File Title
1 Stronger treatments could cure Chagas disease
2 Disease-transmission model forecasts election outcomes
3 Facing up to the reality of politicians' Instagram posts
4 Study shows myocarditis linked to COVID-19 not as common as believed
5 Water fleas on 'happy pills' have more offspring
6 Breakthrough quantum-dot transistors create a flexible alternative to conventional electronics
7 Losing ground in biodiversity hotspots worldwide
8 Positive outlook predicts less memory decline
9 Corporations directing our attention online more than we realize
10 Streetlights contribute less to nighttime light emissions in cities than expected
11 Order in the disorder: Density fluctuations in amorphous silicon discovered
12 PFAS: these "forever chemicals" are highly toxic, under-studied, and largely unregulated
13 New study demonstrates importance of large-scale SARS-CoV-2 antibody
14 Trust levels in AI predicted by people's relationship style, study shows
15 How people would choose who gets scarce COVID-19 treatment
16 Priming the immune system to attack cancer
17 Where were Jupiter and Saturn born?
18 'Lazy use' of term populist has helped to legitimize far-right politics
19 New research shows SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins disrupt the blood-brain barrier
20 How the immune system deals with the gut's plethora of microbes
21 Buzz kill: Ogre-faced spiders 'hear' airborne prey with their legs
22 How allergens trigger itching: Finding points to new targets for allergy drug development
23 Copolymer helps remove pervasive PFAS toxins from environment
24 Potential impact of COVID-19 school closures on academic achievement
25 Predictive model reveals function of promising energy harvester device
26 Identifying biomolecule fragments in ionising radiation
27 Decadeslong effort revives ancient oak woodland
28 Unravelling the origins of autoimmune psychosis
29 CAM modes provide environment-specific water-saving benefits in a leaf metabolic model
30 Smart bottle brushes
31 CHOP genomic study reveals role for hypothalamus in inflammatory bowel disease
32 Probing water for an electrifying cause
33 Misleading mulch: Researchers find contents of mulch bags do not match claims
34 Brainstem neurons control both behaviour and misbehaviour
35 Bound for the EU, American-made biomass checks the right boxes
36 N/A
37 HSE Faculty of Chemistry scientists discovered new anti-cancer molecule
38 Researchers take a stand on algorithm design for job centers: Landing a job isn't always the right goal
39 Measuring the expansion of the universe: Researchers focus on velocity
40 Should I run, or should I not? The neural basis of aggression and flight
41 Shining a (UV) light on the glow-in-the-dark platypus
42 Machine learning helps pinpoint sources of the most common cardiac arrhythmia
43 Muscle pain and energy-rich blood: Cholesterol medicine affects the organs differently
44 Individual red foxes prefer different foods in the city and the countryside
45 Eating less suppresses liver cancer due to fatty liver
46 SMART researchers develop new gelatin microcarrier for cell production
47 How Twitter takes votes away from Trump but not from Republicans
48 Study of ancient dog DNA traces canine diversity to the Ice Age
49 Knee OA guidance for clinicians simplified and streamlined
50 Scientists discover new structures in the smallest ice cube
51 Academies' report reviews debate on genome editing for crop improvement
52 Chemical scissors snip 2D transition metal dichalcogenides into nanoribbon
53 Advanced facade material for urban heat island mitigation
54 A new method to measure optical absorption in semiconductor crystals
55 Molecular compass for cell orientation
56 Sensors driven by machine learning sniff-out gas leaks fast
57 NUS researchers develop novel process that turns waste into nutritional supplements
58 Changes in subcellular traffic increase invasiveness of radioresistant cancer cells
59 Boo! How do mexican cavefish escape predators?
60 Standardized measures needed to screen kinship foster placements
61 Possible triggers of autism symptoms and motor issues identified for several rare diseases
62 Cancer-fighting gene restrains 'jumping genes'
63 Radical diagnostic could save millions of people at risk of dying from blood loss
64 Early results from DETECT study suggest fitness trackers can predict COVID-19 infections
65 Mouse studies link some autism to brain cells that guide sociability and platonic love
66 Escaping the 'Era of Pandemics': experts warn worse crises to come; offer options to reduce risk
67 Graphene-based memory resistors show promise for brain-based computing
68 Two million lost health coverage, thousands died prematurely in Trump's first 3 years
69 High rate of symptomless COVID-19 infection among grocery store workers
70 Effective stroke drugs are saving the NHS millions
71 Curbing COVID-19 hospitalizations requires attention to construction workers
72 Resistance and challenges to Green Deals should not be underestimated
73 Some COVID-19 "long haulers" experience lasting skin problems
74 Study measures effectiveness of different face mask materials when coughing
75 New evidence shows microbe strain can orally treat systemic inflammation in psoriasis
76 New analysis reveals 'long-hauler' COVID-19 patients with prolonged skin symptoms
77 Study reveals impact of COVID-19 on oncology staff and their work
78 Study of COVID-19 levels in oncology staff suggests need for more extensive testing
79 Study shows COVID-19 risk to firefighters and emergency medical workers in New York City
80 Seesaw of Indo-Pacific summer monsoons triggered by the tropical Atlantic Ocean
81 Asteroid Ryugu shaken by Hayabusa2's impactor
82 Remdesivir for COVID-19: FDA approved but still unproven
83 New Denisovan DNA expands diversity, history of species
84 Study identifies pitfall for correcting mutations in human embryos with CRISPR
85 Positive student-teacher relationships benefit students' long-term health, study finds
86 Cardiac MRI contrast agents carry low risk of adverse events
87 Hybrid photoactive perovskites imaged with atomic resolution for the first-time
88 A groundbreaking genetic screening tool for human organoids
89 Why people with dementia go missing
90 Is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting dengue virus case numbers?
91 Two studies expand insights into Denisovan ancestry and population history in East Asia
92 Denisovan DNA in the genome of early East Asians
93 New ancient genomes reveal a complex common history of dogs and humans
94 Face mask aims to deactivate virus to protect others
95 New strategies suggested for critical heart care in the ICU
96 Lung scans for stroke patients could provide earlier COVID-19 detection
97 An Earth-sized rogue planet discovered in the Milky Way
98 Male fin whales surprise scientists by swapping songs
99 International team tracks record-setting smoke cloud from Australian wildfires
100 Spring-run and fall-run Chinook salmon aren't as different as they seem
101 Groundbreaking study on trained immunity to fight cancer
102 Genetic determinants of fertility and ongoing natural selection in humans
103 Study: Republicans and Democrats hate the other side more than they love their own side
104 Scientists engineer new cancer immunotherapy to train immune system in cancer fight
105 Touch and taste? It's all in the tentacles
106 Brain imaging of tau protein in patients with various forms of dementia
107 How octopus suckers "taste by touch"
108 These spiders can hear
109 Experts see substantial danger to democratic stability around 2020 election
110 Giving the immune system a double boost against cancer