File Title
1 Venus Shows Sign of Life, Elements Present on Earth Discovered
2 Oldest Animal on Earth: 91-Million Years Old Shark Fossil Linked to the Great White Shark Discovered
3 Experts Discover Marine Protists that May Be Dubbed as 'Virus-Eaters'
4 Scientist Predict that Booster Rocket Might Become Permanent Mini Moon
5 Drug Companies May Kill 500,000 Sharks, Use Livers to Create COVID-19 Vaccine
6 Before Oxygen, Arsenic Might Have Supported Ancient Microbial Life Based on New Study
7 Possible Martian Life? Mars Has Salty Ponds Next to Underground Lake
8 People with Neanderthal Genes Gives Them Three Times More Severe COVID-19
9 Blue Whales Singing Unique Patterns Signals Migration
10 ISS to Get Million-Dollar Space Toilet Upgrade After Decades
11 Space Telescope Hubble Captures Death of Exploding Star
12 First Photograph of Black Hole Bolsters Enstein's Theory of Relavity
13 Killer Whales Attacking Boats Off the Spanish Coast Explained by Scientists
14 Egyptian Archeologists Unearth 59 Coffins Buried for Over 2,500 Years
15 Scientists Who Discovered Hepatitis C Virus, Awarded with Nobel Prize for Medicine
16 'Brain of Glass' 2,000-Year-Old Human Skull Reveals Completely Intact Brain Cells
17 Are Tasmanian Devils Really Dangerous Animals?
18 Immense Great White Called Queen of the Ocean is Over 50 Years Old, Covered in Scars
19 Mars Just Got Its Closest to Earth at 38.6 Million Miles Away
20 Toothless, Two-Fingered Parrot-Like Dinosaur Discovered
21 Penrose Discovery Receives 2020 Nobel Prize
22 25 Years After Finding the First Exoplanet, There Are Many but Not All Supported Life
23 Ancient Madagascan Beasts Brought to Extinction by Human Activity, Megadrought
24 NASA to Launch 4G Network on the Moon: Astronauts Can Stream Data, Make Calls, Control Robots
25 Artemis Accord: The Outer Space Treaty for Peace on the Moon
26 Are Ghosts Real: Skeptic or Believer, Science Can Explain it, or Can't it?
27 Victorian Scientists May Have Found the Answer to Questions About Ghosts People Want to Believe
28 NASA Claims Slim Chance of Impact as Asteroid Apophis Gets Close to Earth in 2068
29 Can the Dead Speak? Inventor Thomas Edison Created Spirit Phone to Reach the Dead
30 CDC Proposes to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine First to the Most Vulnerable
31 Brazil Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials by China's Sinovac Biotech After the Death of a Participant
32 Toxic Smog Covers India as People Defy Firecracker Bans to Celebrate Diwali Festival of Light
33 Post Cards from Mars: Curiosity Rover Takes a Selfie on the Red Planet
34 Studies Say More than 1M Children Have Contracted COVID-19 since Pandemic
35 Famous Arecibo Space Telescope in Puerto Rico Jungle, Shutdown by US Due to Damage
36 North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran Attempt to Steal COVID-19 Vaccine IP, Ex-Cyber Security Chief Says
37 Tallest Mountain Has Just Gotten Higher, What Caused the Highest Peak to Get Taller?
38 UK Regulator Says People with History of 'Significant' Allergy Should Not Get Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine
39 William Shakespeare Becomes One of the Firsts to Receive Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine
40 Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Obtains FDA Panel Approval
41 Hundreds of Shooting Stars to Light Up the Sky Tonight as Saturn, Jupiter Merge to Create 'Christmas Star'
42 China Says No Need to Vaccinate Entire Population, Only Frontliners
43 Game Changing Antibody that Eradicates Virus Responsible for COVID-19 Discovered
44 Venus Might Have Alien Life After Discovery of Phosphine, Scientists Say
45 Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Spotted by Amateur Astronomer Days Before It Crosses Paths with Earth
46 How to Remove Blackheads with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)
47 Chinese Virologist Releases Evidence that COVID-19 Was Concocted in Wuhan Lab
48 Wildfire Smoke: Serious and Long-Lasting Impacts on Health
49 Donald Trump Touts Coronavirus Vaccine Coming as Soon as October
50 World's Oldest Sperm Dating 100 Million Years Found in Myanmar Amber
51 Four-Month-Old Baby Dies After Drug Intoxicated Father Rolls Over Him While Asleep
52 CDC Director Takes Back Statement Saying Masks are Better than Vaccine After Trump Calls Him Out
53 Horrified Mother of 7-Year-Old Boy Reveals Unusual Symptons of COVID-Related Disease, Red Eyes and Chapped Lips
54 Contagious Bacterial Disease from Livestock Animal Plagues China
55 Cave Sealed Off for 5 Million Years Contains 33 Blind Creatures, Surviving Without Oxygen
56 Indonesia Punishes Anti-Maskers by Making Them Dig Graves for COVID-19 Victims
57 Trump Predicts Nationwide Coronavirus Vaccine by April
58 Is Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Effective for Hair Growth?
59 Can Wearing Glasses Serve as Coronavirus Protection?
60 Mining Diamonds in the Cosmos: Exoplanets Contain Diamonds in Their Cores but No Life
61 Male Octopus Gives Birth to 1000 Babies, Surprising Zookeepers in Skidaway Aquarium
62 New Dinosaur Species Dated Back to 125 Million Years Discovered in China in Perfect 'Life-like' Postures
63 Doctors Warn About Catastrophic Fall Season Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases in US
64 NASA Plans to Land First Woman on the Moon in 2024
65 Battle Against Climate Change: China Sets Sight on Carbon Neutrality by 2060
66 How Could COVID-19 Affect Global Road Deaths?
67 Too Much Candy: Man from Massachusetts Died After Eating Bags of Black Licorice
68 Avoid These 5 Food that Aggravates High Blood Pressure
69 Maryland Man to Spend One Year Behind Bars for Holding Large Parties Amid Pandemic
70 Most Heart-Friendly Cooking Oils You Can Buy in the Market
71 Google Worker's Broken Arm Turns Out to Be Cancer, Survive Months After Told He's Got 24 Hours to Live
72 'The Big Bang Theory' Star Jim Parsons Says COVID-19 Experience is "Brutal"
73 Hundreds of Students Taped Raving in Halls at Coventry University as COVID-19 Cases Soar
74 Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Displays Safe Responses in Older Adults
75 World Heart Day: 5 Foods that Are Bad for Your Heart
76 How to Know the Difference Between the Flu and the COVID-19?
77 Drink Coffee After Breakfast, Not Before, Study Recommends
78 US Lifts Global Coronavirus "Do Not Travel Advisory" for Americans
79 COVID-19 Swab Test Reaches so Far Up Woman's Nasal Cavity Causing Brain Fluid Leak
80 Half a Million Girls are at Risk of Child Marriage Because of COVID-19
81 Apple Watch Heart Monitor Not Reliable? Device Sends Healthy People to Doctor
82 Feeding Newborns Mother's Poo After Birth Helps Develop Healthy Gut Bacteria?
83 Kellyanne Conway Positive for Coronavirus Along with Several High-Profile Individuals
84 How Medical Prototyping Is Revolutionizing the Way Medicine Is Practiced
85 Tapeworm Larvae Lives in Woman's Brain Who Suffered Migraines for Years
86 Children Could Be COVID-19 Superspreaders, Study Says
87 Woman's Heart Explodes After Getting 'Celebrity' Stretch Marks Treatment
88 Experts Warn that Face Masks Don't Work in the Rain, Urge Public to Change Coverings Regularly
89 COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS Link Urges Public to Learn from History
90 Dutch Gynecologists Fathered at Least 17 Donor Children at Fertilization Clinic Without Informing 11Patients
91 Singapore to Pay Aspiring Parent to have Babies Amid Pandemic
92 Appendix Removal May No Longer be Needed as Scientists Discover Antibiotics with Same Effect
93 COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Made Available by Year-End, Says WHO
94 Donald Trump Hails Regeneron Drug Cocktail as COVID-19 'Cure'
95 Study Confirms Remdesivir's Potency as COVID-19 Treatment
96 Study: Asthma Patients Less Vulnerable to Die from Novel Coronavirus
97 Trump Would 'Love' to Donate Plasma to COVID-19 Patients
98 COVID-19 Treatments: What Are the Most Promising Ones?
99 Measles is More Dangerous to Children than COVID-19, Top Doctor Warns
100 Scientists Discover 24 Exoplanets that Can Possibly Support Life
101 COVID-19 Patient Loses Hearing in Left Ear, Doctors Say Virus Could Leave you Deaf
102 Melania Trump Reveals Son Barron Trump also Contracted COVID-19
103 Antibody Promises COVID-19 Treatment, but Not Cure
104 Woman, 67, Makes Miracle COVID-19 Recovery after 196 Days in Hospital
105 Remdesivir Has No Remarkable Impact on COVID-19, Study Says
106 New COVID-19 Measures in Italy Due to Surge in Infections
107 COVID-19 Cure: Eighth-Grader Receives $25,000 for Discovery that Might End Pandemic
108 COVID-19 Likely to Become as 'Endemic' as the Yearly Flu Virus, No Vaccine Wipe Out
109 CDC Suggests Virus Can be Passed Through Brief Interaction, Expands COVID 19 Contact Tracing
110 Remdesivir Receives Approval from FDA, First Among for COVID-19 Treatment
111 How COVID-19 Has Changed Restaurants' Dynamic Eating Out Forever
112 Otters Seen Eating Shark Internal and Sex Organs in the South African Coast
113 North Korea to Citizens: Stay Home, Dust from China May Spread COVID-19
114 AstraZeneca Says Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Triggers Immune Response