File Title
1 Folding of SARS-CoV2 genome reveals drug targets--and preparation for 'SARS-CoV3'
2 Monitoring glaucoma at home
3 Zebra finches amazing at unmasking the bird behind the song
4 Science reveals secrets of a mummy's portrait
5 States unfairly burdening incarcerated people with 'pay-to-stay' fees
6 After more than a decade, ChIP-seq may be quantitative after all
7 Adipose tissue may be the source of inflammatory factors that aggravate COVID-19
8 For COVID-19 surveillance, test frequency and turnaround time are paramount, modeling suggests
9 SFU researchers examine which approaches are most effective at reducing COVID-19 spread
10 Study: Countering hate on social media
11 Potential cellular target for eliminating bone breakdown in osteoporosis found
12 COVID-19 patients survive in-hospital cardiac arrest at pre-pandemic rates
13 New report projects severe coral bleaching globally in this century
14 Ribosome assembly--The final trimming step
15 Biophysics--geometry supersedes simulations
16 New tool helps predict outcomes for COVID-19
17 Memories create 'fingerprints' that reveal how the brain is organized
18 Frequent, rapid testing could cripple COVID within weeks, study shows
19 Discovery illuminates how cell growth pathway responds to signals
20 A sulfur molecule to block the coronavirus
22 Field geology at Mars' equator points to ancient megaflood
23 Study: TB vaccine linked to lower risk of contracting COVID-19
24 Sexual minorities, especially women, who misuse substances more likely to have psychiatric disorders
25 Rare species of small cats inadequately protected
26 Nursing home residents with POLST forms three times more likely to have preferences known
27 New guide on using drones for conservation
28 New insights into memristive devices by combining incipient ferroelectrics and graphene
29 One-way street for electrons
30 Supramolecular chemistry--Self-constructed folded macrocycles with low symmetry
31 Light-controlled nanomachine controls catalysis
32 A biochemical random number
33 Age is no barrier to successful weight loss, new study finds
34 Altered 'coat' disguises fatal brain virus from neutralizing antibodies
35 Biofriendly protocells pump up blood vessels
36 Dogmatic people seek less information even when uncertain
37 Do neural networks dream visual illusions?
38 Middle Stone Age populations repeatedly occupied West African coast
39 Glyphosate may affect human gut microbiota
40 Highly efficient, long-lasting electrocatalyst to boost hydrogen fuel production
41 Plant research seals importance of microbes for survival and growth
42 New type of ultrahigh piezoelectricity in hydrogen-bonded ferroelectrics
43 Risk of mental disorders later in life potentially higher in kids of low-income families
44 Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 are detected up to 3 months after infection
45 Staying ahead of the curve with 3D curved graphene
46 Emergency imaging trends in pediatric vs. adult patients for abdominal pain
47 Ancient interleukins 2, 15, and 15-like exhibited distinct functions but all bound IL-15Ra
48 Getting it just right--the Goldilocks model of cancer
49 T-cell abnormalities in severe COVID-19 cases
50 New findings speed progress towards affordable gene therapy
51 Scientists propose to make a laser scalpel with a 'curved' blade
52 Dormant threat: Abnormal proteins unleash latent toxicity in neurodegenerative diseases
53 WSU scientists discover new, simple way to classify marine biomes
54 Improving quantum dot interactions, one layer at a time
55 Limited access to buprenorphine restricts resident physicians treating opioid abusers
56 Breast cancer discovery could help stop disease's deadly spread
57 Minuscule migrations
58 NRL researchers catch supermassive black holes launching newborn radio jets
59 Gut immune cells may help send MS into remission
60 New non-invasive technology could spot early signs of motor disorders in babies
61 Simple, no-cost ways to help the public care for the commons
62 Coaching sales agents? Use AI and human coaches
63 Plant evolves to become less visible to humans
64 Near-infrared probe decodes telomere dynamics
65 A long distance connection: polar climate affects trade wind strength in tropics
66 CHOP researchers reverse severe lymphatic disorder in patient with Noonan syndrome
67 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy guideline encourages shared decision-making
68 MMR vaccine could protect against COVID-19
69 The microbiome of Da Vinci's drawings
70 Gut-brain axis influences multiple sclerosis
71 Alternative gene control mechanism based on organization of DNA within nucleus
72 Food health star ratings can improve diets, study finds
73 New solvent-based recycling process could cut down on millions of tons of plastic waste
74 TTUHSC scientist takes next step in search for bone disease treatment
75 Some Amazon rainforest regions more resistant to climate change than previously thought
76 Microplastics in the death zone
77 A comprehensive look at the effects of climate change on Mount Everest
78 There are microplastics near the top of Mount Everest too
79 From lab to industry? Ideally ordered porous titania films, made at scale
80 Breaking the ice on melting and freezing
81 U.S. should look at how other high-income countries regulate health care costs
82 Airflow studies reveal strategies to reduce indoor transmission of COVID-19
83 Wealth of Discoveries from Gravitational-Wave Data Leads to Most Detailed Black Hole "Family Portrait"
84 Paleontologists Surprising Discovery: Fossil Shark Turns into Mystery Pterosaur
85 Aurora-Chasing Citizen Scientists Bring Us a Step Closer to Solving the STEVE Mystery
86 Laser Writing Breathes Life into High-Performance Sensing Platforms
87 Warning: Excess Consumption of Eggs Linked to Diabetes
88 Artistic Enigma Decoded by Robotic X-ray Scanner
89 Tough New Bioinspired Material to Replace Petroleum-Based Plastics
90 Mars Is Getting a New Robotic Meteorologist to Help Prepare for Future Human Exploration
91 Promising New Drug Compounds Identified to Potentially Treat Viruses like COVID-19, Flu & Ebola
92 Astonishing Blue Whirl Flame Structure Revealed with Supercomputers
93 Astrophysics Improve Gravitational Lensing Signals for More Accurate Cosmological Model of the Universe
94 Cold Spray Technology: 3D-Printing Biomedical Parts with Supersonic Speed
95 Mask Reuse in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Low-Cost Way to Decontaminate PPE Equipment
96 Heat and Dust Help Launch Martian Water High into the Atmosphere Where It's Lost to Space
97 Chapare Virus: Evidence Shows Human Transmission in Deadly Outbreak of Mysterious Disease
98 Computer Scientists Devise a New Weapon Against Video Game Cheaters
99 Two Anti-inflammatory Medications Shown to Accelerate Recovery from COVID-19
100 Quantum Algorithm Breakthrough
101 Mayo Clinic: Antibiotics Before Age 2 Associated with Chronic Childhood Health Problems
102 Suffering in Silence: Two-Thirds of Seniors Say They Won't Treat Their Depression
103 Successful Falcon 9 Launch Sends NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 Astronauts on Way to ISS
104 New Lightweight Molecule-Based Magnet Exhibits Unprecedented Magnetic Properties
105 Cosmic "Cinnamon Bun" Spotted by Hubble Space Telescope
106 Are Dogs Spreading SARS-CoV-2? Study Finds Living with a Dog Increases Risk of Contracting COVID-19
107 Antidepressant Fluvoxamine May Prevent Serious Illness in COVID-19 Patients
108 Shape-Shifting Space Mirror Enables Previously Impossible Missions
109 Researchers Trap Electrons to Create Elusive Long-Hypothesized Crystal
110 Building Blocks of Life Can Form in Interstellar Clouds Long Before Stars
111 Massive Landslide Threat, Tsunami Risk in Alaskan Fjord Due to Retreating Glacier