File Title
1 'Alarmingly high' vitamin D deficiency in the United Kingdom
2 Powerful electrical events quickly alter surface chemistry on Mars, other planetary bodies
3 AI that detects post-stroke depression type can help stroke survivors get right treatment
4 UMBC team reveals possibilities of new one-atom-thick materials
5 Fractured bedrock in forests is overlooked source of natural CO2
6 Quantum mysteries: Probing an unusual state in the superconductor-insulator transition
7 The farthest galaxy in the universe
8 Study shows women less likely to survive out-of-hospital cardiac arrest than men
9 Women, parents and early-career faculty in ecology most impacted by COVID-19
10 Survivors of child abuse twice as likely to die young
11 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
12 Aging, diet-induced obesity, and metabolic disease link explored in new research
13 Researchers create gene expression database to gain new insights into pneumococcal infection
14 UMaine-led research group find that trees are out of equilibrium with climate
15 An unexpected role for the brain's immune cells
16 A human gene placed in fruit flies reveals details about a human developmental disorder
17 Emerging from the fog: Little understood post-stroke cognitive issues are verified
18 Nanoengineered cement shows promise for sealing leaky gas wells
19 Exploring the relationship between nitrogen and carbon dioxide in greenhouse gas emissions
20 Recovery of an endangered Caribbean coral from parrotfish predation
21 Marine pollution: How do plastic additives dilute in water and how risky are they?
22 Robotic exoskeleton training improves walking in adolescents with acquired brain injury
23 Shedding light on the dark side of biomass burning pollution
24 Study: More than half unlikely to get COVID-19 vaccine under emergency use authorization
25 Salt-tolerant bacteria with an appetite for sludge make biodegradable plastics
26 Virtual reality applied to rehabilitation for stroke and neurodegenerative disease patients
27 Compound derived from thunder god vine could help pancreatic cancer patients
28 Behavioral strategies to promote a national COVID-19 vaccine program
29 'Windows of opportunity' crucial for cutting Chesapeake nutrient, sediment loads
30 Explained: Political polarization
31 LED lights found to kill coronavirus: Global first in fight against COVID-19
32 West Nile virus infection risk is higher in less affluent neighborhoods in Baltimore, MD
33 Study reveals networks of genes involved in congenital heart disease
34 Study shows endothelial cell targeting could help fight COVID-19 symptoms
35 Irrelevant information interferes with making decisions, new research reveals
36 What happens when rain falls on desert soils? An updated model provides answers
37 Dallas Heart Study yields new insights about depression
38 An alternate savanna
39 The un-appeal of banana: liquid e-cigarette flavorings measurably injure lungs
40 Biomarkers could help predict severe SARS-CoV-2 infection
41 High-brightness source of coherent light spanning from the UV to THz
42 Massive underground instrument finds final secret of our sun's fusion
43 First 10 days after leaving hospital carry high risk for COVID-19 patients, study finds
44 Study: Oregon's Western Cascades watershed to experience larger, more frequent fires
45 Model could help determine quarantine measures needed to reduce COVID-19's spread
46 When you can't afford to go on lockdown
47 Powerhouse plants that bolster the food web
48 Success in the Amazon
49 'Magic' angle graphene and the creation of unexpected topological quantum states
50 New combination therapy could help fight difficult-to-treat cancers with common mutations
51 Point of Care testing can improve the detection and treatment of influenza
52 Researchers discover clue to how to protect neurons and encourage their growth
53 International research project investigates photosensitive carbon nanoparticles
54 Create a realistic VR experience using a normal 360-degree camera
55 Chance played a major role in keeping Earth fit for life
56 Artificial intelligence sets sights on the sun
57 Sheets of carbon nanotubes come in a rainbow of colors
58 The power of validation in helping people stay positive
59 One's trash, another's treasure: fertilizer made from urine could enable space agriculture
60 Physics discovery leads to ballistic optical materials
61 How can we make sure people get the second COVID-19 vaccine dose?
62 Seabed sediment and asphalt areas are noteworthy sources of heat energy
63 One-step method to generate mice for vaccine research
65 FARI publishes new research on omega-3s and heart rate recovery
66 USC study: Young adults who identify as Republicans eschew COVID safety precautions
67 Efforts to combat COVID-19 perceived as morally right
68 The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health: Black children diagnosed with severe sepsis are more likely to die than White or Hispanic children, hospital data suggests
69 When absolute certainty may not be possible: Criteria to determine death by mountain rescue teams
70 Drugs create balancing act for patients with non-small cell lung cancer
71 Applying compost to landfills could have environmental benefits
72 Moffitt program bringing patients, scientists together infuses new meaning into research
73 Using play to "school" children's emotions
74 Experts advocate responsible and transparent use of algorithms in government
75 Mindfulness meditation may decrease impact of migraine
76 Vaccines must prevent infection, disease progression and transmission--in every country--to truly bring COVID-19 under control
77 Proportionally more male bosses negative toward depression
78 New hard-carbon anode material for sodium-ion batteries will solve the lithium conundrum
79 The video referee in the spotlight
80 Study finds paediatric cancer patients at no greater risk of severe COVID-19 infection
81 Research dispels fears human stem cells contain cancer-causing mutations
82 Quantum interference in time
83 Chemists from RUDN University used crab shells to improve palladium catalysts
84 More frequent and extreme marine heatwaves likely to threaten starfish
85 High-rate Li-ion batteries demonstrate superior safety
86 Chemists from RUDN University synthesized chitin-based antibiotics
87 Temporal control of light echoes
88 Scientists discover compounds that could have helped to start life on Earth
89 Young people who go to bed later drink and smoke more due to their impulsivity
90 Silica the best environmental alternative to plastic microbeads, finds study
91 Novel genomic tools increase the accuracy of breast cancer risk assessment
92 COVID-19: indoor air in hospitals and nursing homes require more attention
93 Invasive harlequin ladybird causes severe decline of two-spotted ladybird, new study shows
94 Frequency data for stable power supply
95 When less is more: A single layer of atoms boosts the nonlinear generation of light
96 Stress in adolescence leads to learning and memory difficulties and increased anxiety in adulthood
97 The moon controls the release of methane in Arctic Ocean
98 Chronic stress? Zebrafish to the rescue
99 Apathy could predict onset of dementia years before other symptoms
100 What makes peppers blush
101 Hinder handing the message--stopping tumors from creating new blood vessels
102 Singing to preterm infants during kangaroo care reduces maternal anxiety
103 Toward imperceptible electronics that you cannot see or feel
104 Not so fast!: controlling the speed of light bullets
105 Scientists recruit new atomic heavyweights in targeted fight against cancer
106 Social media use increases belief in COVID-19 misinformation
107 Researchers reveal how our brains know when something's different
108 Does sharing health data help maintain weight loss?
109 Molecule holds promise to reprogram white blood cells for better cancer treatment
110 Critical temperature for tropical tree lifespan revealed