File Title
1 'Cold spots' not hotspots key to rapid biodiversification
2 Research identifies Earth's extreme environments as best places for life to grow
3 Kids gain weight when new convenience stores open nearby
4 How loud is too loud? Identifying noise levels that deter older restaurant patrons
5 Lung ultrasounds could help determine COVID-19 outcome
6 Persistence of Zika virus in the brain causes long-term problems in mice
7 Animal behaviour: Cognitive performance of four-months-old ravens may parallel adult apes
8 Inhaled vaccine induces fast, strong immune response in mice and non-human primates
9 How seaweed-munching crabs could help save coral reefs
10 A day at the beach helps model how sound moves through coastal areas
11 A gene from ancient bacteria helps ticks spread Lyme disease
12 Human egg cells are imperfect surprisingly often
13 JILA's electric 'knob' tunes chemical reaction rates in quantum gas
14 Mystery solved with math: cytoplasmic traffic jam disrupts sleep-wake cycles?
15 Carrots are healthy, but active enzyme unlocks full benefits
16 New insights about age-related macular degeneration could spur better treatments
17 A matter of balance: asymmetric divisions are crucial to form a functional retina
18 Researchers find a better way to design metal alloys
19 Sea star listed as critically endangered following research by Oregon State University
20 MGB study finds majority of COVID-19 patients died in hospital
21 Researchers rank various mask protection, modifications against COVID-19
22 High-tech fixes for the food system could have unintended consequences
23 New online COVID-19 mortality risk calculator could help determine who should get vaccines first
24 Tanzania farmers distrust fertilizer quality, are less willing to pay for it
25 Baricitinib plus Remdesivir shows promise for treating COVID-19
26 Using water fleas, UTA researchers investigate adaptive evolution
27 Oregon researchers find that like adults, children by age 3 prefer seeing fractal patterns
28 Financial distress negatively impacts well-being, satisfaction of breast cancer patients
29 Pre-existing flu immunity impacts antibody quality following infection and vaccination
30 Gene could help predict response to cervical cancer treatment
31 Vanderbilt researchers discover strong correlation between partisanship and social mobility during COVID-19 pandemic
32 Negative reviews boost sales
33 Male weeds may hold key to their own demise
34 Virtual therapy: The 'new normal' after COVID-19
35 Development of the first biohybrid artificial retina built with silk fibroin and retinal cells.
36 Political partisanship has had outsized influence on individual social mobility during COVID-19 pandemic
37 From publication bias to lost in information
38 A saliva-based smartphone platform could rapidly expand COVID-19 testing
39 Strong social support decreases mental health problems in young adults
40 The machine as extension of the body
41 Virtual therapy: The 'new normal' after COVID-19
42 Evolution of tropical biodiversity hotspots
43 Faraday fabrics?
44 Two, six, many
45 A protein has been identified as a potential therapeutic target for leishmaniasis vaccines
46 Gut microbiota plays a role in brain function and mood regulation
47 Scientists found out genes involved in a compound in lichens with antiviral activity
48 Majority of pregnant women who tested positive for COVID-19 were asymptomatic, study finds
49 The secret behind male ornaments
50 Muscle cell secrets
51 Newly discovered toxin-antitoxin system abundant in one-cell organisms
52 tRNA fragments are involved in poststroke immune reactions
53 New computational method validates images without 'ground truth'
54 Fan mussel larval dispersal for the future of an endangered species
55 Trapping nanoparticles with optical tweezers
56 Novel cathode design significantly improves performance of next-generation battery
57 'The robot made me do it': Robots encourage risk-taking behaviour in people
58 New insights into Glioblastoma invasiveness
59 VRK1: a protein that reduces the survival of patients with neuroblastoma
60 New analysis method for predicting the risks and effects of immunotherapy
61 The pressure sensor of the venus flytrap
62 Last Interglacial: warming amplified in mountain environments
63 Record resolution in X-ray microscopy
64 Potential extreme condition history detector--recoverable PL achieved in pyrochlore
65 Artificial intelligence helps scientists develop new general models in ecology
66 Unexpectedly, data show that anaesthetists and intensive care doctors are at lower risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection compared with other medical staff
67 Flavors added to vaping devices can damage the heart
68 Researchers find why 'lab-made' proteins have unusually high temperature stability
69 Pizza can help address the dark matter mystery?
70 Rewiring stroke survivors brains could alleviate depression
71 New report finds global health research infrastructure imperiled by COVID-19
72 Vitamin D the clue to more Autism spectrum disorder in boys
73 Fewer than 2 percent of OB-GYN doctors can prescribe life-saving opioid treatment
74 Masonic Medical Research Institute studies brown fat: Implications in obesity
75 The Protein Society announces 2022 appointment of Protein Science Editor-in-chief
76 Polarization increases with economic decline, becoming cripplingly contagious
77 Genes could be key to new COVID-19 treatments, study finds
78 Rectal cancer patients who "watch and wait" may only need few years of stringent follow-up
79 Scientists build whole functioning thymus from human cells
80 No deal Brexit could have detrimental impact for people in UK living with a rare disease
81 Access to nature important for mental health during COVID lockdowns
82 Artificial visual system of record-low energy consumption for the next generation of AI
83 A theory as clear as glass
84 How AI could make therapeutic decision-making for breast cancer more accurate, affordable
85 Researchers control multiple wavelengths of light from a single source
86 NBA 'bubble' reveals the ultimate home court advantage, study finds
87 New tool for watching and controlling neural activity
88 Scientists publish open resource to help design 'greener' energy systems
89 Test your heart health by climbing stairs
90 Young people embrace new model of teaching sexual consent, study finds
91 Screening for endocrine disruption in artificial zebrafish for long-term risk assessment
92 Carolina Sandhills Salamander: New species added to species-rich North Carolina
93 Artificial intelligence improves control of powerful plasma accelerators
94 Pitt scientists identify genetic risks of rare inflammatory disease
95 Mass extinctions of land-dwelling animals occur in 27-million-year cycle
96 Sounds, smells could sway our self-image
97 Low blood pressure during hemodialysis may indicate peripheral vascular disease
98 Planning ahead protects fish and fisheries
99 Patients with non-cardiac chest pain are reassured with brief education
100 When chemistry with green light mimics what happens in life
101 'Boss' genes could save human hearts--and the reef
102 Changes in drinking contexts: adolescents' nightly alcohol use
103 Mangroves lock away carbon
104 No association between COVID-19 and Guillain-Barre syndrome
105 Research reveals unexpected insights into early dinosaur's brain, eating habits and agility