DC to Temporarily Prohibit Indoor Dining for the Holidays
100 Dr. Anthony Fauci Tells Children He Vaccinated Santa Claus Himself
101 Congress to Vote on Coronavirus Relief Package After Fed Agreement
102 COVID Vaccine Distribution: Next in Line Are Older Adults, Essential Front-Line Workers
103 What's Inside Your Stimulus Check and Everything You Need to Know
104 What We Know About the New European COVID Mutation
105 Kilauea Volcano Eruption 2020: Civil Defense Agency of Hawaii County Ask Residents to Stay Home