File Title
1 Alzheimer Europe sets out future vision of EU dementia policy
2 New biomarker candidate for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
3 First peer-reviewed results of phase 3 human trials of Oxford vaccine show efficacy
4 The pesticides in contact with plastics for mulch take longer to degrade
5 New guidelines for treating the complications of brain tumours
6 Shining a light on what's really happening in perovskite solar cells
7 New blended solar cells yield high power conversion efficiencies
8 Archaeopteryx fossil provides insights into the origins of flight
9 Multiple semiconductor type switching to boost thermoelectric conversion of waste heat
10 Let the sunshine in: self-cleaning membrane under visible light treatment
11 Researchers discover a new superhighway system in the Solar System
12 When strains of E.coli play rock-paper-scissors, it's not the strongest that survives
13 Tomatoes offer affordable source of Parkinson's disease drug
14 Index reveals integrity issues for many of the world's forests
15 Battling COVID-19 using UV light
16 Prehistoric 'sea dragon' discovered on English Channel Coast is identified as new species
17 New program for African American couples leads to stronger relationships, improved health
18 Filming roaming molecular fragments in real time
19 Warm oceans helped first human migration from Asia to North America
20 New study suggests indigenous practices can help revitalize pacific salmon fisheries
21 A simple rule drives the evolution of useless complexity
22 Can sting rays and electric rays help us map the ocean floor?
23 Memory deficits resulting from epigenetic changes in Alzheimer's disease can be reversed
24 New 'sea dragon' discovered off UK coastline
25 Southern Hemisphere westerly winds likely to intensify as climate warms
26 Conflicts of interest among the UK government's COVID-19 advisers are not transparent
27 Shipworms' competitive sex frenzy caught on film
28 Nursing homes may misinterpret mental changes, falls as infection
29 Youth depression tied to higher risk of 66 diseases and premature death
30 Bacterial nanopores open the future of data storage
31 PhD thesis introduces new possibilities of electronic warfare to Estonian Defense Forces
32 Science of sandcastles is clarified, finally
33 USC-led researchers develop new way to watch pancreatic cells package insulin
34 Single-eye gene therapy improves vision in both eyes of patients with inherited eye disorder
35 Honey bees fend off giant hornets with animal dung, U of G researchers discover
36 Obesity impairs immune cell function, accelerates tumor growth
37 Aquatic robot inspired by sea creatures walks, rolls, transports cargo
38 The use of wild mammals in traditional medicine
39 Breast cancer survivors are less likely to get pregnant, but often have healthy babies and good long-term health
40 Omitting radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery may not impact 10-year survival rates for older patients with HR-positive breast cancer
41 Postmenopausal women with early-stage BC/low recurrence score could skip adjuvant chemo
42 Mastectomy and reconstructive surgery may lead to patients becoming persistent drug users
43 CTC dynamics may predict treatment response/prognosis in metastatic breast cancer patients
44 Program reduces social isolation among middle-aged and older adults
45 Under-recognition of symptoms may be common in breast cancer patients receiving radiation
46 High-risk, HR+, HER2-, early-stage BC patients continue to benefit from abemaciclib
47 Exercise may protect bone health after weight loss surgery
48 Many older adults hospitalized with the flu face persistent functional decline
49 Study reveals distinct genomic landscape for young adults with appendiceal cancer
50 Physicians don't always recognize patients' radiation therapy side effects
51 Evolution may be to blame for high risk of advanced cancers in humans
52 Several U.S. populations and regions exposed to high arsenic concentrations in drinking water
53 Hidden symmetry could be key to more robust quantum systems, researchers find
54 Health care workers' COVID infections driven mainly by community exposure
55 Fatty residues on ancient pottery reveal meat-heavy diets of Indus Civilization
56 CO2 pricing & financial transfers: small changes can have a huge effect on climate equity
57 A new way to make arteries
58 How blood and wealth can predict future disability
59 Green pandemic recovery essential to close climate action gap--UN report
60 The ethics of human challenge trials
61 Charles Darwin was right about why insects are losing the ability to fly
62 New compound related to psychedelic ibogaine could treat addiction, depression
63 Examining psychiatric consequences of COVID-19
64 Paleontologists find pterosaur precursors that fill a gap in early evolutionary history
65 Microbes and plants: A dynamic duo
66 How to succeed in keeping your New Year's resolution
67 Using light, red blood cells and a honey bee peptide to deliver therapeutic proteins
68 Some postmenopausal women with common breast cancer may forgo chemotherapy
69 Cardiovascular disease burden, deaths are rising around the world
70 Neurologic complications common even in moderate COVID-19 cases
71 Study: smell, taste should be closely monitored as first signs of COVID-19 infection
72 63-country comparison suggests happiness tests are not universally reliable
73 Honey bees use animal feces as a defense against giant hornet attacks
74 New JILA tools 'turn on' quantum gases of ultracold molecules
75 New study tests machine learning on detection of borrowed words in world languages
76 Maternal asthma medication associated with premature births, small birth weight in infants
77 Advance care planning may influence place of death, avoid dying in hospital
78 Honey bees use animal feces to deter deadly giant hornet attacks
79 Mindfulness meditation reduces symptoms of depression in younger breast cancer survivors
80 Accent perception depends on backgrounds of speaker, listener
81 Noninvasive way to explore traumatic brain injuries
82 Targeting T cell protein could prevent type 1 diabetes, study suggests
83 Masked education: Which face coverings are best for student comprehension?
84 How does eye position affect 'cocktail party' listening?
85 How you measure happiness depends on where you live
86 Gene therapy injection in one eye surprises scientists by improving vision in both
87 Double element co-doped carbon quantum dots enhance photocatalytic efficiency
88 The edible marine snail now contains a new species
89 A surgeon's birthday may be a dicey day for older patients
90 Impacts of COVID-19 emissions reductions remain murky in the oceans
91 Signs of healthy aging found in ergothioneine telomere study
92 Predicting British railway delays using artificial intelligence
93 Study details first artificial intelligence tool to help labs rule-out COVID-19
94 COVID-19 may also invade the central nervous system, cause neurological illnesses
95 Which product categories and industries benefit most from social advertising
96 Restorative justice preferred among the Enga in Papua New Guinea
97 Antiepileptic drug reduces motor neuron excitability in ALS
98 Researchers identify the physical mechanism that can kill bacteria with gold nanoparticles
99 Hubble identifies strange exoplanet that behaves like the long-sought "Planet Nine"
100 Black churches are trusted messengers of COVID-19 information to their communities
101 A genetic shortcut to help visualize proteins at work
102 A potential therapy for one of the leading causes of heart disease
103 When it comes to feeling pain, touch or an itch, location matters
104 NYUAD researchers shed new light on mysteries behind the light emission of fireflies
105 Genomic analysis of early SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in Boston shows role of superspreading events
106 Exoplanet around distant star resembles reputed 'Planet Nine' in our solar system
107 Faster and more efficient information transfer
108 'Fun size' Cas9 nucleases hold promise for easier genome editing
109 New treatment could spare early-stage rectal cancer patients life-altering side effects
110 Artificial Chemist 2.0: quantum dot R&D in less than an hour