File Title
1 Fibrous protein finding may lead to improved bioprinting, tissue engineering
2 New study measures neighborhood inequality and violence based on everyday mobility
3 Protein linked to progressive lung scarring in scleroderma patients
4 Mission to MAARS: Long non-coding RNA may play a key role in cardiovascular disease
5 Oceans without oxygen
6 Research strongly suggests COVID-19 virus enters the brain
7 Infant circumcision may lead to social challenges as an adult
8 Developing new classification criteria for improving antiphospholipid syndrome research
9 Childhood intervention can prevent 'deaths of despair'
10 Scientists create a new phototoxic protein, SuperNova2
11 Green revolution saved over 100 million infant lives in developing world
12 Taking greenhouse gas analysis on the road, er, rails
13 Can water saving traits help wine survive climate change?
14 Stevens creates entangled photons 100 times more efficiently than previously possible
15 UBCO research takes the chill off icy build-up on planes and wind turbines
16 Study in mice shows genes may be altered through drug repurposing
17 Machine learning boosts the search for 'superhard' materials
18 UCI researchers create model to calculate COVID-19 health outcomes
19 Big brains and white matter: New clues about autism subtypes
20 Upcycling: new catalytic process turns plastic bags into adhesives
21 Researcher boosts vegetable oil production in plant leaves
22 UMD finds more West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes in lower-income areas of Baltimore
23 Hearing loss and high blood sugar linked to poorer learning and memory among older Latinos
24 ACE2 protein protects against severe COVID-19: Study
25 Research breakthrough could transform clean energy technology
26 Optogenetic method can reveal how gut microbes affect longevity
27 Antifungal drug improves key cystic fibrosis biomarkers in clinical study
28 Investigating the carbon intensity of ferries
29 Computational model reveals how the brain manages short-term memories
30 Crops near Chernobyl still contaminated
31 Talking to kids about weight: What the internet says and why researchers are wary
32 'No such thing as a little bit of pain:' More cancer patients could benefit from rehabilitation
33 Palliative care improves quality of life for patients with advanced blood cancer
34 New toolkit aims to improve quality of thrombosis data in COVID-19 trials
35 Nurse practitioners bring big savings to long-term care facilities in Quebec
36 What's up Skip? Kangaroos really can 'talk' to us
37 Financial woes grow worse during pandemic for American families
38 Researchers discover brain pattern that could improve mental health disorder diagnosis
39 Errant DNA boosts immunotherapy effectiveness
40 NIH researchers discover brain area crucial for recognizing visual events
41 Healthcare workers have increased insomnia, risk of severe mental health problems: COVID-19 study
42 Artificial intelligence classifies supernova explosions with unprecedented accuracy
43 Fish oil supplements don't raise bad cholesterol
44 Neuroendovascular procedures linked to patient back pain
45 A phantom training program may help acclimate heifers to an automatic milking system
46 Interventional radiology associated with an increased risk for preventable adverse events
47 How climate change is disrupting ecosystems
48 Improving multi-sectoral ocean management to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
49 Weddell sea: Whale song reveals behavioral patterns
50 Fertilizer runoff in streams and rivers can have cascading effects, analysis shows
51 A new means of neuronal communication discovered in the human brain
52 Change in global precipitation patterns as a result of climate change
53 The Lancet Respiratory Medicine: COVID-19 causes more severe disease than seasonal influenza, comparison of data from over 130,000 hospitalised patients confirms
54 Skinnier but resilient geese thriving in the high Arctic
55 The latest magnesium studies pave the way for new biomedical materials
56 HSE researchers use neural networks to study DNA
57 LSU health research suggests new mechanism to balance emotional behavior
58 In fiction, we remember the deaths that make us sad
59 How does immersive reality affect implicit racial bias?
60 The most consumed species of mussels contain microplastics all around the world
61 How scientists are using declassified military photographs to analyse historical ecological change
62 Alzheimer's disease: regulating copper in the brain stops memory loss among mice
63 Longest intergalactic gas filament discovered
64 Catalyst research: molecular probes require highly precise calculations
65 Big data will analyze the mystery of Beethoven's metronome
66 Lithuanian researchers propose combination of methods to improve anticancer drug delivery
67 New discovery opens novel pathway for high-titer production of drop-in biofuels
68 2D material controls light twice stronger
69 Researchers discover protein function that could improve chemotherapy in the future
70 New nanobiomaterial from the silk of a mite with 'promising biomedical properties'
71 Neurotic people feel worse emotionally during the corona crisis
72 COVID-19 escalated armed conflicts in several war-torn countries
73 Three-dimensional view of catalysts in action
74 Satellite tracking supports whale survival
75 Scientists unlock promising key to preventing cancer relapse after immunotherapy
76 Finding a personalized approach to treating chronic rejection after lung transplantation
77 Pulp succeeded in diet? Determining the slenderization of wood pulp
78 Electron-producing microbes power sustainable wastewater treatment
79 Study reports drop in lung cancer screening, rise in malignancy during COVID-19 surge
80 UBC study highlights need for more effective staffing in care homes
81 Multi-messenger astronomy offers new estimates of neutron star size and universe expansion
82 For college students, skin cancer risk remains high in winter months
83 Seizure risk forecasted days in advance with brain implant data
84 Greenland 'knickpoints' could stall spread of glacial thinning
85 Patients on ACE inhibitors, ARBs, don't have higher COVID-19 risk, finds study
86 Organic molecules on a metal surface...a machinist's best friend
87 Scientists set a path for field trials of gene drive organisms
88 Can white dwarfs help solve the cosmological lithium problem?
89 Researchers determine how often cancer patients develop osteonecrosis of the jaw
90 Study: the pandemic's impact on lung cancer
91 Tiny quantum computer solves real optimisation problem
92 Oral contraceptive pills protect against ovarian and endometrial cancer
93 When genetic data meets marketing
94 Reliable COVID-19 test could reduce virus spread
95 The health risk raised by ultra-processed foods
96 Shark fishing bans partially effective
97 Goal striving stress linked to progressive kidney disease among African Americans
98 Coronavirus spread during dental procedures could be reduced with slower drill rotation
99 New path to rare earth mineral formation has implications for green energy and smart tech
100 Health of fathers-to-be is linked to risk of pregnancy loss
101 Men over 50 have same success with vasectomy reversal outcomes as younger men
102 Cataract surgery in infancy increases glaucoma risk
103 COVID-19 pandemic had big impact on commercial fishing in Northeast
104 Squirrels need good neighbours
105 Still paying for broken smartphone display? Now, It is automatically fixed
106 A shock to the PPE system
107 How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected measles vaccination rates?
108 Seeking to avoid 'full lockdown,' cells monitor ribosome collisions
109 Science's 2020 Breakthrough of the Year: Effective Vaccines against COVID-19
110 New nature lover? It's a COVID-19 side effect
111 Why do we assume pandemics result in devastation?
112 Updated guideline for heart valve disease spotlights less invasive treatments
113 Impaired blood vessel and kidney function underlie heart disease risk in people with HIV
114 Geology: Alpine summits may have been ice-free during life of Tyrolean Iceman
115 Ultra-thin designer materials unlock quantum phenomena
116 Air pollution linked to higher rates of kidney disease
117 Researchers use artificial intelligence to ID mosquitos
118 Territorial red squirrels live longer when they're friendly with their neighbors
119 Study tracks elephant tusks from 16th century shipwreck
120 Shipwrecked ivory a treasure trove for understanding elephants and 16th century trading
121 Drinking water significant source of microplastics in human diet
122 Two new studies offer ways to avert accidents and workplace injuries for American workers