File Title
1 Older adults with dementia exhibit financial 'symptoms' up to six years before diagnosis
2 Seismic guidelines underestimate impact of 'The Big One' on metro Vancouver buildings
3 Big data saves lives, and patient safeguards are needed
4 Research unlocks new information about reading through visual dictionary in the brain
5 Experimental vaccine for deadly tickborne virus effective in cynomolgus macaques
6 Preschool children can't see the mountains for the cat
7 Mothers' stress may lead to preterm births, faster aging in children
8 MSK study is the first to link microbiota to dynamics of the human immune system
9 Does your pain feel different in English and Spanish?
10 Study shows strong links between music and math, reading achievement
11 Protein commonly screened for in pregnancy is linked to gestational diabetes
12 AI model uses retinal scans to predict Alzheimer's disease
13 Ultrathin spray-applied MXene antennas are ready for 5G
14 Unexpected similarity between honey bee and human social life
15 First meta-analysis shows promise for yoga, meditation, mindfulness in concussion
16 Major differences in palliative care provision across the globe
17 Math enables custom arrangements of liquid 'nesting dolls'
18 Study explores how telemedicine may ease ER overcrowding
19 Chemical compounds in foods can inhibit a key SARS-CoV-2 enzyme
20 Black bear gut biome surprisingly simple, scientists say
21 Combination therapy might improve outcomes in treatment-resistant liver cancer
22 Genetic treatment plus exercise reverses fatigue in mice with muscle wasting disease
23 Pyroclasts protect the paintings of Pompeii buried but damage them when they are unearthed
24 Future Brahmaputra River flooding as climate changes may be underestimated, study says
25 Tipping point for the climate can already be a reality in East Asia
26 Teaching computers the meaning of sensor names in smart home
27 Customized programming of human stem cells
28 New tests identify very early changes in Alzheimer's disease before symptoms appear
29 Researchers show risk-averse teens sway peers to make safer choices
30 DeepMind develops AI solution to 50-year-old protein challenge
31 Laboratory experiments unravelling the mystery of the Mars moon Phobos
32 Study reveals unintended impact of conversation policies
33 Imagining perfect molecules using AI--a benchmarking system for generative chemistry
34 Molecular mechanism of long-term memory discovered
35 Wuhan mass screening identifies hundreds of asymptomatic cases
36 How SARS-CoV-2 reaches the brain
37 How 'smell training' could help overcome post-viral smell distortions
38 Plastic contaminants harm sea urchins
39 Separating gases using flexible molecular sieves
40 New method identifies adaptive mutations in complex evolving populations
41 Thinking outside the cage
42 A shapeshifting material based on inorganic matter
43 Fit gamers challenge 'fat' stereotype, new esports research
44 Liver cirrhosis: Disease progression
45 Natural resources governance--responsibilization of citizens or forcing responsibility on them?
46 Young people feel let down by politicians and media stereotypes, says new research
47 UN to issue first-ever global report on harmful algal blooms
48 Hitting the quantum 'sweet spot': Researchers find best position for atom qubits in silicon
49 New cyberattack can trick scientists into making toxins or viruses--Ben-Gurion University researchers
50 Lower current leads to highly efficient memory
51 N-heterocyclic phosphines: promising catalysts for transfer hydrogenation
52 Sustainable regenerated isotropic wood
53 Cortex over reflex: Study traces circuits where executive control overcomes instinct
54 More than one-third of children with COVID-19 show no symptoms: study
55 Family pigs prefer their owner's company as dogs do, but they might not like strangers
56 Why spending a long time on your phone isn't bad for mental health
57 Raman holography
58 Holographic fluorescence imaging
59 New Hubble data explains missing dark matter
60 New DNA scanning method could lead to quicker diagnosis of cancer and rare disease
61 How we learn words and sentences at the same time
62 FEFU scientists explain how to storage cipher data in magnetic skyrmions
63 Fingerprints' moisture-regulating mechanism strengthens human touch--study
64 Cancer survivors at higher risk of hospitalization or dying from flu
65 Nanoscopic barcodes set a new science limit
66 Mystery of Siberian freshwater seal food choice solved
67 Gut microbes: a key to normal sleep
68 Researchers find how stress and the circadian clock affect sleep
69 How does the spider spin its self-assembled silk?
70 The 'smell' of coral as an indicator of reef health
71 On-chip erbium-doped lithium niobate microcavity laser
72 Guam's most endangered tree species reveals universal biological concept
73 Tree rings provide evidence for climate regime shifts
74 Biodiesel made from discarded cardboard boxes
75 Mild electrical stimulation with heat shock ameliorates kidney disease
76 A dessert-like desert: Californian lithosphere resembles creme brulee
77 Killer electrons in strumming sky lights
78 Even razor clams on sparsely populated Olympic Coast can't escape plastics, study finds
79 Earth faster, closer to black hole in new map of galaxy
80 Jaguars robust to climate extremes but lack of food threatens species
81 Simulations open a new way to reverse cell aging
82 Astronomical instrument hunts for ancient metal
83 Detecting bacteria with fluorescent nanosensors
84 COVID-19 studies should also focus on mucosal immunity, researchers argue
85 Malicious dark web activity unevenly prevalent in free nations, researchers find
86 Measuring broken hearts: divorce has negative effects on physical and mental health
87 Penn researchers unlock the door to tumor microenvironment for CAR T cells
88 Dream reports during the COVID 19 pandemic
89 Forest fires, cars, power plants join list of risk factors for Alzheimer's disease
90 Warbler coloration shaped by evolution via distinct paths
91 Supplement to Annals of IM discusses key considerations, strategies to address maternal mortality
92 Fast-moving gas flowing away from young star caused by icy comet vaporisation
93 Heart disease risk in women increases leading up to menopause; early intervention is key
94 Forearm fractures may signal intimate partner violence
95 Women found to be at higher risk for heart failure and heart attack death than men
96 AI solution to a 50-year-old science challenge could 'revolutionise' medical research
97 Infant language exposure shapes brain circuitry
98 Researchers identify gene responsible for cellular aging
99 Deep learning predicts woman's risk for breast cancer
100 Nonlinear beam cleaning in spatiotemporally mode-locked lasers
101 Targets for avoidable sight loss 'not being met': 30-year study finds
102 Researchers validate theory that neutrinos shape the universe
103 NTU Singapore study suggests self-determination as key to avoid caregiver burden
104 Psychology research shows 'water cooler talk' can have big benefits
105 Electronic waste on the decline, new study finds
106 Study finds COVID-19 hindering US academic productivity of faculty with young children
107 More evidence that cellular 'death by iron' could be promising avenue of cancer treatment
108 Glucosamine may reduce overall death rates as effectively as regular exercise
109 COVID-19 may deepen depression, anxiety, and PTSD among pregnant and postpartum women
110 New method sees fibers in 3D, uses it to estimate conductivity