File Title
1 Atlantic hurricane season ends with records driven by climate change
2 Astronomers find carbon monoxide gas flowing from distant star system
3 Genes controlling warbler colors evolved through two separate processes
4 Recycled concrete could reduce pressure on landfills
5 OneWeb's satellite plant returns to full-scale production
6 Iconic dome at Arecibo Observatory collapses
7 Venus figurines offered a model for surviving climate change, new theory says
8 Scientists explain how insects got their wings
9 Microfibers could allow pieces of clothing to track a variety of vital signs
10 Storing carbon through tree planting, preservation costs more than thought
11 New lab-on-a-chip infection test produces diagnostic results in minutes
12 Young continents were fragile and prone to destruction
13 Circadian gene mutations linked to drug abuse risk in study with mice
14 Balloon firm plans test to later take tourists to edge of space
15 Voyager 1 and 2 detect new kind of solar electron burst
16 Chinese moon lander prepares to rendezvous, dock with orbiter
17 NASA chooses 4 firms for first private lunar sample collection
18 Toxic tire additive blamed for massive coho salmon die-offs
19 Brain prosthesis that may restore some vision shows promise in monkeys
20 Early, steady investment in wind, solar best way to decarbonize economy
21 SpaceX to carry heart tissue, fiber optics lab to space station
22 Computer developed in China achieves 'quantum supremacy'
23 China unfurls its first fabric flag on moon
24 World's largest solar observatory releases first image of a sunspot
25 Researchers unveil world's first pocket-sized DNA 'tricorder'
26 Wastewater testing for COVID-19 could soon be a reality
27 SpaceX's first upgraded cargo Dragon capsule docks at space station
28 SpaceX wins $885 million for Starlink broadband service
29 Arctic squirrels recycle their body's own nutrients to survive the long winters
30 Data shows demilitarizing police doesn't put officers or the public at risk
31 Scientists test safer ways driver, passengers can avoid COVID-19 spread
32 SpaceX aborts test flight of Starship Mars rocket
33 Fossils reveal a wet, warm 'Shangri-La'-like ecosystem on Tibetan Plateau
34 Mammal bones inspire design of new sodium-ion battery
35 Arctic experiences second warmest year since 1900
36 Space Force studies idea of national spaceport authority
37 Survey of arsenic in U.S. water raises environmental justice concerns
38 Honeybees ward off giant hornets with animal dung
39 SpaceX flies Starship rocket; it crash lands on launch pad
40 CO2 pricing, transfers may pay large dividends in the fight to curb climate change
41 ULA launches spy satellite on Delta Heavy
42 Island insects abandon the ability to fly, and Darwin knew why
43 Prehistoric 'sea dragon' unearthed on British beach
44 Southern Ocean upwelling fuels glacial-interglacial cycles
45 Four-month-old ravens just as intelligent as adult apes, study suggests
46 Watch live: SpaceX to launch satellite for SiriusXM from Florida
47 Comb jellies make their own glowing compounds instead of relying on food
48 Women have higher risk than men for heart failure, death after heart attack
49 Diabetes, high blood pressure raise odds of COVID-19 harming brain
50 Nearly half of U.S. adults fear surprise bills, don't seek healthcare
51 England sees 30% drop in new COVID-19 infections amid lockdowns
52 Ventilators may leave COVID-19 survivors with windpipe injuries
53 'Repeat what you heard' technique may improve diabetes care
54 Study: Some talc-based cosmetic products contain asbestos
55 Pandemic could be golden time for narcissists, study suggests
56 Vaping cannabis can modestly impair driving up to 4 hours later
57 Finnish researchers say AI tool can help optimize cancer combination therapy
58 Virtual reality, hypnosis may ease pain for IV insertion, stitches
59 COVID-19 can damage lungs so badly that 'only hope' is transplant
60 Analysis: Maternal, newborn deaths could decrease by 60% with more midwife care
61 Lockdown loneliness may worsen Parkinson's disease symptoms
62 Study: Air pollution exposure may be linked to Alzheimer's disease risk
63 Weight-loss surgery often rids patients of Type 2 diabetes
64 Cigarette, chewing tobacco use consistently dropping among teens, study finds
65 CDC: 10-day quarantine sufficient after possible COVID-19 exposure
66 Study: Stress hormones may play a role in cancer recurrence
67 Many hospitalized COVID-19 patients will need longer-term care at home
68 Two-thirds of parents worry about long-term impact of pandemic on kids
69 Study: Gay, lesbian adults often miss out on cholesterol meds
70 Relief for unemployed in U.S. could be crucial for health, study says
71 Study: Two-thirds of young e-cig users quit or cut back early in pandemic
72 Obesity ups women's odds for early hip fracture
73 Study: Bacteria in vagina may impact effectiveness of HIV preventive drugs
74 Metabolites from food could affect stroke risk
75 COVID-19 vaccine efficacy depends on distribution, public confidence, experts say
76 Study: Cancers in U.S. teens, young adults up 30% since 1970s
77 People with Alzheimer's lose financial acumen years before diagnosis
78 High blood sugar increases COVID-19 health risks, even in non-diabetics
79 Study: Black Americans in NYC up to 40% less likely to suffer severe COVID-19
80 Asthma-related ER visits by children declined 80% early in pandemic, hospital found
81 CDC recommends 'universal' use of face masks to prevent COVID-19 spread
82 Smile, grimace can make vaccine jab hurt less, study says
83 Sudden death more common than thought in very young with epilepsy
84 Tanning bed use linked to higher risk for endometriosis in study
85 Erratic infant sleep patterns are normal, study shows
86 ADHD medication ODs rising in U.S. kids, teens
87 Risk for binge drinking increases with each week of COVID-19 lockdowns
88 CDC: Schools, daycares can prevent COVID-19 spread with hygiene, distancing
89 Cutting back on red meat may improve heart health, study shows
90 'Universal' flu vaccine shows promise in early-stage trial
91 FDA: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine offers protection within 10 days of first dose
92 At least 1 in 10 COVID-19 patients experiences lung or kidney complications
93 Study: Oxford vaccine 70% effective at preventing COVID-19
94 Helmetless bikers ride 'donorcycles,' organ transplant experts warn
95 New therapy may be better, safer way to rid some kids of seizures
96 Rap music helping open conversation on mental health, study says
97 Study: Sports could be good therapy for boys with behavioral issues
98 'Body issues' significantly raise depression risk for teens, researchers say
99 Study: Men at higher risk for serious illness, death from COVID-19
100 Some older breast cancer patients can safely cut down on chemo
101 Researchers identify skin symptoms of rare children's disease linked to COVID-19
102 Side effects often missed during breast cancer radiation therapy
103 Childhood depression closely linked to diseases, early death, study says
104 Study: Heart disease leading cause of death worldwide
105 Mindfulness helps young women after breast cancer, study says
106 COVID-19 leaving patients with neurological harm, even moderate cases
107 WHO: Heart disease, stroke leading causes of death in 2019
108 Study: High-dose flu shot may not carry extra benefit for heart patients
109 Mail-order prescriptions often exposed to unsafe temperatures, study finds
110 CDC: ER visits for child abuse drop during pandemic
111 Instagram influencers affect body image of young men
112 Proof-of-concept study shows dogs can detect COVID-19 in human sweat
113 Newborns' first breath may shed light on SIDS, researchers say
114 Working from home carries its own health perils, survey shows
115 COVID-19 vaccine is recommended even if you already had the virus
116 New approach fosters clearer understanding of sexual 'consent' in teens
117 U.S. sees 329 gun injuries every day, study says