File Title
1 A68a iceberg: Science mission to investigate frozen giant
2 Hayabusa-2: Pieces of an asteroid found inside space capsule
3 First case of coronavirus detected in wild animal
4 'Not enough' climate ambition shown by leaders
5 Climate change: COVID drives record emissions drop in 2020
6 Climate change: Global 'elite' will need to slash high-carbon lifestyles
7 Human-made objects to outweigh living things
8 Can dairy adapt to climate change?
9 Climate change: Have countries kept their promises?
10 Elon Musk's Starship prototype makes a big impact
11 Euro-Russian Mars rover mission takes shape
12 China's Chang'e-5 mission leaves Moon's surface
13 Hayabusa-2: Capsule with asteroid samples in 'perfect' shape
14 The woman behind China's Chang'e-5 Moon mission
15 New COVID strain: How worried should we be?
16 Mt. Everest grows by nearly a metre to new height
17 Timnit Gebru: Google and big tech are 'institutionally racist'
18 Chuck Yeager: First pilot to fly supersonic dies aged 97
19 Why soil is one of the most amazing things on Earth
20 XR highlight Somerset's 'disgusting' river pollution
21 COVID: More teachers turn to outdoor classes
22 Waste from Northern Ireland falls into sea off US coast
23 A palm oil alternative could help save rainforests
24 Senegal's Dakar Fashion Week: The catwalk in a baobab forest
25 Engineering firm BiFab formally placed in administration
26 Paignton Zoo to welcome two Sumatran tigers
27 Indonesia courts SpaceX as new rocket launch site
28 Bristol dinosaur's brain digitally rebuilt by scientists
29 Brexit: Lamb sector 'contingency planning' for UK
30 Green energy: NI's wind turbines generate controversy
31 Agritourism: Adapting to life during the pandemic
32 The UK's quest for affordable fusion by 2040
33 How to restore your sense of control when you feel powerless
34 Rwenzori Mountains: Africa's surreal 'Mountains of the Moon'
35 The best TV shows of 2020
36 Is eating fish healthy?
37 Why some Chinese believe a name change could improve luck
38 EU reveals plan to regulate Big Tech
39 Competition and Markets Authority plans tailored rules for tech giants
40 Online harms law to let regulator block apps in UK
41 SolarWinds Orion: More US government agencies hacked
42 Twitter fined 400,000 pounds for breaking EU data law
43 Coronavirus: Contact-tracing apps can now work on older iPhones
44 Snapchat: Young people targeted in Crimestoppers safety campaign
45 Pinterest in $22.5 million gender discrimination payout
46 Apple forces apps to display what they do with data
47 US regulators open privacy probes into tech giants
48 Google outage: YouTube, Docs and Gmail knocked offline
49 US treasury and commerce departments targeted in cyber-attack
50 How clean is the air in your office?
51 Ridley Scott inspires Network Rail's cave-exploring drone
52 Cyberpunk 2077 a 'warning' about the future
53 So you want a career in computer games tournaments?
54 Jesy Nelson: Little Mix fans back her 'powerful and brave' decision
55 Beware Christmas parcel delivery scams, banks warn
56 Snapchat: Young people targeted in Crimestoppers safety campaign
57 EU Digital Services Act set to bring in new rules for tech giants
58 Pornhub removes all user-uploaded videos amid legality row
59 Timnit Gebru: Google and big tech are 'institutionally racist'
60 EA to buy Dirt Rally-maker Codemasters for 1 billion pounds
61 Cyberpunk 2077 makers apologise for game glitches
62 'Game changer' COVID tests for secondary schools in January
63 Coronavirus: School attendance plummeted after half-term in England
64 COVID: Secondary school pupils in London, Kent and Essex hotspots urged to get tested
65 'Unconscious bias training' to be scrapped by ministers
66 Coronavirus: Greenwich Council backs down on school closures
67 COVID-19 isolation 'detrimental for children'--Ofsted
68 Gay 'conversion therapy': Man given electric shocks demands apology
69 Pandemic 'fuelling numbers of children out of school'
70 COVID in Scotland: Teachers asked if they would strike
71 COVID: Children more likely to be infected in second wave
72 COVID-19: All pupils and staff must wear masks in secondary school corridors
73 Coronavirus: Poorest pupils can enrol for catch-up tuition
74 Inner-city teacher beats Olympians as 'sailor of the decade'
75 Coronavirus: How did your lockdown container garden grow?
76 How machine learning is allowing thousands of students to sit exams at home
77 COVID and schools: 'Children know things aren't right'
78 'What caring for my mum taught me about caring for my son'
79 COVID: Can I see my partner at Christmas? And other questions
80 Former Plymouth free school lays off 46 staff
81 Coronavirus: Greenwich Council backs down on school closures
82 COVID: Twelve charts on how COVID changed our lives
83 Eton College upholds decision to fire teacher in masculinity row
84 Coronavirus: Greenwich Council told 'keep schools open'
85 Universal credit: 'I felt guilty claiming benefits for the first time'
86 Call for south Oxfordshire leader to quit over housing plan
87 COVID-19: Young people in NI ask Stormont for more support
88 Snapchat: Young people targeted in Crimestoppers safety campaign
89 COVID-19 isolation 'detrimental for children'--Ofsted
90 COVID: Ministers 'intimidating schools with legal threats'
91 'New variant' of coronavirus identified in England
92 Moderna vaccine safe and effective, say US experts
93 COVID-19: First vaccine given in US as roll-out begins
94 Coronavirus: Germany to go into lockdown over Christmas
95 COVID-19: Trump rejects plan for early vaccines at White House
96 COVID vaccine: GPs in England to begin offering Pfizer jab
97 COVID: FDA approves Pfizer vaccine for emergency use in US
98 COVID: Are countries under pressure to approve a vaccine?
99 Is the COVID vaccine safe?
100 Coronavirus: How Europeans are preparing for Christmas and New Year
101 Coronavirus: Losing a baby during the pandemic
102 COVID: Staff at Cardiff vaccination centre test positive
103 COVID: New rules on hospital discharge for care home patients
104 Shropshire baby deaths: Hospitals must adopt new safety steps
105 UK offers 'mutual aid' to COVID-hit Welsh hospitals
106 COVID in Wales: How many deaths have there been?
107 COVID-19: Are field hospitals operating in Wales?
108 COVID: New coronavirus strain present in Wales
109 Japan 'Twitter killer' Takahiro Shiraishi sentenced to death
110 When will the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine be approved?
111 COVID-19: Harlow emergency nurse dies after treatment
112 COVID in Scotland: Poverty linked to higher risk of death from virus
113 Jamie Cudmore: Former Clermont Auvergne player backing dementia-claim group