File Title
1 Stereotypes and discrimination contribute to HIV-related stigma among nursing staff
2 Can glucose-lowering drugs impact mortality in COVID-19 patients with type 2 diabetes?
3 Mobile smartphone technology is associated with better clinical outcomes for OHCA
4 Novel adoptive cell transfer method shortens timeline for T-cell manufacture
5 China's most important trees are hiding in plain sight
6 Asteroid's scars tell stories of its past
7 Coronavirus mutation may have made it more contagious
8 A new spin on atoms gives scientists a closer look at quantum weirdness
9 Collective impact partnership models help close health care workforce gap
10 New cause of inflammation in people with HIV identified
11 COVID-19 a "golden opportunity" for terror organisations to intensify their propaganda
12 Washing hands and Halloween candy can mitigate COVID-19 contamination risks
13 Healthcare app reduces symptoms of COPD compared to regular treatment
14 Wistar creates a new synthetic DNA vaccine against Powassan virus
15 New drug candidate for the treatment of COVID-19
16 Children with asymptomatic brain bleeds as newborns show normal brain development at age 2
17 Dynamic photonic barcodes record energy transfer at the biointerface
18 Infection by confection: COVID-19 and the risk of trick-or-treating
19 Future lake food webs in subarctic have more biomass and contain more omega-3 fatty acids
20 Cancer patients, clinicians find value in electronic real-time symptom
21 AI teachers must be effective and communicate well to be accepted, new study finds
22 In a hurry to develop drugs? Here's your cHAT
23 Melding biology and physical sciences yields deeper understanding of cancer
24 VUMC study finds faster, wider spread of COVID-19 in US households
25 RUDN University chemist developed green method for malaria and leprosy drug production
26 A malformation illustrates the incredible plasticity of the brain
27 For Black LGBQ+ Americans, intersectional experiences can hurt--or help, YSPH study finds
28 SARS-CoV-2 might attack red marrow and block new erythrocytes formation
29 Microbes in the gut could be protective against hazardous radiation exposure
30 Researchers devise new method to get the lead out
31 Galaxies in the very early universe were surprisingly mature
32 Radical changes in ecosystems
33 Stars and skulls: New ESO image reveals eerie nebula
34 Parasitology--Bringing the locals onboard
35 Well oriented
36 Collecting sperm from COVID-19 patients
37 New artificial skin functions like natural skin
38 Difficult to build a family after exposure to chemical weapons
39 Beetroot peptide as potential drug candidate for treating diseases
40 Malaria parasites adapt to survive the dry season, research shows
41 Photopharmacology--a light-trigger for the proteasome
42 Bacilli and their enzymes show prospects for several applications
43 Denisovan DNA found in sediments of Baishiya Karst Cave on Tibetan Plateau
44 The order of life
45 Water on ancient Mars
46 A world record in detecting extremely low levels of gas impurities
47 Compression garments reduce strength loss after training
48 Trial targets deadly lung cancer
49 New fault zone measurements could help us to understand subduction earthquake
50 Minimally invasive Ellipsys system creates fused, permanent vascular access for dialysis
51 Smart tablecloth can find fruit and help with watering the plants
52 To survive asteroid impact, algae learned to hunt
53 Specially-adapted drones gather data from unexplored volcanoes to better forecast eruptions
54 New drone technology improves ability to forecast volcanic eruptions
55 Most isolated massive stars are kicked out of their clusters
56 Living near green space linked to lower rates of smoking and higher chances of quitting
57 Evolution of consumption: A psychological ownership framework
58 Carbon-releasing 'zombie fires' in peatlands could be dampened by new findings
59 Plankton turn hunters to survive dinosaur-killing asteroid impact
60 New non-allergenic, anti-inflammatory fragrance can be game changer for dry skin sufferers
61 Breakthrough nano-particle technology provides fresh solution for smelly feet
62 First Australian night bees recorded foraging in darkness
63 Skilled surgeons boost colon cancer survival by 70%
64 Hospital floors are hotspot for bacteria, creating route of transfer to patients
65 Researchers develop a new way to create a spectrum of natural-looking hair colors
66 New study reveals United States a top source of plastic pollution in coastal environments
67 Decaying jellyfish blooms can cause temporary changes to water column food webs
68 Vitamin B3 protects skin cells from the effects of UV exposure, new research finds
69 New research reveals risky sexual behavior and STIs are rising despite COVID-19 pandemic
70 Neurosurgeons and malpractice suits
71 New Findings Suggest that Many Geoscientists' Understanding of the Earth's Interior Is Too Simplistic
72 New Research Shows a Simple Method to Reduce COVID-19 Exposure Risk from Halloween Candy
73 Ogre-Faced Spiders: These Spiders Can Hear--Even Though They Have No Ears
74 Testing Lunar 4G Operations to Support Future Moon Exploration
75 Realistic Simulation of Plasma Edge Instabilities in Tokamak Fusion Reactors
76 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to Examine Objects in the Solar System Graveyard
77 Disease-Transmission Model Used to Forecast Presidential Election Outcome
78 Time for a New Contender in Energy Conversion and Storage
79 New Research Finds Vitamin B3 Protects Skin Cells from the Effects of UV Exposure
80 Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Risky Sexual Behavior and STIs Are Rising
81 Exploring the Cosmos' Fundamental Mysteries: New CubeSat Will Observe the Remnants of Massive Supernovas
82 Norwegian Researchers Are Collecting Sperm from COVID-19 Patients--Here's Why
83 China's Unrelenting Flooding: 2020 Summer Monsoon Season Delivers Historic Rainfall
84 MIT Sloan Professor: A Deep Look at How Financial Markets Are Designed
85 After Coming Down with Symptoms, Scientist Develops New Way to Test for COVID-19 Antibodies
86 Research Shows NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Will Reveal Hidden Galaxies
87 Innovative Nanofiber Membranes Boost Cloth Masks to Block Up to 99% of COVID-19 Virus Particles
88 Asteroid Bennu Sample Successfully Stowed by NASA's OSIRIS-REx for Return to Earth
89 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Spots Signs that "Sprites" or "Elves" Frolic in Jupiter's Atmosphere
90 Face Mask with Anti-viral Layer to Deactivate COVID-19 Virus
91 Rogue Planet About the Size of Earth Discovered in the Milky Way
92 AI Can Diagnose COVID-19 Through Cellphone-Recorded Coughs--Even if You Don't Have Symptoms
93 Gravitational Redshift: Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Critical for GPS, Seen in Distant Stars
94 Scientific Comparison of COVID-19 Face Mask Materials: T-shirts, Socks, Jeans, Vacuum Bags, N95
95 Unusual Aussie spider builds one-of-a-kind nest with super strong silk
96 'Happy ending effect' impairs future decision-making, study says
97 Plague transmission rates increased from the Black Death to the Great Plague
98 Company advances plan for private citizen flight to space station
99 Climate change driving mussel, barnacle, snail declines along Maine coast
100 NASA's OSIRIS-REx touches down on asteroid Bennu to nab sample
101 Study: Salt-based mosquito-control products don't work
102 NASA astronaut, two cosmonauts land in Kazakhstan after departing space station
103 Chernobyl-level radiation harms bumblebee reproduction
104 Scientists detail structural secrets of near-indestructible beetle
105 NASA images suggest OSIRIS-REx collection arm grabbed rocks from Bennu
106 New grafting technique yields more productive, resilient plants, crops
107 Two bird-sized dinosaurs could glide, but time in the skies was short-lived
108 Atomic clocks experience the quantum phenomenon called superposition
109 Different type of photosynthesis may save crops from climate change
110 The arrival of seabirds transformed the Falkland Islands 5,000 years ago