File Title
1 Ariel moves from blueprint to reality
2 Radioactive elements may be crucial to the habitability of rocky planets
3 New exoplanet model tells astronomers where to look using 4 simple variables
4 Stars and planets grow up together as siblings
5 Assessing the habitability of planets around old red dwarfs
6 NASA awards contract for flight and integration services
7 Gilmour Space and Northrop Grumman sign MoU to Grow Sovereign Capabilities in Australia
8 European Vega rocket failed 'because of wire mix-up'
9 ESA dual EO satellite launch fails minutes after takeoff
10 Best region for life on Mars was far below surface
11 Independent Review Indicates NASA Prepared for Mars Sample Return Campaign
12 Clay subsoil at Earth's driest place may signal life on Mars
13 Could life exist deep underground on Mars
14 Perseverance will use X-rays to hunt fossils
15 Study shows difficulty in finding evidence of life on Mars
16 Mars-bound: NASA's life-seeking rover Perseverance set for launch
17 UK scientists help NASA answer the question, 'was there life on Mars?'
18 NASA's Perseverance rover will scour Mars for signs of life
19 NASA updates planetary protection policies for lunar and mars human missions
20 Johnson-Built Device to Help Mars Perseverance Rover Search for Signs of Life
21 NASA takes first step to allow computers to decide what to tell us in search for life on Mars
22 NASA's new Mars mission will take at least a decade to confirm life
23 Study suggests terrestrial life unlikely to contaminate Mars
24 Bacteria in rock deep under sea inspire new search for life on Mars
25 Organic molecules discovered by Curiosity Rover consistent with early life on Mars
26 Solving fossil mystery could aid quest for ancient life on Mars
27 Mars scientists investigate ancient life in Australia
28 China plans to launch new space science satellites
29 How it took decades for space program to take off
30 Moon mission tasked with number of firsts for China
31 OneWeb's satellite plant returns to full-scale production
32 Telesat to become public company through agreement with Loral Space and Communications and PSP Investments
33 UK government secures satellite network OneWeb
34 SpaceX's Starlink satellites are about to ruin stargazing for everyone
35 China launches new mobile telecommunication satellite
36 Lincoln Laboratory is designing a payload to integrate on Japanese satellites
37 New Data Confirm 2020 SO to be the Upper Centaur Rocket Booster from the 1960's
38 ESA and ClearSpace SA sign contract for world's first debris removal mission
39 Astroscale announces March 2021 Launch Date for Debris Removal Demonstration
40 Rochester researchers uncover key clues about the solar system's history
41 Fast-moving gas flowing away from young star's asteroid belt may be caused by icy comet vaporisation
42 Swedish space instrument participates in the search for life around Jupiter
43 Researchers model source of eruption on Jupiter's moon Europa
44 Pacific Islands Forum to hold virtual climate summit
45 'Moderate to strong' La Nina this year: UN
46 Galileo satellites help rescue Vendee Globe yachtsman
47 Chinese probe lands on Moon to gather lunar samples
48 Turning Moon dust into oxygen
49 Chaotic early solar system collisions resembled 'asteroids' arcade game
50 Contract signed for new Copernicus ROSE-L mission
51 Copernicus satellites keep eyes on icebergs for Vendee Globe
52 Over to you, Eumetsat
53 20 Years of Observing Earth from the International Space Station
54 Contracts signed for three high-priority ESA environmental missions
55 SOHO's pioneering 25 years in orbit
56 Iconic dome at Arecibo Observatory collapses
57 Australian telescope creates a new atlas of the universe
58 ABB and Nuvu to deliver exo-planet cameras for NASA future telescope
59 NASA's Webb Completes Significant Testing Milestone for Deployable Tower
60 Shape-shifting mirror hunts for exoplanets
61 ILOA-IM announce agreement for 2021 Lunar Landing and Milky Way imaging
62 Arecibo Observatory incurs more damage as another support cable snaps
63 FAST reveals mystery of fast radio bursts from the universe
64 First light on a next-gen astronomical survey toward a new understanding of the cosmos
65 Qamcom wins prestigious space project
66 Researchers chronicle the Spitzer Space Telescope's legacy
67 Webb Telescope completes environmental testing
68 New technology is a 'science multiplier' for astronomy
69 Can life survive a star's death
70 Update on Arecibo Observatory Facility After Telescope Damage
71 Primary mirror for NASA's Roman Space Telescope completed
72 USTC researchers design continuous-scanning sky brightness monitor in 2.5- to 5-micron band
73 Ground segment testing a success for Webb Space Telescope
74 Unveiling rogue planets with NASA's Roman Space Telescope
75 Webb Telescope is an international endeavor
76 Miniature telescope demonstration focuses on sharpening view of distant objects in space
77 Machine learning finds a surprising early galaxy
78 Astronomers pinpoint the best place on Earth for a telescope: High on a frigid Antarctic plateau
79 Next step in simulating the universe
80 A hint of new physics in polarized radiation from the early Universe
81 NASA's Roman Space Telescope to Uncover Echoes of the Universe's Creation
82 The universe is getting hot, hot, hot, a new study suggests
83 Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Critical for GPS, Seen in Distant Stars
84 Astrophysics team lights the way for more accurate model of the universe
85 A billion tiny pendulums could detect the universe's missing mass
86 New measurements of the solar spectrum verify Einstein's theory of General Relativity
87 Radio astronomers join moon mission to explore early universe
88 UH Manoa researchers predict location of novel candidate for mysterious dark energy
89 Universe Is More Homogeneous than Expected
90 Cosmic tango between the very small and the very large
91 Researchers confirm age of universe at 13.8 billion years
92 A Beacon from the Early Universe
93 Mapping the Early Universe with NASA's Webb Telescope
94 A blue spark to shine on the origin of the Universe
95 Australian scientists reveal a lost 8 billion light years of universe evolution
96 New distance measurements bolster challenge to basic model of universe
97 Astrophysicists confirm cornerstone of Einstein's Theory of Relativity
98 Cosmic quasars embrace 1970s fashion trend
99 Hubble makes surprising find in the early universe
100 Astronomers find cosmic golden needle buried for two decades
101 Half the matter in the universe was missing--we found it hiding in the cosmos
102 Researchers validate theory that neutrinos shape the universe
103 A new beat in quantum matter
104 No matter the size of a nuclear party, some protons and neutrons will pair up and dance
105 Scientists work to shed light on Standard Model of particle physics
106 Scientists find upper limit for the speed of sound
107 Molecular swarm rearranges surface structures atom by atom
108 Hunting for the lowest known nuclear-excited state
109 New approach to exotic quantum matter
110 Why there is no speed limit in the superfluid universe
111 New calculation refines comparison of matter with antimatter
112 Large Hadron Collider upgrade to be led by Manchester scientists