File Title
1 Germans want open communication of uncertainty in the coronavirus pandemic
2 Roadmap offers solutions for future of food, global ag innovation
3 Nanocylinder vibrations help quantify polymer curing for 3D printing
4 Self-collected saliva samples prove effective for diagnosing COVID-19
5 COVID-19 found in the cornea: Are transplants a transmission risk?
6 Bosses need appreciation, too
7 Dartmouth researchers work to reduce child-directed food marketing on educational websites
8 UCI, UCSD study: People more likely to pick up prescriptions via automated kiosks
9 UMBC researchers use machine learning to develop more accurate COVID-19 diagnostic tool
10 Natural environmental conditions facilitate the uptake of microplastics into living cells
11 Hubble pins down weird exoplanet with far-flung orbit
12 The psychology of causality
13 First presentation after Hayabusa2 mission return set for SPIE conference 14 December
14 Researchers create roadmap for eliminating defects in health care value
15 How commercial vessels could become tsunami early-warning systems
16 Water on Mars not as widespread as previously thought, study finds
17 Research examines impact of hurricanes on hospitalizations, medical providers
18 Diet modifications--including more wine and cheese--may help reduce cognitive decline
19 Computational method provides faster high-resolution mass spectrometry imaging
20 Princeton Chem reports role of quantum vibrations in electron transfer
21 State-reported data underestimate the true impact of COVID-19 social distancing
22 Bacteria release climate-damaging carbon from thawing permafrost
23 Preschool program linked with better social and emotional skills years later
24 The greening of the earth is approaching its limit
25 Police investigators of online child abuse at risk of mental harm
26 Researchers estimate nearly one-third of oaks are threatened with extinction
27 Atom-thin transistor uses half the voltage of common semiconductors, boosts current density
28 Bad news for fake news: Rice research helps combat social media misinformation
29 PET imaging tracer proves effective for diagnosing and managing rare CNS B-cell lymphoma
30 Quantitative approach on understanding how epigenetic switches control gene expression
31 Essential oral healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic
32 Low oxygen levels in lakes and reservoirs may accelerate global change
33 Diabetes in dogs may indicate elevated risk of type 2 diabetes in their owners
34 Cost information increases utility of decision aids for shared decision making
35 In your face: a compact RGB scanning projector for wearable displays and smart glasses
36 Psychiatric disorders explain increased risk for self-harm in autism spectrum disorders
37 Current pace of action on climate change is "unthinkable" state ex UN climate leaders
38 From the heart: study shows impact of social media appeals from COVID-19 frontliners
39 Quality suffers for audit offices that emphasize non-audit services, study shows
40 Study finds strong links between trust and social media use
41 Genetic differences important in Alzheimer's diagnosis
42 Testing memory over four weeks could predict Alzheimer's disease risk
43 Ferrets, cats and civets most susceptible to coronavirus infection after humans
44 Reactive Video playback that you control with your body
45 FEFU scientists suggest using neuromodulation to treat patients with spinal cord injuries
46 Obstructive sleep apnoea puts a strain on the heart, too
47 Getting the right grip: Designing soft and sensitive robotic fingers
48 A biased evaluation of employees' performance can be useful for employers
49 Amino acid recycling in cells: Autophagy helps cells adapt to changing conditions
50 Robots could replace real therapy dogs
51 The immunomodulatory activity of a drug would improve the efficacy of immunotherapy in breast cancer
52 New algorithm will prevent misidentification of cancer cells
53 NUS researchers finds best combination of available therapies against COVID-19
54 Designed a tool that will automate device programming in the IoT
55 Bio-inspired lanthanide-transition metal cluster for efficient overall water splitting
56 Electronic amoeba finds approximate solution to traveling salesman problem in linear time
57 Why failing hearts love hard workouts
58 Beta-blockers display anti-inflammatory effects in advanced liver disease
59 Tiny bubbles on electrodes key to speeding up chemical processes
60 Rapid lateral flow immunoassay developed for fluorescence detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA
61 Social media provides SMEs with tools to mitigate internationalisation-related threats
62 Melatonin: finally, a supplement that actually boosts memory
63 Making cheaper, biocompatible E-skin electrodes
64 Energy-efficient magnetic RAM: A new building block for spintronic technologies
65 Americans must be vigilant against anti-vax rumors in 'fractured media universe'
66 Fans may relieve breathlessness associated with advanced cancers
67 Research shows impact of bariatric surgery on cardiovascular disease risk in obese teens
68 Gene discovery could help prevent heart attacks
69 Calibrating kidney function for cancer patients
70 Cataloging nature's hidden arsenal: Viruses that infect bacteria
71 COVID-19 lockdown causes unprecedented drop in global CO2 emissions in 2020
72 Study: Teacher performance measures may penalize black educators
73 Studies reveal potential weaknesses in SARS-CoV-2 infection
74 Hematoxylin as a killer of CALR mutant cancer cells
75 The role of platform protection insurance in the sharing economy
76 Study: teacher performance measures may penalize Black educators
77 Bristol researchers publish significant step toward quantum advantage
78 COVID lockdown causes record drop in CO2 emissions for 2020
79 Single-crystal technology holds promise for next-generation lithium-ion batteries
80 Predicting heart disease from the skin
81 Is George's 'Marvellous Medicine' medically useful, dangerous, or both?
82 Who is the girl behind the face of CPR?
83 Dogs and their owners share a risk of developing diabetes
84 Soothing words and music during surgery might reduce postoperative pain
85 Patient death rates higher on surgeons' birthdays
86 Immediate detection of airborne viruses with a disposable kit!
87 Blocking protein restores strength, endurance in old mice, Stanford study finds
88 Using CRISPR, new technique makes it easy to map genetic networks
89 Largest-ever study on children's soft contact lens safety shows low complication rates
90 Immunotherapy improves responses w/o reducing quality of life in early breast cancer
91 What caused the ice ages? Tiny ocean fossils offer key evidence
92 New serological assay provides rapid, accurate testing for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies
93 Mail-order medications often exposed to unsafe temperatures, study shows
94 1300 species, 2400 genes, 21 museums, and 40 years
95 Scientists call for robust goal for species in Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
96 Lyme disease ticks produce antibiotic that protects them from human skin bacteria
97 Insufficient screening for heart damage after noncardiac surgery puts patients at risk
98 Deadly, emergent cancer becoming endemic in Tasmanian devils, reducing extinction threat
99 Researchers demonstrate nondestructive mid-infrared imaging using entangled photons
100 Tasmanian devils may survive their own pandemic
101 Promising treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder, PMDD
102 How much does the way you speak reveal about you?
103 Increased social media use linked to developing depression, research finds
104 Different forms of sugar impact hunger-suppressing hormones in young adults
105 Embryonic development in a petri dish
106 Perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells on the magic threshold of 30% efficiency
107 Artificial intelligence finds surprising patterns in Earth's biological mass extinctions
108 Health: Loneliness and social isolation associated with higher fall risk in elderly people
109 Hearing tones, elements through atomic music
110 Face masks provide additional communication barrier for nonnative speech