File Title
1 New immunotherapeutic approach takes aim at cancer's enzyme shield
2 After 100 years, Cornell University plant pathologists revisit fire blight hypothesis
3 ASM journals build mechanisms to promote gender equity
4 Army researchers look to reduce rotorcraft noise
5 Geoscientists use zircon to trace origin of Earth's continents
6 How automated vehicles can impede driver performance, and what to do about it
7 How to spot winning sperm: examine their racing stripes
8 Increasing HPV vaccine uptake in adolescents
9 Stimulus relief funds increase social distancing to stop spread of COVID-19
10 Tomato's wild ancestor is a genomic reservoir for plant breeders
11 Statins can save lives, are they being used?
12 Telomere shortening protects against cancer
13 Engaging family caregivers key to coordinated home health care
14 Vitamin D regulates calcium in intestine differently than previously thought
15 Long-term data shows racial & ethnic disparities in effectiveness of anti-smoking measures
16 For people with certain BRCA mutations, activating the immune system could be promising treatment
17 Seismic activity of New Zealand's alpine fault more complex than suspected
18 Alcohol-free hand sanitizer just as effective against COVID as alcohol-based versions
19 Researchers study influence of cultural factors on gesture design
20 Shrinking massive neural networks used to model language
21 Trees can help slow climate change, but at a cost
22 Study identifies novel mechanisms that cause protein clumping in brain diseases
23 Story tips from Johns Hopkins experts on COVID-19
24 Molecule that regulates muscle adaptation to exercise is discovered
25 Study finds false widow spiders bite can transmit harmful antibiotic-resistant bacteria
26 Bleach-alternative COVID-19 surface disinfectants may pollute indoor air: USask research
27 Oncotarget launches special collection on breast cancer
28 AI-based 'OxyGAN' is a robust, effective method to measure tissue oxygen levels
29 How are older adults coping with the mental health effects of COVID-19?
30 Study sheds light on immune mechanism that triggers cytokine storm typical of COVID-19
31 The shorter the delay, the more effective the neurofeedback
32 Study suggests metabolism influences parasite's resistance to drugs
33 What will the climate be like when earth's next supercontinent forms?
34 In a holiday season unlike any other, avoid unfounded claims about suicide
35 Molecular 'barcode' helps decide which sperm will reach an egg
36 IU researchers publish first article dedicated to Hoosier youth's donated tumor
37 European colonization accelerated erosion tenfold
38 First report card on biosimilars in oncology
39 Story tips: Air taxis, fungi speak, radiation game and climate collab
40 Cost of planting, protecting trees to fight climate change could jump
41 Skoltech scientists run a 'speed test' to boost production of carbon nanotubes
42 Meningococcus B vaccine prevents disease with 79 percent effectiveness in under-18s
43 LSU Health New Orleans discovers drug development target for retinal dystrophies
44 Scientists warn of the social and environmental risks tied to the energy transition
45 Watching the Arctic thaw in fast-forward
46 Plants on aspirin
47 AI reduces computational time required to study fate of molecules exposed to light
48 Cancer cells 'remove blindfold' to spread
49 New study links number of menopause symptoms with job performance
50 Multi-center, multi-tracer PET studies harmonized to detect neuroinflammation in ALS
51 Early human landscape modifications discovered in Amazonia
52 Ongoing anticoagulant treatment does not seem to protect against severe COVID-19
53 Pronouns matter--pronoun use conveys inclusivity
54 During the coronavirus pandemic, radio has proved to be the medium of reference
55 Breaking the rules of chemistry unlocks new reaction
56 Chemical memory in plants affects chances of offspring survival
57 Adults with overweight or obesity often don't recognize they have a weight problem
58 Obesity increases the risk of early hip fracture in postmenopausal women
59 Kids' TV teaching children wrong lessons about pain--new study
60 New research reveals 'megatrends' that will affect forests in the next decade
61 Hydrogen-powered heavy duty vehicles could contribute significantly to achieving climate goals
62 The (un)social network: The emergence of digital thought clones and what to do about them
63 Climate change warms groundwater in Bavaria
64 KU Leuven vaccine candidate protects against COVID-19 and yellow fever
65 The new generation solar, developed by TalTech, cells contribute to the green revolution
66 SLC25A51 regulates the transport of the coenzyme NAD into the mitochondria
67 Environmental exposures affect therapeutic drugs
68 RUDN University mathematician suggested new approach to cooperative game
69 Curtin collision models impact the future of energy
70 How thyroid function affects stress-related heart problems
71 Treating brain diseases now possible
72 SMART researchers develop customised targeting of bacteria using lysins
73 Octogenarian snapper found in WA becomes oldest tropical reef fish by two decades
74 Danish researchers develop budget optical ammonia sensor
75 A semiconductor chip detects antigen concentrations at 1 parts per quadrillion molar mass
76 Tunable rainbow light trapping in ultrathin resonator arrays
77 Ultrasensitive transistor for herbicide detection in water
78 Nonlinear ionization dynamics of hot dense plasma observed in a laser-plasma amplifier
79 Drug reverses age-related cognitive decline within days
80 Next step in simulating the universe
81 Tweaking carotenoid genes helps tomatoes bring their a-game
82 Why long-suffering hosts grow a thick skin
83 Some primary school-aged children self-harm, prompting calls for earlier intervention
84 Scientists discover role of protein in detecting the common cold virus
85 New childhood dementia insight
86 Children with dyslexia show stronger emotional responses
87 Pumping a nanoparticle to lase at low power
88 Virus-like probes could help make rapid COVID-19 testing more accurate, reliable
89 Why people become defensive and how to address it
90 Genomic analysis of mako shark reveals genes relating to tumor suppression in humans
91 Pets, touch and COVID-19: why our furry friends are lifesavers
92 Repurposed mouse model sheds light on loss of smell in COVID-19
93 CU Anschutz researcher offers new theory on 'Venus' figurines
94 National Autism Indicators Report: health and health care of individuals with autism
95 CRISPR tagging improves accuracy of model cells grown from stem cells
96 Football-loving states slow to enact youth concussion laws
97 'Anti-antibiotic' allows for use of antibiotics without driving resistance
98 Deciphering the energetic code of cells for better anticancer therapies
99 Targets for avoidable sight loss 'not being met'
100 Swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizer can kill, warns analysis of coroners' reports
101 'Mum test' not enough to convince people to get the COVID-19 jab
102 Older adults in wealthier countries drink more alcohol
103 How the insect got its wings: Scientists (at last!) tell the tale
104 Lab results don't explain 'obesity paradox,' but bias may
105 New device offers faster way to detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria
106 Clothing, tattoos could be used to monitor patient health
107 Cancer cases are rising in adolescents and young adults
108 Out of many COVID-19 tests, which one to choose?
109 AI predicts which drug combinations kill cancer cells
110 Warning signs over effectiveness of HIV 'wonder drug' in sub-Saharan Africa