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1 Silver linings: Adding silver to the nanoclusters can do wonders for their luminescence
2 Study confirms dark coating can reduce satellite reflectivity
3 Eyebuy: Sweeping glances can cost you money
4 Beavers may help amphibians threatened by climate change
5 Long-term study of gene therapy technique in monkeys finds no adverse health effects
6 Deep Longevity publishes an epigenetic aging clock of unprecedented accuracy
7 Natural reward theory could provide new foundation for biology
8 Steep rise in depressive symptoms among 7-12 year olds during UK-wide lockdown
9 Healthcare workers 7 times as likely to have severe COVID-19 as other workers
10 Magnetic bacteria as micropumps
11 Risk of serious complications during knee replacement 73% higher when a tourniquet is used
12 Researchers share database for studying individual differences in language skills
13 Transforming the scientific community
14 Coral recovery during a prolonged heatwave offers new hope
15 Lab-grown human brain organoids mimic an autism spectrum disorder, help test treatments
16 Most U.S. social studies teachers feel unprepared to teach civic learning
17 Large US study confirms COVID-19 complications: lung, kidney and cardiovascular issues
18 'SCOUT' helps researchers find, quantify significant differences among organoids
19 Adapting magnetometers for noisy, physically demanding environments
20 Tiny nanospindles enhance use of ultrasound to fight cancer
21 What are schools doing to feed students during COVID-19-related closures?
22 Dogs may never learn that every sound of a word matters
23 New method to boost supply of life-saving stem cells
24 Batteries mimic mammal bones for stability
25 Face shields no match for sneeze vortex rings
26 New definition of sustainability overcomes flaw hampering global transformation efforts
27 More years of obesity means higher risk of disease, study finds
28 Delivering sound to people where they want it for VR, AR
29 Science leaders issue clarion call for evidence-based policy
30 A better kind of cybersecurity strategy
31 One-two punch: Sea urchins stuck belly-up in low-oxygen hot water
32 New and unexplored dimension in the study of protein-protein interactions
33 Researchers get a look at the sun's dusty environment
34 Under wraps: X-rays reveal 1,900-year-old mummy's secrets
35 No mortality increase with paclitaxel-coated devices in peripheral arterial disease
36 Toxin provides clues to long-term effects of diarrhea caused by E. coli
37 Toxic pollutants can impact wildlife disease spread
38 Discovery suggests new promise for nonsilicon computer transistors
39 A balancing act: Improved water treatment technique using 'energy matching'
40 Brains work harder while processing descriptions of motion in other languages
41 Big data offers promise of better groundwater management in California
42 How soil fungi respond to wildfire
43 Harvesting the sun's energy for clean drinking water: Where we are, where we need to be
44 Academy scientists describe 213 species in 2020
45 Less light, more trees assist migrating birds
46 First-known fossil iguana burrow found in the Bahamas
47 Hydrogen peroxide keeps gut bacteria away from the colon lining
48 A technique to sift out the universe's first gravitational waves
49 New study helps pinpoint when earth's plate subduction began
50 Engaged dads can reduce adolescent behavioral problems, improve well-being
51 UBCO researchers suggest stool transplants can battle serious infections
52 Research shows disparities in how communities respond to cardiac arrest
53 Religious discrimination particularly high for Jews and Muslims, study shows
54 Science paper links root endodermis and microbiota in mineral balance
55 Glyphosate can create biomarkers predicting disease in future generations
56 Ancient alliance
57 A new evolutionary clue
58 Beating the heat: Oxidation in novel coating material for aircraft gas turbine engines
59 Study connects diabetes, air pollution to interstitial lung disease
60 PET/MRI, CT metrics assess pathologic response of pancreas cancer to neoadjuvant therapy
61 Time to lower body temperature is critical in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
62 Breakthrough in nuclear physics
63 Researchers identify an action mechanism for a drug against Alzheimer' disease
64 'Spooky Interactions,' shocking adaptations discovered in electric fish of Brazil's Amazon
65 Silky sharks find hope in Atlantic, remain targets in Indo-Pacific
66 Hydrogels with fine-toothed molecular combs may make enduring glucose-monitoring implants
67 New-found phenomenon that may improve hurricane forecasts
68 Nature's contributions to people found to be in decline
69 Wielding a gun makes a shooter perceive others as wielding a gun, too
70 Temporal crop diversity stabilizes agricultural production
71 Tri-lab initiative leads innovation in novel hybrid energy systems
72 How neurons form long-term memories
73 Dynamics in the root zone
74 Ability to predict C-diff mortality nearly doubled with new guidelines
75 In California, COVID death rate higher for people with IDD living in congregate settings
76 Higher body temperatures still a factor in patients in remission from rheumatoid arthritis
77 Nebraska anglers are creatures of habit
78 New evidence: Neandertals buried their dead
79 Recommendations for coping with working and learning remotely and returning to the workplace
80 Natural antibiotics produced in wounds increase sleep and survival after injury
81 Hawai'i researchers kept the data flowing during crisis response on Kilauea
82 Young people with autism show cognitive gains from childhood to early adult life
83 'Sparkling' clean water from nanodiamond-embedded membrane filters
84 Sous vide cooking method makes beef protein more digestible
85 'Rambo root' could help with climate action, peace building and environmental issues
86 Warmer springs mean more offspring for prothonotary warblers
87 Neuropeptide discoveries could someday help defeat the dreaded cockroach
88 Magnesium contact ions stabilize the macromolecular structure of transfer RNA
89 Ultrafast dynamics of chiral spin structures observed after optical excitation
90 DeepLabCut-Live! real-time marker-less motion capture for animals
91 The Lancet: New polio vaccine against strain that threatens eradication is safe and generates immune response in adults, young children, and infants
92 The impact of the pandemic on the Brazilian labor market
93 Out with the old, in with the new
94 Five-minute EEG recordings: a key to the symptoms of Parkinson's disease
95 Caterpillars mimic leaves or offer rewards for protection by ants
96 Almost a third of young adults with asthma are ignoring COVID-19 guidelines, says survey
97 Within a hair's breadth--forensic identification of single dyed hair strand now possible
98 Birthday of the roof of the world recalibrated
99 Hip-hop is helping tackle stigma around mental health, say Cambridge researchers
100 Nature conservation requires more dynamic approach to weather impacts of climate change
101 Scientists model photoluminescence kinetics in semiconductor nanoplatelets for better optoelectronics
102 Social media messages help reduce meat consumption
103 Russian mathematicians develop a new model for predicting epidemics based on precedents
104 Game changer perovskite can detect gamma rays
105 UL, Ireland, research finds promising treatment to protect kidney function in diabetes
106 Listen to the birds: illegal diet pill DNP might kill you on the long run
107 Blood test for Alzheimer's disease predicts future cognitive decline in healthy people
108 Alterations to oral microbiota reduce the cardiovascular benefits of sport
109 Spiders in space: without gravity, light becomes key to orientation
110 Insecure livelihoods hindering efforts to combat anti-microbial resistance globally