File Title
1 Racial disparities in treatment for common lung cancer persist despite gains
2 Solved: the mystery of how dark matter in galaxies is distributed
3 Climate change drives plants to extinction in the Black Forest in Germany, study finds
4 Artificial intelligence dives into thousands of WW2 photographs
5 Turning a coronavirus protein into a nanoparticle could be key for COVID-19 vaccine
6 Smart fluorescent molecular switches based on boron-based compounds
7 A new RNA catalyst from the lab
8 Direct observation of a single electron's butterfly-shaped distribution in titanium oxide
9 Weak equivalence principle violated in gravitational waves
10 Surrey device takes us closer to high-performing wearable and eco-disposable AI electronics
11 Performance test for neural interfaces
12 Specific and rapid expansion of blood vessels
13 Biophysicists modelled the effect of antiseptics on bacterial membranes
14 Habitat loss is bad news for species--especially for top predators
15 Reduction by reduction: Novel approach to mitigating chromium contamination in wastewater
16 Major new African genome study finds varieties that inform African history, migration and immunity
17 An artificial cell on a chip
18 Stem cells: new insights for future regenerative medicine approaches
19 SARS-CoV-2 outbreak investigation in meat processing plant suggests aerosol transmission in confined workspaces can occur over distances of 8 metres
20 Workplace interruptions lead to physical stress
21 Knotting semimetals in topological electrical circuits
22 A chemist from RUDN University suggested increasing the efficiency of biofuel production 4 to 10 times using silica-supported heteropolyacids
23 Menstrual dysfunction is more common among young athletes than among non-athletes
24 Exposure to suboptimal doses of antimalarial drugs could, under certain circumstances, increase malaria
25 Magnetic nature of complex vortex-like structures in a Kagome crystal Fe3Sn2
26 A mathematical model facilitates inventory management in the food supply chain
27 Graphdiyne based metal atomic catalyst for efficient ammonia synthesis
28 Ultra-small hollow alloy nanoparticles for synergistic hydrogen evolution catalysis
29 Single-atom alloy: Superb cocatalyst for photocatalysis
30 Socio-demographic determinants of overweight and obesity among mothers in South Africa
31 Good mental health and better sleep for the physically active
32 Small brain device proves big game changer for severely paralysed patients
33 The future is now: long-term research shows ocean acidification ramping up on the Reef
34 Research lowers errors for using brain signals to control a robot arm
35 JNIS: brain-computer allows patients with severe paralysis to text, email, bank
36 Teen boys link marijuana use with more, better sex
37 Black hole 'family portrait' is most detailed to date
38 Astronomers discover activity on distant planetary object
39 Lockdown interviews show poor housing quality has made life even tougher
40 Microbial strains show individualized patterns of stability in the developing infant gut
41 International study uncovers secret surfing life of remoras hitchhiking on blue whales
42 Reforestation plans in Africa could go awry
43 Study documents racial differences in US hospice use and end-of-life care preferences
44 Video provides guidance on surgery to wean patients with COVID-19 off ventilators
45 Soil-powered fuel cell promises cheap, sustainable water purification
46 Researchers find source of breast tumor heterogeneity and pathway that limits emergence
47 New imaging technique doubles visibility of brain tumors in scans
48 COVID-19 vaccine nationalism could cost world up to $1.2 trillion: New RAND Europe study
49 Coral researchers find link between bacterial genus and disease susceptibility
50 How computer scientists and marketers can create a better CX with AI
51 Baking soda treatment may help prevent leukemia relapse after stem cell transplants
52 Raptor-inspired drone with morphing wing and tail
53 Antiseizure medication in pregnancy associated with twice the risk of autism in child
54 Study raises questions about role of leisure activity in dementia
55 Leaving more big fish in the sea reduces CO2 emissions
56 Topology gets magnetic: The new wave of topological magnetic materials
57 Artificial intelligence can help to improve prognosis and treatment for glioblastoma
58 Answer to Darwin's question
59 Paracetamol poisonings up
60 Researchers find confusion over masks for wildfire, COVID-19 crises
61 Burning biomass fuels at home led to 32% of premature deaths from inhaling fine particles in China in 2014
62 Learning the language of sugars
63 Greater prostate cancer incidence; mortality among Black men linked to genetic alterations
64 Infrared light antenna powers molecular motor
65 Scientists discover second key pathway in colon cancer stem cell growth
66 Study provides new estimates of breast cancer risks associated with HRT
67 Multi-drone system autonomously surveys penguin colonies
68 Health workers and their families account for 1 in 6 hospital COVID-19 cases
69 Secrets of 'smasher shrimp' property ladder revealed
70 Mountain gorillas are good neighbours--up to a point
71 New 'epigenetic' clock provides insight into how the human brain ages
72 Ancient marine predator had a built-in float
73 International collaboration reveals China's carbon balance
74 Stanford researchers link poor memory to attention lapses and media multitasking
75 Results of COVID-19 host genetics initiative study announced at ASHG 2020 Virtual Meeting
76 Genetics and the COVID-19 pandemic
77 Smokers, especially those who begin young, are three times more likely to die prematurely
78 Nudges fail more often than is reported, experts warn
79 Estrogenic and anti-estrogenic effects of PFASs could depend on the presence of estrogen
80 Adults with endocrine disorders have an increased risk of heart disease
81 Giant lizards learnt to fly over millions of years
82 Genetic analysis system yields new insights into bacterial pneumonia
83 The National Human Genome Research Institute publishes new vision for human genomics
84 Oncotarget: Targeting breast cancer metabolism with a novel inhibitor
85 Whale-surfing remoras ride cushion of water to stay in touch with their steeds
86 Understanding long-term trends of stressors on koala populations
87 Bison engravings in Spanish caves reveal a common art culture across ancient Europe
88 Scientists discover new organic compounds that could have helped form the first cells
89 Drones as stinger spotters
90 Mothers pass on allergies to offspring, Singapore preclinical study shows
91 Waste not, want not: recycled water proves fruitful for greenhouse tomatoes
92 NEJM: clinical trial indicates monoclonal antibody lowered hospitalizations and emergency visits
93 Expect more mega-droughts
94 Americans agree: improving our public health system is an urgent priority
95 Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste
96 Decision conflict before cancer surgery correlates with lower activity after surgery
97 Archaeologists reveal human resilience in the face of climate change in ancient Turkey
98 ICE detention centers saw sustained outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases, says study
99 Fungal species naturally suppresses cyst nematodes responsible for major sugar beet losses
100 Amount of COVID viral RNA detected at hospital admission predicts how patients will fare
101 Study finds 5 distinct dog types from 11,000 years ago
102 Tube-dwelling anemone toxins have pharmacological potential, mapping study shows
103 Autoantibody order, timing predict genetically at-risk children most likely to get T1D
104 Landscape to atomic scales: Researchers apply new approach to pyrite oxidation
105 World's first agreed guidance for people with diabetes to exercise safely
106 Models show how COVID-19 cuts a neighborhood path
107 Affinity vs. cooperativity
108 Rice finds path to nanodiamond from graphene
109 UMass Amherst research compares sensitivity of all genes to chemical exposure
110 'Time machine' offers new pancreatic cancer drug testing approach