File Title
1 Major depressive disorder may be defined by a distinct gut microbiome
2 Native American ancestry associated with more mutations in EGFR gene among Latin Americans
3 Flightless birds more common globally before human-driven extinctions
4 Keeping California a powerhouse of almond production
5 LGB adults may be less likely to take statins to prevent heart disease
6 Small and large birth weight linked to genetics of mother and baby--except in tiniest babies
7 CNIC scientists identify a new diagnostic and therapeutic target for cardiovascular disease
8 Visualisation reveals how a protein 'hunkers down' to conserve energy
9 'Message in a bottle' tracks plastic pollution
10 A French team has improved the measurement of a fundamental physical constant
11 The making of mysterious mazes: how animals got their complex colorations
12 Continents prone to destruction in their infancy, study finds
13 Study finds 10 metabolites associated with risk of stroke
14 What's killing killer whales?
15 A baseline comparison of killer whale stranding deaths in the northeastern Pacific/Hawaii
16 Satellite-tagged bottles show promise for tracking plastic litter through rivers
17 Best region for life on Mars was far below surface
18 Octapharma presents results of study on Octagam 10% for severe COVID-19 patients at ASH
19 Battery of tests: Scientists figure out how to track what happens inside batteries
20 Electrical spin filtering the key to ultra-fast, energy-efficient spintronics
21 Researchers find 'missing link'
22 [Beta]-AR agonist therapy puts the brakes on oral cancer progression
23 Can we improve our health with doses of safe, live microbes on a daily basis?
24 Research identifies nanoscale effect of water and mineral content on bone
25 Hidden network of enzymes accounts for loss of brain synapses in Alzheimer's
26 Study highlights strategies for boosting accuracy of personal genetic risk scores
27 Researchers discover how bean plants fend off famished foes
28 Hiring foreign nurses does not hurt US nursing jobs, study shows
29 Researchers adapt cell phone camera for SARS-CoV-2 detection
30 Mailman School experts contribute to new Lancet report on health and climate change
31 Research reveals how airflow inside a car may affect COVID-19 transmission risk
32 No strings attached: maximizing wireless charging efficiency with multiple transmitters
33 First in nation treatment for chronic subdural hematoma at Los Robles Health System
34 Safe space: improving the "clean" methanol fuel cells using a protective carbon shell
35 Once hospitalized, Black patients with COVID-19 have lower risk of death than white
36 New CRISPR-based test for COVID-19 uses a smartphone camera
37 Virtual doctor visits are increasing, but use differs by patient race, age and insurance
38 Airflow modeling suggests driving with all windows down safest to prevent COVID-19 transmission
39 Lung tissue from COVID-19 patients and others reveals promising target to treat lung fibrosis
40 Hidden structure found in essential metabolic machinery
41 Autologous chondrocyte implantation in the knee: M-ACI has comparable benefit to therapy alternative
42 Researchers discover new particle in the blood of septic patients
43 Satellite tag tracks activity levels of highly migratory species across the vast ocean
44 Secukinumab in children with plaque psoriasis: Study unsuitable for benefit assessment
45 New CCNY-developed resource measures severity of work-related depression
46 COVID-19 pandemic responsible for decrease in hepatitis C testing
47 Unlocking the secrets of chemical bonding with machine learning
48 Protein storytelling to address the pandemic
49 Hubble captures unprecedented fading of Stingray nebula
50 BIDMC researchers define immune system's requirements for protection against COVID-19
51 Biologists from RUDN University discovered the secret of flaxseed oil with long shelf life
52 Researchers urge priority vaccination for individuals with diabetes
53 Rochester researchers uncover key clues about the solar system's history
54 RUDN University medics created a wound-healing gel with metabolic products of trichoderma
55 Digital breast tomosynthesis improves invasive cancer detection
56 Inouye Solar Telescope releases first image of a sunspot
57 RUDN University chemists synthesized new fluorescent substances for medical applications
58 The climate changed rapidly alongside sea ice decline in the north
59 LSU Health conducts first study on neighborhood deprivation and COVID in Louisiana
60 New study debunks blood type diet
61 Immunity passports: Ethical conflict and opportunity
62 NIH researchers link cases of ALS and FTD to a Huntington's disease-associated mutation
63 Biological diversity evokes happiness
64 Mimicking the effect of exercise with gene therapy
65 Ionic defect landscape in perovskite solar cells revealed
66 Findings about cilia on cells of the vessel wall may be relevant for diabetes treatment
67 Research confirms crucial monitoring assessment is effective for patients with COVID-19
68 Project 5-100 universities see a dramatic increase in publications in leading journals
69 Optimising laser-driven electron acceleration
70 Characterising complex flows in 2D bubble swarms
71 Detecting solar neutrinos with the Borexino experiment
72 Identifying markers of COVID-19 infection using blood tests
73 Electrons falling flat: Germanium falls into a 2D arrangement on zirconium diboride
74 Using a video game to understand the origin of emotions
75 Gasdermin offers insight into coral necrotic death
76 The Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of having another heart attack
77 Radicals seem to be good for the brain
78 The heavier, the better--superior stability in isotope functionalized perovskites
79 COVID-19 in Victorian schools and childcare mainly driven by community transmission
80 Reversible stickiness is something to smile about
81 'Off switch' during error-prone cell cycle phase may fix CRISPR's unwanted changes problem
83 Gestational age linked to ADHD in children with Down syndrome
84 PTSD with depression may significantly increase risk of early death in women
85 Molecules convert visible light into ultraviolet light with record efficiency
86 Mass incarceration results in significant increases in industrial emissions, study finds
87 Riding in a car in the pandemic: which windows to open?
88 Donor stem cell transplant shown to improve survival in older patients with MDS
89 Baby's first breath triggers life-saving changes in the brain
90 Scientists took a rare chance to prove we can quantify biodiversity by 'testing the water'
91 Tapping overlooked marketing data to drive business growth
92 Green energy transition: Early and steady wins the race
93 New testing system could become the IoT of photovoltaics
94 New pathway in Alzheimer's disease provides earlier target for potential therapies
95 Kidney injury in diabetic ketoacidosis linked to brain injury
96 Thermal stability analysis technique for EV batteries to detect risk of fire or explosion
97 Crystals may help reveal hidden Kilauea Volcano behavior
98 Pediatric ER saw steep drop in asthma visits during spring COVID-19 lockdown
99 Integrated anemia-SCD test demonstrates accurate results in study at 2020 ASH meeting
100 Venetoclax added to standard treatments shows promise in high-risk myeloid blood cancers
101 CAR T-cell therapy found highly effective in patients with high-risk non-Hodgkin lymphoma
102 Study reveals surprising benefit of clonal hematopoiesis in allogeneic transplants
103 ASH: Off-the-shelf immune drug shows promise in aggressive multiple myeloma
104 To accelerate or decelerate in the light-emitting process of zinc-oxide crystals
105 Molecular pores for thought
106 CAR T cell therapy effective as first-line treatment for high-risk large B-cell lymphoma
107 How clean electricity can upgrade the value of captured carbon
108 Measurements of tree height can help cycad conservation decisions
109 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
110 Study shows that active surveillance holds promise as a treatment option for low-risk thyroid cancer