File Title
1 Which factors trigger leaf die-off in autumn?
2 Struggles of care home staff during COVID-19 first wave revealed in Whatsapp messages
3 Sun model completely confirmed for the first time
4 Rapid-forming giants could disrupt spiral protoplanetary discs
5 Microswimmers move like moths to the light
6 T-ray technology reveals what's getting under your skin
7 Researchers discovered solid phosphorus from a comet
8 Deadly snake bites: Potential antivenom discovered
9 Doctors confirm the existence of multiple chronotypes
10 Surrey's new hybrid X-ray detector goes toe-to-toe with state-of-the-art rivals
11 Light confinement in a 3D space
12 The neurobiology of thirst: The neural mechanisms that control hydration
13 A cold-health watch and warning system for cold waves in Quebec
14 UCLA study of threatened desert tortoises offers new conservation strategy
15 Archaeology: Neanderthal thumbs better adapted to holding tools with handles
16 Satellite images confirm uneven impact of climate change
17 Scientists develop new gene therapy for eye disease
18 A route for avoiding defects during additive manufacturing
19 ECDC and WHO call for improved HIV testing in Europe
20 Study revealing the secret behind a key cellular process refutes biology textbooks
21 German researchers compile world's largest inventory of known plant species
22 Tree rings capture an abrupt irreversible shift in east Asia's climate
23 A multidisciplinary policy design to protect consumers from AI collusion
24 In temperate trees, climate-driven increase in carbon capture causes autumn leaves to fall sooner
25 High genomic variability predicts success in desert tortoise refugees; could inform conservation
26 Big data powers design of 'smart' cell therapies for cancer
27 Genes unlock clues to the evolution and survival of the Great Barrier Reef
28 Puzzling 'cold quasar' forming new stars in spite of active galactic nucleus
29 COVID-19 amplifies inequalities in healthcare access for ethnic minority and migrant women
30 Poverty and honesty are not opposites
31 COVID-19: Fall in cancer drug treatment rose quickly following 'rapid' NHS guidance
32 Bacteria colonies invade new territories without traffic jams--how?
33 How stable is the Antarctic ice sheet?
34 Cereal, olive and vine pollen reveal market integration in Ancient Greece
35 A tricky kidney puzzle
36 The genetic blueprint that results in foot-and-mouth being so infectious
37 Scientists describe the role of a p53 target gene in lymphoma and lung cancer development
38 Brain's 'speedometer' could help solve part of dementia puzzle
39 Oxford University podcast returns with season on the History of Pandemics
40 Airplane noise at night can trigger cardiovascular death
41 Call for 'debt driving licence'
42 How lockdown may lead to "avoidable harm" for the health of under 16s
43 Researchers develop new biomaterial that helps bones heal faster
44 Small molecules control bacterial resistance to antibiotics
45 Neuromorphic computing with memristors
46 Accurate and efficient 3D motion tracking using deep learning
47 What does a crisis cost?
48 New procedure will reduce the need for rare metals in chemical synthesis
49 UK's aim to half maternal mortality by 2030 is challenged by social inequalities, and increasing maternal age, obesity and c-section rates
50 Doctors report unusual case of patient 'mirror writing' in the emergency room
51 Review of first wave in Italy concludes using age alone to determine if someone gets COVID-19 intensive care treatment is not fair
52 Scientists reveal regions of the brain where serotonin promotes patience
53 Mine ponds amplify mercury risks in Peru's Amazon
54 Electronic skin has a strong future stretching ahead
55 Game changer in thermoelectric materials could unlock body-heat powered personal devices
56 Getting to the core of nuclear speckles
57 TPU scientists develop eco-friendly hydrogel for agriculture
58 Headset over earphone: Cancelling out unnecessary and unwanted noise
59 RUDN University chemists developed a method to synthesize compounds for the pharmaceutics
60 Robot probes the Red Sea's carbon storage system
61 Men tuning into Insta-spiration
62 Getting a grip on better health
63 Rethink COVID-19 infection control to keep primary schools open this winter, governments urged
64 Scientists uncover the mysterious origin of canal grass in Panama
65 When businesses behave badly
66 How smart cities can serve citizens
67 Transportation of water into the deep Earth by Al-phase D
68 Air pollution spikes linked to lower test scores for Salt Lake County third graders
69 Is it better to give than receive?
70 UIC researchers identify new process to produce ammonia with a much smaller carbon footprint
71 Bridges between villages in Nicaragua serve as links to markets
72 Surprising trove of sorghum diversity discovered in Australia--but it's disappearing fast
73 Link found between drought and HIV among women in less-developed countries
74 Stanford engineers combine light and sound to see underwater
75 Business closures, partial reopenings due to COVID-19 could cost the US $3-$5 trillion GDP
76 An escape route for seafloor methane
77 Study identifies countries and states with greatest age biases
78 Magnetic vortices come full circle
79 Researchers explore population size, density in rise of centralized power in antiquity
80 Microfluidic system with cell-separating powers may unravel how novel pathogens attack
81 Gene therapy gives man with sickle cell disease the chance for a better future
82 The wily octopus: king of flexibility
83 COVID-19 shutdowns disproportionately affected low-income black households
84 Could private investment finance conservation?
85 The surprising grammar of touch
86 A large-scale tool to investigate the function of autism spectrum disorder genes
87 Recycled concrete could be a sustainable way to keep rubble out of landfill
88 Emergency department doctors ask: "Where did all the patients go?"
89 Mechanism of action of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 infection
90 The number of times a person gives birth may affect how quickly they age
91 Plant-based diet ramps up metabolism, according to new study
92 Deep-sea volcanoes: Windows into the subsurface
93 Study reveals connection between gut bacteria and vitamin D levels
94 Towards accessible healthcare for all in sub-Saharan Africa
95 'Financial toxicity' of prostate cancer treatment: Radiation therapy has the greatest impact on patient finances
96 New tech can get oxygen, fuel from Mars's salty water
97 Study reveals new findings on nature's UV sunscreens
98 Hackensack University Medical Center cancer specialist demonstrates safety of novel agent
99 App predicts risk of developing Alzheimer's
100 Report assesses promises and pitfalls of private investment in conservation
101 Bacteria in iron-deficient environments process carbon sources selectively
102 Area burned by severe fire increased 8-fold in western US over past four decades
103 HIV-like virus edited out of primate genome
104 Linking medically complex children's outpatient team with hospitalists improved care
105 Worst-case emissions projections are already off-track
106 Computer-aided creativity in robot design
107 New method identifies adaptive mutations in complex evolving populations
108 Earthquake scenario for large German city
109 Caribbean coral reefs under siege from aggressive algae
110 Discoveries highlight new possibilities for magnesium batteries