File Title
1 Early indications of thrombosis help in preventing postoperative complications
2 Assessing consistency in meta-analysis: a new measure considers statistical power
3 Death rates among people with severe COVID-19 drop by a half in England
4 The Grantecan finds the farthest black hole that belongs to a rare family of galaxies
5 Large tides may have driven evolution of fish towards life on land
6 Energy at risk: the impact of climate change on supply and costs
7 Saving the climate from the ground up
8 The sweet spot of flagellar assembly
9 Small mussels in the Baltic are getting even smaller
10 Precaution: Lessons from COVID-19
11 Back to the future of climate
12 Butterfly color diversity due to female preferences
13 Low-cost airlines have adapted best to COVID-19
14 Can individual differences be detected in same-shaped pottery vessels by unknown craftsmen?
15 Scientists explain the paradox of quantum forces in nanodevices
16 How do basal ganglia neurons convey information for the control of voluntary movements?
17 Cloud-based framework leads to improved efficiency in disaster-area management
18 Water consumption for trees is calculated in order to design precision irrigation systems
19 Cauliflower coral genome sequenced
20 Langerhans cells are up to the job, they just need a chance
21 Detect with PKAchu
22 18F-Fluciclovine PET/MRI for prostate cancer staging, androgen deprivation evaluation
23 Endangered trees in Guam contribute to ecosystem diversity and health
24 Researchers prove titanate nanotubes composites enhance photocatalysis of hydrogen
25 USTC develops single crystalline quaternary sulfide nanobelts
26 Reduced flexible behavior in autistic individuals is driven by less optimal learning
27 Stay focused: Algae-inspired polymers light the way for enhanced night vision
28 Study in Nature Medicine shows superior patient outcomes in LLS's Beat AML clinical trial
29 Scientists discover how a common mutation leads to 'night owl' sleep disorder
30 Genetic analysis of B. infantis strains reveal functional superiority of activated EVC001 in infants
31 Photovoltaics industry can help meet Paris agreement targets
32 Cancer's dangerous renovations to our chromosomes revealed
33 A study has demonstrated that omega-3 rich foods improve post-heart attack prognosis
34 Computer vision helps find binding sites in drug targets
35 Yeast study yields insights into longstanding evolution debate
36 Beaches can survive sea-level rises as long as they have space to move
37 Ice loss due to warming leads to warming due to ice loss: a vicious circle
38 COVID-19: Call for millions spent on failing system to be diverted to local services
39 Swiss fatalism protects against negative feelings in the pandemic
40 Postpartum depression may persist three years after giving birth
41 Study reveals fibulin 5 is required for Schwann cells' myelination
42 New research predicts whether rheumatoid arthritis patients will respond to treatment
43 Cerebrospinal fluid as liquid biopsy for characterizing & policing of medulloblastoma
44 Vampire bats social distance when they get sick
45 Fatal police shootings of unarmed Black people in US more than 3 times as high as in Whites
46 High vitamin A, E, and D intake linked to fewer respiratory complaints in adults
47 Promising strategies for durable perovskite solar cells
48 Scientists use clues in the human genome to discover new inflammatory syndrome
49 Aerosol microdroplets inefficient carriers of COVID-19 virus
50 Impacts of family structure on puberty onset in girls
51 'White matter lesion' mapping tool identifies early signs of dementia
52 Oncotarget: KDM5A and PHF2 positively control expression of pro-metastatic genes
53 Study finds over 80% of COVID-19 patients have vitamin D deficiency
54 Fireball meteorite contains pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds
55 Random effects key to containing epidemics
56 Researchers find direction decided by rate of coin flip in quantum world
57 Cut chores and kill chill time: new advice to boost children's academic achievement
58 Smart solution to detect seafood spoilage
59 Study reveals robust performance in aged detonator explosive
60 Motivation to seek cocaine is driven by elegant cellular communication
61 Severe form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease linked to a strain of mouth bacteria
62 Waiter! This soup is not fly
63 CU Denver study looks into the connection between religion and equal pay
64 Bioenergy research team sequences miscanthus genome
65 Nucleus accumbens recruited by cocaine, sugar are different
66 Study finds seabird ecosystem shift in Falkland islands
67 Shot of alcohol can help an irregular heartbeat
68 Location and extent of coral reefs mapped worldwide using advanced AI
69 New sulfur dioxide conversion method may transform current industrial techniques
70 SoundWatch: New smartwatch app alerts d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing users to birdsong, sirens and other desired sounds
71 Reliable quality-control of graphene and other 2D materials is routinely possible
72 Forecasting elections with a model of infectious diseases
73 Researchers uncover health disparities in childhood obesity and access to treatments
74 Artificial intelligence (AI)-aided disease prediction
75 Physicists circumvent centuries-old theory to cancel magnetic fields
76 Brazilian researchers discover how muscle regenerates after exercise
77 A drop in temperature
78 Liquid nanofoam: A game changer for future football helmets
79 Study helps explain why motivation to learn declines with age
80 Election 2020 chatter on Twitter busy with bots, conspiracy theorists, USC study finds
81 In study of 30,000 mild-to-moderate COVID-19 patients, antibody responses can persist for five months
82 Study tracks public concerns on Twitter about COVID-19
83 Antibody screening finds COVID-19 nearly 7 times more prevalent in O.C. than thought
84 Seafood extinction risk: Marine bivalves in peril?
85 Researchers map genomes of agricultural monsters
86 Using a volcano's eruption 'memory' to forecast dangerous follow-on explosions
87 Outcomes of salvage low dose RT brachytherapy after EBRT for prostate cancer
88 Close to 17 percent of patients recovered from COVID-19 could still carry virus
89 Dull-colored birds don't see the world like colorful birds do
90 High-sugar diet can damage the gut, intensifying risk for colitis
91 Most people mount a strong antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 that does not decline rapidly
92 Age and pre-existing conditions increase risk of stroke among COVID-19 patients
93 Validation of ERCC1/2 signature as radiosensitivity biomarker for tumor & normal tissues in NSCLC
94 Tracing the source of illicit sand--can it be done?
95 Home-time metric needed to judge hospital readmissions, studies suggest
96 Researchers break magnetic memory speed record
97 Social isolation puts women at higher risk of hypertension
98 Fish banks
99 Cognitive disorders linked to severe COVID-19 risk
100 A patch that could help heal broken hearts
101 Cracking the secrets of dinosaur eggshells
102 New dataset provides county-level exposure numbers for tropical cyclones, human health
103 Why are some COVID-19 infected people asymptomatic?
104 Artificial intelligence-based algorithm for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's
105 Sea turtle nesting season winding down in Florida, some numbers are up and it's unexpected
106 Let's (not) stick together
107 Machine learning helps hunt for COVID-19 therapies
108 How hard is it to vote in your state?
109 Younger knee replacement patients more likely to require reoperation
110 Models for potential precursors of cells endure simulated early-Earth conditions