File Title
1 A step toward understanding why COVID-19 boosts stroke risk
2 Identifying where to reforest after wildfire
3 UH Manoa researcher examines why people choose to wear face coverings
4 The incredible, variable bacteria living in your mouth
5 Gene biomarkers indicate liver toxicity quickly and accurately
6 New class of cobalt-free cathodes could enhance energy density of next-gen lithium-ion batteries
7 More than half of Hudson River tidal marshes were created accidentally by humans
8 Low-income preschoolers exposed to nurturing care have with higher IQ scores later on
9 Ultra-fast gas flows through tiniest holes in 2D membranes
10 Study finds growing numbers of critically endangered sawfish in Miami waters
11 Researchers propose process to detect and contain emerging diseases
12 Zika virus affects eye development before but not after birth
13 New topological properties found in "old" material of Cobalt disulfide
14 New study identifies greatest risk factors of mortality from COVID-19
15 Study shows incorporating telemedicine helps surgical practices
16 Media Alert: The CRISPR Journal publishes special issue on expanding the CRISPR toolbox
17 Scientists get the most realistic view yet of a coronavirus spike's protein structure
18 Shifting gears toward chemical machines
19 Water limitations in the tropics offset carbon uptake from arctic greening
20 Roadmap to renewables unites climate and sustainability goals
21 Nanotechnology--nanoparticles as weapons against cancer
22 Devastating skin disease covering up to 70% of a dolphin's body tied to climate change
23 Developing smarter, faster machine intelligence with light
24 Will we still need COVID-19 volunteers in the new year?
25 How does the brain project manage its learning?
26 Land ecosystems are becoming less efficient at absorbing CO2
27 APS plays foundational role in development of COVID-19 vaccines
28 Breast cancer study uncovers how macrophages may contribute to a therapeutic weak spot
29 NASA finds what a glacier's slope reveals about Greenland Ice Sheet thinning
30 Discovery finds a cellular building block acts as a gel, not liquid as previously believed
31 Recently discovered comet seen during 2020 total solar eclipse
32 Prenatal testing has halved the number of babies born with Down syndrome in Europe
33 What's the 'true' rate of dislocation after total hip replacement?
34 Concern about loved ones might motivate people to mask up and get vaccine
35 Key building block for organic molecules discovered in meteorites
36 COVID-19: what strategies are beneficial to the state
37 Monkeys, like humans, persist at tasks they've already invested in
38 Research brief: Researchers discover new way to deliver DNA-based therapies for diseases
39 Stroke and altered mental state increase risk of death for COVID-19 patients
40 Experts call for Europe-wide COVID-19 targets
41 NYS can achieve 2050 carbon goals: Here's how
42 World's first transmission of 1 Petabit/s using a single-core multimode optical fiber
43 Researchers determine factors associated with ovary removal in patients with ovarian torsion
44 Study sets baseline for sleep patterns in healthy adult dogs
45 Inverted fluorescence
46 New mechanism of force transduction in muscle cells discovered
47 In liver, a stressed cell can be bad news for its neighbors
48 New curriculum improves students' understanding of electric circuits in schools
49 Novel crystalline oxide may solve the problem of overheating in composite materials
50 COVID-19: contaminated surfaces as a risk factor
51 Potentially damaging surface ozone levels rose in lockdown
52 Power boost thanks to gold lamellae
53 New discovery brings analogue spintronic devices closer
54 Researchers reveal link between cryptocurrency coding and market behavior
55 New drug molecules hold promise for treating rare inherited terminal childhood disease
56 AI-supported test predicts eye disease three years before symptoms
57 The Milky Way primordial history and its fossil findings
58 When light and atoms share a common vibe
59 Blood pressure drug may be key to increasing lifespan, new study shows
60 Researchers make 'high vis vests' to help monitor bee behaviour
61 Scientists develop new land surface model including multiple processes and human activities
62 Living environment affects the microbiota and health of both dogs and their owners
63 Like tentacles catching fish
64 Scientists take a step towards expanding the use of magnetic fluids in medicine
65 Social holidays improve overall well-being
66 A weather station for epileptic seizure
67 New solutions for addressing systemic risks
68 Three-dimensionally reconstituted organoids that are just like human organs
69 Compressive fluctuations heat ions in space plasma
70 Artificial Intelligence that can run a simulation faithful to physical laws
71 Humpback whale songs provide insight to population changes
72 Simple and cost-effective extraction of rare metals from industrial waste
73 Plants can be larks or night owls just like us
74 Sound waves spin droplets to concentrate, separate nanoparticles
75 Fire-resistant tropical forest on brink of disappearance--Research on Indonesia shows effect of human modification
76 Cell atlas of tropical disease parasite may hold key to new treatments
77 CAPTUREing Whole-Body 3D movements
78 Ice sheet uncertainties could mean sea level will rise more than predicted
79 'Poverty line' concept debunked by new machine learning model
80 Machine intelligence accelerates research into mapping brains
81 Genetic exchange discovered in anciently asexual rotifers
82 Researchers deconstruct ancient Jewish parchment using multiple imaging techniques
83 Stem cell treatment for vascular diseases can be predicted through real-time observation
84 The 'crazy beast' that lived among the dinosaurs
85 Satellite data identifies companies fishing in high seas
86 Study sheds new light on how the brain distinguishes speech from noise
87 3 Ways To Know Your Fashion Facemask Is Actually Working
88 UK Pharmacy Boots To Offer New COVID-19 Test With Results in Only 12 Minutes
89 Market review--Where to Get Safe and Legal Treament?
90 China Makes Millions in Xinjiang Undergo COVID-19 Testing Following the Discovery of One Asymptomatic Case
91 FDA Commissioner Wants US to Consider National Mask Mandate for Winter as COVID-19 Cases Soar
92 NASA Claims Slim Chance of Impact as Asteroid Apophis Gets Close to Earth in 2068
93 WHO Cautions of 'Pandemic Fatigue,' Italy Guidelines Ignite Protests
94 Back To Lockdown: Two of Europe's Leading Economies, COVID-19 Cases Soar
95 Can the Dead Speak? Inventor Thomas Edison Created Spirit Phone to Reach the Dead
96 Moderna's Stock Is Up, Preparing for Global Launch of COVID-19 Vaccine
97 CDC Proposes To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine First To the Most Vulnerable
98 Voters Went To Polls Amidst the Surge of COVID-19 Cases and Hospital Admissions
99 How To Use Your iPhone To Get Better and Consistent Sleep
100 Back to Back Lock Downs: New York Hits Highest COVID-19 Cases in Five Months
101 Trump COVID-19 Whistleblower Rick Bright Joins Biden's COVID-19 Task Force
102 Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate is 90% Effective, Experts Say
103 Brazil Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials by China's Sinovac Biotech After the Death of a Participant
104 McDonald's Launches McPlant Burger and New Chicken Burger
105 Virginia Doctor To Be Meted 465-Year Sentence for Insurance Fraud and Performing Unnecessary Surgeries
106 Studies Show Many COVID-19 Patients Suffer Mental Illnesses Upon Recovering
107 Tips to Keep Your Mental Health in Check During the COVID-19 Pandemic from BetterHelp
108 New York City To Send Mental Health Teams Instead of Police To Some 911 Calls
109 UK Government Set To Buy 200 Million COVID-19 15-Minute Result Tests To Help Reopen Economy
110 Romaine Lettuce Recalled from 1,000 Walmart Stores, Positive for E. Coli
111 Coffee: Why it is Indispensable When a Pick-me-Up is Needed!
112 Woman, 51, Both Surrogate Mother and Grandmother to Baby Girl She Bore
113 8 Tech Careers In Healthcare You Never Thought Of
114 Be Vigilant of What Your Body Odor Is Trying To Tell You
115 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Christmas Is in Jeopardy if People Won't Stop Gathering
116 British Serial Killer Dies from Complications Caused by the Deadly Coronavirus
117 Doctor Expects Surge in COVID-19 Infections After Thanksgiving Holidays
118 Toxic Smog Covers India as People Defy Firecracker Bans To Celebrate Diwali Festival of Light