File Title
1 Hubble Space Telescope Explains Oddball Galaxy's Missing Dark Matter
2 MIT's New Center to Advance Predictive Simulation Research Will Focus on Exascale Simulation of Materials in Hypersonic Flow Environments
3 Sorting Out Viruses with Machine Learning: AI-Powered Nanotechnology May Lead to New Rapid COVID-19 Tests
4 Connecting Earth with the Moon: Lunar Satellites
5 Fourth Iteration of Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial Underway
6 ABOVE & Beyond: New Drone Technology Improves Ability to Forecast Volcanic Eruptions
7 Demystifying Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Protect Species
8 Hit or Miss? Gigantic Iceberg Bears Down on South Georgia Island
9 Social Distancing Isn't Enough to Prevent Infection--How to Detect COVID-19 Super-Spreaders
10 Air Quality Influences the Pandemic, Can Aggravate the Consequences of COVID-19
11 Improving Lithium-Ion Battery Performance, Cell Lifetime for Renewable Energy Applications
12 How to Protect Healthcare Workers from COVID-19: Preventing Disease Transmission in Hospitals
13 Faster, Smaller, Smarter and More Energy-Efficient Chips: World's Smallest Atom-Memory Unit Created
14 Milky Way Is Being Twisted and Deformed with Extreme Violence by the Gravitational Force of the LMC's Dark Matter Halo
15 New COVID-19 Research Provides Deep Insights into Transmission and Mutation Properties of SARS-CoV-2
16 MIT Rapid Agent Aerosol Detector: Highly Sensitive Trigger Enables Fast Detection of Biological Agents
17 Follow Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich in Real Time as It Orbits Earth, Gathering Critical Measurements
18 Earth 16,000 MPH Faster, 2000 Light-Years Closer to Supermassive Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way
19 Recipe for a Storm: Scientists Generate Realistic Storm Turbulence in the Laboratory
20 Science Made Simple: What Are Solar Fuels?
21 See the New Primate Species--Popa Langur--Discovered in Myanmar
22 Scientists Catch Supermassive Black Holes Launching Newborn Radio Jets
23 Multiple Wavelengths of Light Emitted from a Single Source Using Carbon Dot Nanoparticles
24 Global Task Force to Investigate Origins of COVID-19 Pandemic to "Ensure History Does Not Repeat"
25 Ancient Blanket Made with 11,500 Turkey Feathers by Inhabitants of the American Southwest
26 Studying the Sun from Far Away like a Star to Understand Stellar Flares and Exoplanets
27 Mathematicians Apply 19th Century Ideas to Modern Computerized Algebra Systems
28 Like a Leaf--New Artificial Photosynthesis Method to Capture CO2 Directly from the Air and Turn It into Fuel
29 Mitochondrial Changes Key to Human Health Problems in Space
30 Uncovering Mysteries of Earth's Primeval Atmosphere 4.5 Billion Years Ago and the Emergence of Life
31 New Therapy for Flu May Help in Fight Against COVID-19, HIV, and Many Other Pathogenic Viruses
32 Updated Periodic Table: Russian Scientists Propose New Way of Ordering the Elements
33 Doctors Save the Lives of COVID-19 Patients by Using Existing Treatment Earlier
34 Hubble Space Telescope Captures a Vast Cosmic Wonderland
35 Simulating NASA's SLS Rocket Launch for Artemis Missions to the Moon
36 Japanese Researchers Reveal New Mechanism of Pain Control
37 RoboGrammar: Automated & Optimized Robot Design for Traversing Various Terrain Types
38 Astronauts Grow Radishes in Second Advanced Plant Habitat Experiment in Space
39 Biochemical Random Number: Scientists Have Generated a Huge True Random Number Using DNA Synthesis
40 ExoMy: 3D Print, Assemble, and Program Your Own Mars Rover
41 Researchers Solve Anti-aging Mystery--Identify Gene Responsible for Cellular Aging
42 Warning Signs Over Effectiveness of HIV "Wonder Drug" in Sub-Saharan Africa Due to Genetic Mutations
43 Artificial Intelligence Predicts Drug Combinations that Kill Cancer Cells More Effectively
44 Humanity's Oldest Sculptures: Researchers New Theory on "Venus" Figurines May Have Solved Mystery
45 COVID-19 Scientists Recognized with 2020 Golden Goose Award
46 New Ways to Store Energy: Electrochemical Technologies Can Help Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels
47 Solving a Cosmological Ghost Particle Mystery: Theory that Neutrinos Shape the Universe Validated
48 Suffering from Post-COVID Pain or Weakness? Request an Ultrasound or MRI--Here's Why
49 There Many Different COVID-19 Tests--Which One to Choose?
50 Landmark Study: Cannabidiol (CBD) in Cannabis Does Not Impair Driving
51 Soft, Stretchy and Strong Electronic Skin Mimics Natural Functions of Human Skin
52 Warning: Bleach-Alternative COVID-19 Surface Disinfectants May Pollute Indoor Air
53 Obesity / Type 2 Diabetes Changes Cell Response to Glucose, Uses Slower Metabolic Path
54 Suction Thrust--Many-Limbed Marine Organisms Don't Actually Push Themselves Forward to Swim
55 New Atlas of the Universe Created--Includes a Million Galaxies We've Never Seen Before
56 Analysis of Coroners' Reports Raises Warning: Swallowing Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Can Kill
57 Pets, Touch and COVID-19: Why Our Cats, Dogs and Other Furry Friends Are Lifesavers
58 Major Scientific Advance: DeepMind AI AlphaFold Solves 50-Year-Old Grand Challenge of Protein Structure Prediction
59 Keeping California a Powerhouse of Almond Production While Improving Environmental Quality
60 New Lab-on-a-Chip Could Enable Fast, Easy Testing for Colds, Flu, UTIs, and COVID-19 at Home
61 Photoacoustic Airborne Sonar System Combines Light and Sound to See Underwater
62 Unraveling the Mystery of the Mars Moon Phobos with Laboratory Experiments
63 New Device Offers Faster Way to Detect Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
64 Scientists Investigate Mysterious "Obesity Paradox"
65 MIT Mechanical Engineers Develop Solutions to Help Slow and Stop the Spread of COVID-19
66 Camouflage Skin Developed that Provides On-Demand Cloaking in Both Daylight and Night
67 Scientists Reverse the Aging Clock: Restore Age-Related Vision Loss Through Epigenetic Reprogramming
68 What's Killing Killer Whales? Pathology Reports on More than 50 Killer Whales in the Northeast Pacific and Hawaii
69 During COVID-19, Emergency Department Doctors Are Asking: "Where Did All the Patients Go?"
70 How the Insect Got Its Wings: Solving a Mystery that Has Puzzled Biologists for Over a Century
71 ClearSpace-1: Earth's First Space Debris Removal Mission
72 New COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Protects Against Coronavirus and Yellow Fever
73 Hidden Beauty: First Experimental Observation of Three-Dimensional Magnetic "Vortex Rings"
74 These Foods Contain Nutrients that Can Inhibit a Key SARS-CoV-2 Enzyme Needed for the COVID Virus to Replicate
75 Early Space Age Relic: NASA Confirms Mysterious Object Orbiting Earth Is 1960's-Era Centaur Rocket Booster
76 New Dynamic Global COVID Surveillance System Predicts Direction, Speed and Acceleration of Virus
77 Magnetism Does the Twist: Skyrmions 10,000 Times Thinner than a Human Hair Could Advance High-Density Data Storage
78 Extensive Early Melting Detected Along the Antarctic Peninsula
79 Unique Physics in Interstellar Space: Voyager Spacecraft Detect New Type of Solar Electron Burst
80 Best Region for Life on Mars Was Miles Below Surface
81 What Protects Children from Severe COVID-19? Here's What Researchers Found
82 Researchers Discover Phosphorus--an Element Necessary for Life--in Particles Collected from a Comet
83 See the Dramatic Footage of the Collapse of Arecibo Observatory's Massive 305-Meter Telescope
84 Astronauts on International Space Station Harvest First Radish Crop
85 Spring Heats Up Down Under: Australia Just Experienced Its Warmest Spring on Record
86 Unexpected Similarity Discovered Between Honey Bee and Human Social Life
87 Shadow Robot: AI Algorithms Bring Robot Hands One Step Closer to Human
88 Galileo Satellites Help Rescue Sailor in Solo Round-the-World Yacht Race After Raging Waves Pounded His Vessel Apart
89 Rapid-Forming Giant Planets Could Disrupt Spiral Protoplanetary Discs
90 Lunar Trailblazer: NASA Approves New Satellite to Map the Moon's Surface
91 An Unexpected Expanse of Sand in Alaska--Rising as High as 100 Feet Above the Surrounding Forests
92 Separating Gases Using Flexible Molecular Sieves Made from Metal-Organic Frameworks
93 Rapid Mental Rejuvenation: Experimental Drug Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline Within Days
94 Major Breakthrough for the Power Industry: New System Measures Solar Performance Over the Long Term
95 A Microscope for Everyone: Open-Source Optical Toolbox Delivers High-Resolution Images for Tiny Fraction of the Price
96 The World's Smallest Primate Reveals the Incredible Preservation of Our Visual System Through Millions of Years of Evolution
97 Crystals from 1959 May Help Reveal Hidden Volcano Behavior and Predict Future Eruptions
98 N/A
99 To the Milky Way's Anticenter and Beyond: Gaia's New Detailed Data from More than 1.8 Billion Stars
100 Taking to the Skies: Air Taxis Could Significantly Reduce Fuel Consumption and Traffic Congestion
101 Climate Change: "Once in a Lifetime" Floods to Become Regular Occurrences by End of Century
102 Hubble Captures Unprecedented Fading of Stingray Nebula--"This Is Very, Very Dramatic, and Very Weird"
103 Ants Swallow Their Own Acid to Kill Harmful Bacteria in Their Food
104 New Molecules Derived from CBD Designed with More Potent Antioxidants for Treating Skin Diseases
105 Scientists Solve the Mystery Behind an Enigmatic Organelle, the Pyrenoid
106 Potential of Hepatitis C Drugs to Treat COVID-19 by Stopping the Virus from Spreading
107 Increased Heat from Arctic Rivers Is Melting Sea Ice in the Arctic Ocean and Warming the Atmosphere
108 Massive Underground "Ghost Particle" Detector Finds Final Secret of Our Sun's Fusion Cycle
109 Incredible Vision in Ancient "Radiating Teeth" Deep Sea Creatures Drove an Evolutionary Arms Race
110 MIT Physicists Created a Perfect Fluid and Captured the Sound--Listen Here
111 Australia-Bound Asteroid Sample from Japan's Hayabusa2 Mission May Reveal Life's Origins
112 Our Galaxy's Brightest Gamma-Ray Binary System May Be Powered by a Magnetar Star
113 Mitigating Climate Change and Extreme Heat with Reflective Pavements
114 How Airflow Inside a Car May Affect COVID-19 Transmission Risk--What Works Best for Windows and Ventilation
115 See the Incredible First Image of a Sunspot from the Inouye Solar Telescope